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  1. Weapon sound effects in different locations

    Thanks to the brilliant mind of Micheal Mann
  2. Weapon sound effects in different locations

    Yep. Exactly how they should sound in all shown areas. Just need a little bit of percussive crack to the firing sounds. Just need sounds for more less reflective areas like the open areas
  3. I second that observation.
  4. New 50 cal sounds more like browning 30 cal

    Yeah, I think the M2 was fine. The level just needed to be raised.
  5. Realistic weapon sound

    I have to agree everything is to a T....only gripe is the small arms themselves.Granted they are recorded by real sources and we all know the mic picks up a different sound and conveys it differently but still, the sounds are not what they sound like. But the idea is there I'll give that. I haven't played Squad since several months because of this. The game will do for those never exposed to real weapons and gun fire cause they don't know any better. Anders nailed the other sounds, not the small arms weapons yet. Its hard but if choosing from a pre recorded sound source I think much better careful selection would've been best. I digress, the AK's sound pretty much sufficient enough, I guess a bit difficult to get it totally. But for me, and its not my sound system, I think more pop rather than a boosted bassiness would be better , as the RPK has more pop and is not as loud as the M4. I own both weapons.
  6. I thought some sounds would be improved, or replaced. Fired up the game and was disappointed when firing the M4. M4 still sounds weak and plastic like. It sounds good for a 3P sound surrounded by walls, not 1P.
  7. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    But I'm not deaf. Its what I've been trying to explain. People have their interpretations and opinions on what said weapons should sound like in the game and some have never really heard nor shot a real weapon in real life. Its not about the volume cause I think its loud enough. Everything sounds pretty much spot on to make any prior military Vet have a few flashbacks when hearing the sound effects. Although some can use a little change. Like the M4.. it sounds plastic like. What it sounds like is if the recording was done some place near some buildings and recorded at around 30 or more meters. But I think we're beating a dead horse now. Mr Anderz wont even respond to this thread anymore.
  8. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    I own an M4. I also periodically post range master duty
  9. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

  10. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    Well, it would be cool yes, as your typical FPS rifle sound but that's not what you hear in uh, the subject matter discourse lately has been about real sound as opposed to Holllywood sound effects. Its a cool nice sound yeah but thats just another variable sound that's processed through a recording and just changed by the way the mic recorded it. I think i explained it right haha.
  11. Realistic weapon sound

    LOL, the rockets in the last part of the last video sound like bottle rockets. Chumpy109, you still dont get it bro. But yeah, wear head phones to get the emmersion
  12. Realistic weapon sound

    Yeah, the BTR and KORD?DSHK are perfect, the M2 on the other hand is too low and has a weird sound to it for some reason in 3rd person. I think its coming from the M2, or the other 12x7 machine guns. And so far that M4 does not sound like an M4. Maybe urban shot from a hundred feet or so, but even then it sounds very plastic like. Its either that or its the 3rd person sound thats been assigned for it. Exactly. If they are able to have distant sounds for the game weapons then there shouldnt be a problem changing them. I have lots of those sounds. Don't know why Anderz wont take me up on the offer. But I have a good idea why
  13. Realistic weapon sound

    Well I think the sound has potential in this game. Unfortunately , there's an issue with notoriety here and pride. Most Dev's , specially sound engineers or designers, are very stubborn at times and think they are always right, and really, falls down to accepting some constructive critique and suggestions. I had the same issue when I helped with sound effects for PR. Until a new guy came on and totally disregarded me. Made me feel it was because I am American. The sounds suck now on PR. Some are still good left alone, but some of the weapons sound like tin on metal. People for some odd reason, think because either an active or former service man says its real then they leave it be how its sounds. Its not that the weapons and explosions "are not real" or "not taken from real footage' All the videos on youtube and wherever, are real, real sounds, real everything. The argument in most, is that, its not what "you would hear", in that, it will come out different on video, , and some of the sounds on Squad are taken from a sound effects CD, a very very expensive one. yes, yes yes, they are recorded from uh, "real sources" but did they use the right sound though? And, the reverberation of the sounds is what I think the issue in this thread and will be brought out again and again. I don't think Squad sound engine has the capability to have one sound for the players POV, and then another for another player in 3rd person sound, although, there seems to hear a change when in an exterior area. Some people here insist it sounds real in movies and that it should have a Hollywood sound, . Others think Youtube has the accurate, or a video has the accurate sound. It gives the impression of the right sound yes. If you could get someone with great audio editor to tweak out the sound from a video , mix it well with another, and clean it up and do a good job to commercial standards is a good thing. But getting someone who pays attention to the detail in a real life experience when shooting weapons, being around weapons and around an environments that has explosives is another thing. Sometimes I get in a tussle with Europeans about what sounds real and what should sound like and most of these guys live where weapons are banned and have no clue of what a weapon sounds like in real life, much less even fired one.
  14. Realistic weapon sound

    You know, to be honest, the new CoD IW, I have to hand it to them for improving their sound. The percussive affect is not there, BUT, the inital sound, or at least, the sounds in THAT game can come really close if not, close enough, even though the weapons are fictional, or supposedly.
  15. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    Seriously? lol. sorry