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  1. Server Closed Connection

    I see a patch has been pushed through, but no notes on what it is. I really hope it is a fix for this issue and the other crashing issue a lot of us are experiencing...
  2. Server Closed Connection

  3. Can I run this?

    No problem man! I'm glad it worked for you. Enjoy Squad!
  4. Server Closed Connection

    BUMP I've now also tried the NIC Offloading suggested here. Did not help, I'm still being thrown to the menu with server closed connection messages. I just want to play the game. I've contacted Squad support, EAC support, reinstalled Windows 10, reinstalled Steam, reinstalled Squad, tried my SSD and HDDs, tried clearing cache manually and automatically (and at different stages hoping it would help), I've tried disabling firewalls, I've tried repairing EAC, uninstalled + rebooting + reinstalling EAC, I've tried reinstalling my GPU drivers fresh (latest, last one before and 3 back from the latest), checking to see if I have a virus (despite being on a new OS install), I've tried enabling Developer Mode on Win10, I've tried removing all unnecessary devices from the PC, I've tried uninstalling everything that is not directly essential (that means even my browser, Firefox!), I've tried resetting my router, I had my ISP check my connection and make sure my router was healthy and up to date....I think I've tried everything at this point. Please, someone...help. EDIT Does it perhaps have something to do with this??? https://www.tacticalgamer.com/forum/simulation/squad/1789416-server-closed-connection
  5. Can I run this?

    I have the k edition of the i7-8700k and a RX 4gb card, and I can play (when it isn't crashing of course) quite comfortably on high levels @ 1080p. Your GPU should definitely be able to handle Squad. To what level I'm not entirely sure, but it should at least be able to handle medium settings but for sure low comfortably. The weakest thing on your PC right now is your GPU, and then your RAM (if possible go to 16GB). I'd consider saving up to upgrade that GPU to at least an RX AMD card, something like 570/580 (they are uber cheap lately) or something in that area. I believe the 2060s are reasonable now, but don't quote me on that. However, for your current PC, to see what is wrong, you can use DDU in Safe Mode to uninstall current drivers and then reboot back into standard and install the latest drivers, fresh, for your GPU. Then navigate to appdata > local and delete the Squad folders there. This is a must every patch for Squad or you will get absolute trash performance from Squad. Then right click Squad in Steam and go to properties and verify it. Lastly, test it and see if it fixes your issues. My last bit of advice though? Turn off ALL in game anti-aliasing options and use your GPU control panel options. I found not only does my AMD options look 100000x better, I get way better performance out of it. You'll need to disable the options in Squad first though, or it won't work. Hopefully any of that helps.
  6. Server Closed Connection

    Turns out it didn't help. It granted me about 3 hours of reprieve and then returned. What a headache.
  7. Server Closed Connection

    Since I couldn't get support from Squad or EAC, I decided to reinstall Windows 10 and see if that'll fix the issue. It seemingly fixed the issue. I'll continue to test but the solution should not be to reinstall Windows entirely. At all.
  8. Server Closed Connection

    I've been digging. This is not a small problem and it seems to have been getting worse and worse every patch. I haven't seen a single reply from a dev or any official answer on any of these threads either (or the reddit threads or the steam threads), and there are still tons of people still having this issue. Is it just being ignored? Is it a problem that happens sometimes with latest patches? Are they even aware of this?
  9. Squad Server Closed Connection 2019

    BUMPing this because I did not see this before I made my thread and I am experiencing this to the point that I cannot even play the game.
  10. Server Closed Connection

    BUMP Anyone got any suggestions??
  11. Server Closed Connection

    So then it definitely is not a small issue, because if it is me, my friends and some people I saw on the servers I was playing on, then it has to be the patch? EDIT I don't know how to attach the log file, but it has a lot of what looks like errors and I can't paste it because it is too long.
  12. Hello, This has been happening since about two patches ago, but far more frequently since the latest patch. Every 15 minutes or so, I will be kicked from any server with this message. I have reinstalled the game (on a new HDD and my SSD), repaired and reinstalled easy anti-cheat, checked my firewalls, allowed the game and easy anti-cheat through it, and deleted the folders in appdata a dozen times. I cannot figure out why this is happening. I never had the issue before. As you can imagine, it gets annoying to get into a server after waiting on ques with about 10 other people just to be kicked in 15mins and wait again when I'm playing with my friends. Some of my friends get this issue randomly as well. Any idea what this could be? *Also, I'm not in the public testing version, just in the normal Squad version. Specs: i7-8700k RX 580 16GB RAM 500gb SSD Thanks,
  13. FPS: 50 - 80 (min-max) CPU: I5-467OK @ 4.2GHZ GPU: ASUS ROG Strix OC RX 570 4GB @ stock RAM: 16GB RES: 1920x1080 Settings: Epic* *I had it almost fully on Epic, but I had to turn down the antialiasing as it seems with AMD (not sure it happens on Nvidia?) my shadows pop around on anything higher than TAA. It has been like that since my R9 280 days. The performance was fine though so it can handle it, just became a headache to look at. The downside of course is visuals and the real blurriness of TAA. I also turned off optional stuff for extra performance, such as effects to medium rather than max and turned off motion blur (it makes me sick) and distance shadows). Fully Load Textures is off, because it kills performance. Even lowest super sampling drops about 20 fps, so that's off too. A screenshot for a quick look.
  14. June Free Weekend

    Good on you for being the only good player here. It seems more and more players really do not want this game to grow. Pretty sad. Don't get frustrated though. A lot of new players can be very...well...stubborn. To put it politely. If you do start to get frustrated, stop, before you get frustrated with the game.