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  1. If that's the best they can do then ouch for a lot of people. I used to be able to play at High-Epic, now barely low. Game is either getting extremely more demanding every update than it was in June 2016 or optimizations aren't as as good as they will be post alpha.
  2. Hopefully some optimization gets here quick. I realize that it generally comes after alpha, but maybe they'll take pity on us. lol
  3. Alpha 9.15

    For the i5-4670k, the stock runs at 3.4ghz, so he doesn't have an OC on that thing.
  4. Alpha 9.15

    Alrighty, mod support! Awesome!
  5. Poor framerate

    A lot of people will remind you this is alpha and so you should expect to see optimization as little as possible, and that is very true. General optimization will come around beta time. As for everyone...probably not, but a lot of people who have the issues. You can try making sure your latest GPU driver is installed clean and OC your CPU, but yea, there isn't anything really to do about it except wait for potential patch updates or for beta release for more reliable optimization. My tricks including extremely low options and acceptance of about 35-50 FPS on a good day.
  6. After the latest update, dropped considerably. I used to be able to play on high-epic settings with stable high FPS back in June 2016 with slight declines onward as patches came out. Now I can barely run ultra low. Fps: 25-52 (testing on 80 man servers; results were pretty much the same) CPU: i5-4690k @ 4.3Ghz GPU: Gigabyte R9 280 3GB @ default clock (OC gives me the jitters in game) RAM: 16GB @ default Resolution: 1920 x 1080p Settings: Extremely low settings Hopefully next patch will relieve some of the issue.
  7. New PC - Nvidia 1080

    If you are for sure going to get a 1080, save up for the Ti version. You will be far happier with the purchase decision for the extra $$.
  8. New PC - Nvidia 1080

    With that CPU and GPU, you will be able to play quite comfortably at 1080p maybe even a little higher. On your full resolution, hmm, most likely no, unless you drop a lot of settings and overclock the CPU (some people get 5.2ghz out of that thing). That's not even considering optimization isn't a top priority right now.
  9. Thinking of buying, one question

    I concur entirely. I have played a lot, not as much as some, but I very rarely happen upon a squad that didn't have people with mics in all slots and have only seen three times in this week a Squad that had a newb without a mic leading the squad (and that was because they were promoted to it and had no idea how to get out of it). It is very rare. Also most servers have rules that SLs must use mics and if they don't, out they go. Though I have to say those who didn't use a mic for whatever reason were still generally very active in chat, offering to help SL, spotting enemies, replying to questions etc. Some people type very, very fast to keep up with the flow of information and I think you'd be surprised by the effectiveness of even those who are "dead silent". I can say without a doubt that Squad was one of my best purchases to date, so much so that I bought mine at full price and just made another purchase for a family member. Who instantly fell in love with it. I don't think you will be disappointed in Squad whatsoever.
  10. Alpha 9.14

    I know exactly what alpha is as Squad isn't my first pledge/early access game (SC anyone?), so I understand quite well that this is how it happens and that general optimization comes far later. I only said it was disappointing to have your performance tank (and tank and tank) and it is disappointing (well, maybe not to people with 3k systems). I would find it quite impossible should you say it isn't. Though stating this shouldn't be read as me attacking the game either, or disregarded entirely just because it is alpha. You still have to have some sort of optimization, even if it is small.
  11. Alpha 9.14

    Yup, every update sees a considerable drop. Now it performs slightly better than Arma, which is disappointing.
  12. Alpha 9.14

    Anyone else notice the patch has (further) decreased performance? Deleting the folder in AppData doesn't seem to help at all, either.
  13. Hello... Goodbye!

    Hello, It'll hit that sale price again around Christmas. I know you have money issues but if you save even a few dollars a day or paycheck, you can get it. If you need help, go to instagc and start doing tasks to earn money. If you're adamant about it, you can make the money before the next big sale.
  14. Thoughts on these Specs

    The rig in the OP will be able to play this game at low-med settings at the very least. It has a newer CPU than mine and a newer GPU, but I can play at low-med for about 50 fps @1080p. If you already have that rig, you should be able to play. If you don't and are buying a new rig, save your money and buy later for a far better rig. Sales will be around then and you can really go crazy.
  15. Release - Alpha 9.11

    Yes, it was the first thing I tried.