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  1. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    No. Factions should be balanced in different ways. On the front lines, the major factions should easily beat the INS/MIL with brute force. But, few things feel more rewarding than out playing them because you played smarter and used the INS/MIL strengths against them. ie) speed/mobility/ambushes. When a 30mm and his pals come up to a warrior, the warrior should be able to easily take them all...unless they play smarter. We have taken on Bradleys/Warriors with packs of 30mm working together driving around faster than the turret can spin taking turns shooting their ass. So no. They should not be reskins, they should be different factions that force you to think and play differently based on their abilities. You might not be able to take out an Abrams 1v1 with a T72, but you can set up a coronet and get your LAT's coordinated. If you want everything to be a reskin, well, battlefield is on sale.
  2. Thunderdome - Public Squad Mayhem

    I would also not recommend this server to anybody that doesnt want the true squad experience. This is a server where you often need to learn to adapt to the fullest potential that the game allows. If you are incapable of learning and adapting, and then going to proceed to intolerably grief about it (see BadeChevy for reference), then this server is not for you. However, if you would like a very nice, friendly community, with some serious squad gameplay and experiences, and are a tolerable person, then this is the server for you.
  3. Thunderdome! SuperFOB mode (Defend the Dome!)

    Was able to attend two of these so far. Great Events. Well organized, and lots of fun, with very intense firefights. #TDdiditfirst