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    Tactical FPS, RPG, some music like ghotic, darkwave and so on. Like to read novels and other books

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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    FHB in OP First Light
  2. reward for winning?

    I think that Squad don't need something like "reward for winning" (Exp, ranks and etc) . This game is not about the "rewards" that you can display. In my opinion, the main "reward" it' s trust from players and teamwork. For SL (for example) it's the players who are or will be trusting and following you because of your leadrship and decisions.
  3. Thanks. Actually I am reading thsi links right now )
  4. Hello, squadmates ! I and my friend love tactical FPS (like PR, Arma 2 and so on), so we bought Squad on sale and...And it's so awesome! Especialy, when I first took the SL role. The feeling of constant stress, rivers of infromation from both your squadmate, SLs and your eyes... The feeling, when you with your squad cooperating with other squad... I have never played SL on PR and other game, but when I took it... I'm falling in love with it! So, I wiil try hard to be the good SL) Hope we will encounter on battlefield in one team or squad !)