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  1. Invisible/Low LOD terrain up close

    How come this never happened back in 2016? It might be because Squad has received more and more assets resulting in a heavier VRAM dependency. I tried updating GPU drivers additionally. Nothing helped. Hopefully nobody else runs into this issue. It's a darn shame. The game has gotten pretty unplayable. I guess I'll have to uninstall until I can afford a new GPU. Thanks for the help anyways.
  2. Invisible/Low LOD terrain up close

    As above, this isn't a frame rate problem. This is a graphical anomaly, which shouldn't be caused by being under minimum spec. I tried a complete reinstall since my game installation was from 2016 or so. That didn't help, unfortunately. I don't recall this occurring back then, either, so this is a semi-recent problem.
  3. In some maps, in some areas, there will be terrain rendering as though it's at an extremely low LOD; foliage will appear to be floating and I will be able to sink under terrain, sometimes able to look up through the map. You'd think this would confer an advantage, but the truth is that I'm unable to tell where to cusp so I can fire at targets, often shooting the ground in front of me, giving away my position. Not to mention I don't like exploiting. I've tried turning my graphics settings up, but the problem seems to persist. I've cleared cache and verified files. I'm aware that my PC doesn't meet minspec, though the game generally runs playably. This is the only graphical anomaly. OS: Windows 7 CPU: AMD FX-8310 3.4GHz GPU: GTX 465 RAM: 8gb
  4. As it is now, the infantry maps have no vehicles at all, even larger ones. Hopefully this changes, but it probably only will if people make sure to tell the devs that it needs to. There's no reason why there shouldn't be trucks in infantry maps as it is now.
  5. I wouldn't say they always fall as long as you have a counteroffensive. What so many people don't get is that the best defense is a good offense; you must be attacking their FOB and clearing their rallies. Someone made the solid point to me that on tiny maps like Sumari Bala, where you'll only ever get 1 or 2 FOBs up, putting it on the point is a great idea because your reinforcement time is basically instant, and you'll be able to put up fortifications to hinder the enemy. But again, people need to never ever ever stay on the FOB. Every time I see people spawn and then take up a firing position nearby instead of pushing up, the FOB goes down. If you try to put up FOBs on the north and south ends of the map (and you'll have to because it's so small) they'll be in the open, in bad positions, and you'll take long to get to the fight if you don't just get shot crossing the fields. But any other map you should have a FOB in every grid square you can, in positions that encircle the current objective. You want at least two approaches to enable team-level maneuvering. It's much more frequent that I see teams losing because they only had 1 fob and it went down, as opposed to teams where they put up too many fobs and lose them, losing tickets.
  6. That is... precisely my point. Medics are squad and I don't think they should be. Squads really should have a limit of 1 medic at least. Other things like CPR reviving for non-medics is a matter of debate, sure.
  7. See, that's a fine enough argument until you consider how many other people will actually be playing infantry-only servers. Plus, I don't necessarily want only infantry; some of the current maps are horribly painful if they're infantry only due to the lack of trucks. What I'd really like is for infantry-only maps to just have trucks. Maybe technicals. LAT needs something to do, after all.
  8. This is definitely a legitimate problem, but I feel this is just a flaw of those maps; those are two of my least favorite maps (next to Chora and Sumari). Expanding them and adding more villages/compounds/whatever would allow for more strategic flexibility. Again, FOBs on points isn't universally bad. It just usually is.
  9. So... the game isn't negatively impacted by vehicles despite you having a huge impact on the game by gaining a lot of kills, despite your team screwing the pooch? When people who say the game is negatively impacted by games is because they're disproportionately impacting the game, with the concession that they're not solely what determines games? I don't see how that makes any sense. It's fine that you like vehicles, but the fact people can easily go 26-0 is part of why I dislike combat vehicles in games like these.
  10. Militia vs. Insurgents maps!

    Russia and Militia get to fight and they both use AK-74s. I don't see why they can't get re-added. Consider this thread your place to "vote" for the re-implementation of these kinds of maps! Congruity be damned. Again, not like this game heavily hinges on immersion for its primary appeal, and US vs. Russia already demands that you not think about it too hard. Not to mention US vs. Militia in Afghanistan. Which is something we already have.
  11. Thanks! Nice to see someone finally seeing reason instead of seeing an attempt to change things and resisting it because oh no, change is scary! I don't know about reducing special roles in general. Fire Support roles are fun, but not a lot of people boot Squad up and go "Man I hope Medic is open in the squad I join!" It's a role most people put up with. I know, there are people who do genuinely enjoy Medic but I feel they're very rare. This is reasonable. Right now, 2 medics per squad is not only unrealistic, it's detrimental to gameplay. Two reasons to change it! Pretty much. Rifleman could be fun to play, but right now they're just too weak to bother with, and medics are too critical. I don't really like the idea of nerfing medics because that would make having two medics even more important, thus creating the opposite effect and making 1 medic squads even more crippled. I've been considering ways to buff the non-optics Rifleman to compensate for how powerful the Optics riflemen are, and they would also have the effect of helping this issue as well: giving Riflemen 9 magazines and 3 grenades would give them actual utility over optics riflemen and medics, so it's worth mentioning here (and it would also partially mitigate the problem of optics riflemen being so deadly).
  12. Yep, this. I want to practice things like the SKS, the PPSh-41 and so on in the Firing Range singleplayer game mode. For anyone seeking a stop-gap, you can go to Sumari Bala v1 and go to the Police Station or the Training Camp, but it's very circuitous and you need to abuse the AdminSlomo command. Spawn as a squad leader, enable AdminAlwaysValidPlacement, move over to one of those places and set down a rally, a fob and an ammo box. Wait a minute (with AdminSlomo at 10 or 20 the spawn timer even from suicide will tick down fast) and respawn as your choice of class. This only has targets at 50m though, and I don't think Militia has any maps with targets on it.
  13. I'm surprised I didn't find a thread about this! I dunno about you guys but as my two favorite factions (such nice weapon variety) I'd love to see maps that pit the Insurgents and Militia against each other. It might seem a mite contrived, but we do have maps with Militia in the Afghani maps (for some reason, even though their dark green outfits make them stick out even more than Insurgents). It's not like this game relies heavily on some kind of cohesive narrative. What do you guys think? Do fast-moving techie duels and abundant AKMs sound as fun to you as it does to me?
  14. Slider for head bob

    While the new videos are showing signs of a tiny amount of headbob, I feel it's worth bringing up that headbob is a divisive feature. I'd love to see it in-game for immersion, but if it got in it should, as the OP mentioned, be a slider. That way you can turn it off if it makes you motion sick. Call me strange but I've paid a lot of attention to the headbob in games (you tend to spend a lot of time moving after all!) and my absolute favorite headbob was ArmA 2. The trailer shows how it looks in-game. Things is, the maximum setting was extremely excessive, as you can see; it jostles your head a lot. But the motion of it looks rather natural; your head doesn't move like a floaty camera or move in some kind of figure 8, it does jostle even though your eyes compensate for it. Having a slider would mean you can make it as subtle as you like, or absent entirely; I personally found that about 20% of the maximum headbob was a great compromise.
  15. I'm fairly certain it's 20, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I've come to find that flag FOBs are generally not worth it. When you position a FOB you are trading off safety of the FOB and maneuvering opportunity for time to reinforce the flag. That's two factors that benefit putting it away vs. one putting it closer. Generally you want several fobs some ways away from the flag to allow squads a more varied approach to find and exploit weaknesses in the enemy's defensive line. In really tiny maps like Sumari Bala, impenetrable superfobs can be useful, but these usually hinge on enemies who just aren't skilled enough to know how to bust these fortresses. And that's not a gamble you should usually make.