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  1. FPS: 50 - 80 (min-max) CPU: I5-467OK @ 4.2GHZ GPU: ASUS ROG Strix OC RX 570 4GB @ stock RAM: 16GB RES: 1920x1080 Settings: Epic* *I had it almost fully on Epic, but I had to turn down the antialiasing as it seems with AMD (not sure it happens on Nvidia?) my shadows pop around on anything higher than TAA. It has been like that since my R9 280 days. The performance was fine though so it can handle it, just became a headache to look at. The downside of course is visuals and the real blurriness of TAA. I also turned off optional stuff for extra performance, such as effects to medium rather than max and turned off motion blur (it makes me sick) and distance shadows). Fully Load Textures is off, because it kills performance. Even lowest super sampling drops about 20 fps, so that's off too. A screenshot for a quick look.
  2. June Free Weekend

    Good on you for being the only good player here. It seems more and more players really do not want this game to grow. Pretty sad. Don't get frustrated though. A lot of new players can be very...well...stubborn. To put it politely. If you do start to get frustrated, stop, before you get frustrated with the game.
  3. Can the gtx 750ti run this game ?

    Well, you didn't include a motherboard, but still, you are not required to have a GTX 750 Ti because of it, but I'd need to know what your PSU is before I just recommend something. I've seen someone play with your CPU on Squad with Karmakut before using a GTX 1050 for example. If you have a decent PSU and an appropriate budget (for GPU only), I'd suggest the 1050-1060. The prices of which have been dropping now back to regular prices and will continue to drop. Do you have a budget in mind for the GPU?
  4. Can the gtx 750ti run this game ?

    What are your PC specs? You can use something better than the GTX 750 Ti if you have the money (like the GTX 1060, which is finally sub $400), but we need more information.
  5. Alpha 11

    I have mine set to high. The bug only appeared on first death randomly. It would happen upon revive and stick with me with a second death upon respawn on rally/fob/main. So for example, get shot & killed, revived and have the bug and it would carry over even after another death and respawn/revive. And it would be insanely loud.
  6. Alpha 11

    So, you can no longer shoot on the range as an American? Bro, I want to reign down freedom even on the range. Also, has the heart beat sound bug officially returned? I've gotten it four times today, and yesterday I had it six times in one match. It was so loud I actually had to turn my headset down and play without audio. I felt like my eardrums were going to burst. Was it ever fixed, or was I just fortunate in not having it until now?
  7. I play on low with 40-50 (sometimes even 80) FPS on a i5 4670k and a r9 280, none of which are OC'd do to losing the lottery. You may not play on the highest settings, but V11 has the best performance I've had since mid 2016 on my fam's rig, so you'll be able to play for sure on your system. If you don't like low-med with sub 60 fps FPS performance, then probably not with that laptop. I think you'll be fine on some med settings though.
  8. Alpha 11

    Fookin' bravo devs. This patch is glorious in every possible way, but especially in performance. I am absolutely astonished I can get the performance I'm getting on the rig I have right now. You have out done yourselves. If I ever met you fine lads, I would buy you a beer. Thank you for the fine work and the endless hours of fun. (driving seems wacky but in a good way. I'll get used to it and start rockin' in it again. I still feel like we need a change for iron sights/sighting. It feels like a huge disadvantage and I hate having to glue my face to the screen to see anything. The zoom in just isn't enough. Either way though, bloody fantastic!)
  9. I'm glad your problems are gone. It is sad AMD CPUs are so...just well, as they are. I keep rooting for them to do better every time they announce something, but it just doesn't seem like they can catch up, which is a shame. Anyways, awesome news and glad you're getting some beefy results! Enjoy the game!
  10. Will this setup run pretty well

    Isn't dual channel almost always better than single channel? He should get two sticks and put them in as dual. edit huh cant seem to post links...
  11. Can I Run The Game With This Rig?

    I went from 6gb to 8gb, saw a huge difference in Squad (and Arma 3!). I went from 8gb to 16gb (with a page file of 12gb on my main HDD) a few months ago. It makes a huge difference for me, and kicked me up to the FPS I listed above. I can play this game comfortably again (used to be able to play Epic believe it or not!) on my PC now when before I was struggling to maintain 30-40 FPS on the lowest settings ever since v9 hit public. If you can, I would definitely suggest getting more RAM if you have the money room to do it. Just make sure it is compatible with your system.
  12. Psyrus is right. He's got the reasoning behind which to get very well and knows his stuff. Your AMD CPU, even at an extremely high overclock, is still extremely underpowered. AMD's cores are notoriously underpowered per core. That's why, even with your new GPU, you didn't really see a change in your performance. You really need to upgrade to Intel if you want to see some dramatic change in your performance, especially in a game like Squad. Otherwise, your only option now is to turn down options and resolutions to lessen the load on your CPU and GPU until you can upgrade the rest of your system....if you can. You can also try pushing up your page filing if you've got the RAM to do it. It may not help, but it's showed some positive results for people over at the Steam forums if you want to check that out. It won't work miracles for you if it does work (you've got a pretty bad CPU) but it is something to try. America's Army? Nice! Great free shooter right there.
  13. Can I Run The Game With This Rig?

    I run it on a way older setup* at the moment on very low with view settings on highest settings to get the highest frames (40-50 at normal, goes as high as 60 sometimes even 70 on a good day) as possible, so yes, you could run it but most likely not on top High-Medium settings (meaning full med or full high settings). At least not right now with how optimization is (not very good. Look at this bottleneck on i7 & 1080 Ti system). I'd say at 1080p and current patch, you'd at least get a stable 40-50 on most maps on low-medium for sure but you might even get more, especially if you overclock your CPU. I'd suggest, when you get money to do it, putting more RAM into your system though because this game eats it more than Chrome does. Honestly though, you can always just buy the game and test for 2 hours (don't hit 2 hours though!) or 7 days not hitting 2 hours, and issue a refund if you don't like the performance of the game just yet. My specs: i5-4690k 3.8GHz & R9 280 3GB & 16GB RAM*
  14. Squad on i7 [email protected]

    Ouch. We really need dem higher optimizations. Can't wait until we get to that point and a super clocked i7 is no longer being bottlenecked on a crazy good system.
  15. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Incredible screenshots! How in the world are you making such cinematic shots? They are amazing!