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    Milsims game, strategic commander on battle field/ project reality. much useful with good squad/ good with birds eye view tactician RTW WTW COH 2
  1. So when ever i record with bandicam my mic wont work ingame comms mic so im really confused. Ineed a fix or a better recorder that can record my ingame mic and my recording mic
  2. i'm looking for new players to play with. a little squad that we could make. dm for more info i got discord
  3. some one give this guy an oscar! so i need to be balance, good suggestion thanks! this is very uplifting thanks!
  4. so i played a couple of games being an SL, i had over 100+hrs on the game and most of the time i'm just playing medic or grenadier. Now i tried it its kinda hard, i dont know most the call outs, its really hard to listen to squad comms and SL comms at the same time specially when i'm in the middle of the action. i tried asking my members just like this way "I dont want to be squad lead for real can somebody go for it?" they replied that "you're actually doing pretty well, not that well but your a decent SL" so guys i'm asking can you gave me some advice.
  5. HAHA warshock
  6. well said people well said.
  7. i''ve been wondering this for a while now, when my friends talked to me like "oh you have squad, you're a hardcore man." i get that a lot even with my friends in life. all i knew was i'm a casual gamer who plays squad like every god damn squad player. now i'm asking you guys what do you label your self? and what does casual fps gamer look at us( run & gun fps gamers)?
  8. so igot an itel i3 6100 a 1050 ti for the gpu for the power supply igot ZXT Hale82N 750w 80+ Bronze Certified now the ram is my problem, iwant a 16 gb ram. can my specs handle that specially the power supply? thanks in advance
  9. if he played PR. that would not be a problem.
  10. Yehovrika every time i play there. i suffer from fps drop. too much to render.
  11. yeah, i see some peeps Squad leading but do not apply tatics when doing it.
  12. Yeah but also helpful when our squads needs covering fire.
  13. i'm not comparing squad, i just miss the the days when you can run and gun. this is not about squad being slow. i love squad. everybody on the forum does. +rep
  14. im voting no for this. its gonna make everything hard for SL's
  15. ooh bennyhiilll!