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  1. Filipino players

    drop your form here, i'll try to create a clan with military rank system. well if this works, i'll be the GA or GEN depends. IGN: STEAM LINK: AGE: (Optional)profession: skills: (this is for gaming skill)
  2. 10th Special Forces Group

    i have no experience with a squad. can i join?
  3. Old post

    do you accept asian guys?
  4. when steam have a sale

    when you dont have enought money to buy those games! lmaaoo
  5. any body know this kids man, they are good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISq4qdOyhjg
  6. So basically Euron attack Yara greyjoy's fleet, so that automatically gives us that yara fleet lost. and cersie accepted euron's offer maybe? ish? really disappointed tho, that dany lose a fleet. any theory guys? and also bran in now inside the wall. its getting worse.
  7. Squad Bandicam problems.

    So i was trying to record my gameplay with bandicam which i do alot, now i tried it today once again it wont or cant detect squad why i'm running fullscreen.
  8. 5th Special Forces Group

    can you be specific about quality players?
  9. well no matter how push this topic it will lead to no where. Either way the outcome is the same. if you want it badly join a clan they picked who's the best SL in the clan plus you get an sort of virtual rank presence among them. no offense there bud. like i told you i posted this kind of thing last year.
  10. Are you a good shot?

    really depends on the weapon sights , if it's red dot i'm pretty accurate. but iron sights no.
  11. i posted this kind of stuff a year ago, it's not a good idea since it will be abused a lot by players and clans.
  12. reincarnated in the past war tactics

    i would like to know more, but we know that army training back in the days were like light training. would be useful if you can develop a medium training to increase their fighting ability and their stamina? if I suggested modern day military training will you imply it on your men? mostly likely it will increase their fighting output. and more if you were to develop a special units which are likely ghost or special forces focus on rescue or assassination? will you do it?
  13. So play with your mind a little eh, as the title says Lets just say that you got transported or reincarnated or other worlds but much more low tech and your memory intact NOW DONT KILL THE FUN. which is after rome developed their little militia, not legionaires. how will you survived? if you get to be a commander? what training will you put up with your own army. what tactics train special units? and so on?
  14. Fight Night McGregor Vs, Mayweather

    i'm hoping for McGregor to win , but i think it's just that gregor is a mixed martial artist. but who knows what will happen.
  15. Banned from server free van candy

    Okay so what happend is i got banned on a server. I dont know how the ef or even how. But i'm really confused i dont do annoy people Play on casual mode and dont team kill anybody. how the eff can somebody explain this to me? Is this some how by accident that some one had the same steam name as me? I've been playing there like not that much. Its free candy van.
  16. need help PC specs

    so right now i'm running on processor: core i3 6100 Gpu :Asus 1050ti oc 4gb gddr 5 psu: NZXT HALE82 750W mobo:asus h110m-k ram:hyper x ddr4 2133 mhz im planning to upgrade to processor: core i7 6700k mobo: asus h110m-k (which is LGA-1151 ATX) ram:G.SKILL TridentZ Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) are these compatible? like can the mobo take the ram and the processor? (if not ineed your suggestions! thanks)
  17. need help PC specs

    So if buy the ram that iwanr two of that it would work fine?
  18. need help PC specs

    Sorry i copy pasted the wrong mobo on my upgrade list Im planning to buy rog strix z270-g lga 1151 is it compatible? And alse can i use my standard cpu fan that im using right now on my i3 6100 for the i7? Thank great info
  19. what is our label on gaming community?

    i''ve been wondering this for a while now, when my friends talked to me like "oh you have squad, you're a hardcore man." i get that a lot even with my friends in life. all i knew was i'm a casual gamer who plays squad like every god damn squad player. now i'm asking you guys what do you label your self? and what does casual fps gamer look at us( run & gun fps gamers)?
  20. Recording with bandicam problems

    So when ever i record with bandicam my mic wont work ingame comms mic so im really confused. Ineed a fix or a better recorder that can record my ingame mic and my recording mic
  21. Recording with bandicam problems

    for somehow obs wont detect any gamecapture atm
  22. any tips for squad leading?

    so i played a couple of games being an SL, i had over 100+hrs on the game and most of the time i'm just playing medic or grenadier. Now i tried it its kinda hard, i dont know most the call outs, its really hard to listen to squad comms and SL comms at the same time specially when i'm in the middle of the action. i tried asking my members just like this way "I dont want to be squad lead for real can somebody go for it?" they replied that "you're actually doing pretty well, not that well but your a decent SL" so guys i'm asking can you gave me some advice.
  23. Siera Squad

    i'm looking for new players to play with. a little squad that we could make. dm for more info i got discord
  24. any tips for squad leading?

    some one give this guy an oscar! so i need to be balance, good suggestion thanks! this is very uplifting thanks!
  25. what is our label on gaming community?

    HAHA warshock