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  1. I am not saying there is no potential for Balance but a vehicle should always dominate infantry on an open field!!! otherwise there is no point in using them IMO. If you have Problems to Encounter a CROWS A) BTR can easily deal with them B) Their main advantage is fighting from distance try to force them to get closer if they want to fight you C) Cities and dense Vegetation are death traps for them avoid them by going there. D) Due to their size it is easy to spot them if you really want to avoid them it is possible Yes but most objectives are small villages, compounds or at least provide some cover for infantry. Keep in mind once we get more vehicles we also might get more AT to Counter them.
  2. Maybe once we have a commander or something like this, he could also approve vehicle claims. It's difficlut to find the perfect solution for this. In my opinion the success of this game is also connected with it's player base.
  3. Another solution that has nothing to do with ammo would be to increase the spawn timer each time you die. It works for both RP and FOB. LAT : 10 seconds per death Greandier: 10 seconds per death MG : 5 sec Marksman : 10 sec Rifleman: 5sec Medic : 5 sec SL: 10 sec Once it's in game HEAVY AT : 20 sec Sniper 20 sec To a maximum of + 40-60 or so Just to get the idea, of course it needs adjusment This penatlty should last for at least 5 min, the only other solution to clear this penalty is to spawn at main. It is an easy system that could help to prevent situations like this and reduce situations like this PRO Medic is more important Defending a FOB is more intense cause you cannot spawn over and over again same with attacking an objective Less arcadey more tactical Sepcial Kits have more value Possibly easy to programm Sligthly slows down gameplay cause recon is more important CON Could be much harder to take out vehicles in some situations ( But in my opinion this would be just fair cause you have infinite ammo for LAT and can repsawn and be revived ==> If used properly LAT is a serious threat!!! ) People might get frustrated cause they die 3 times in a row cause of bad luck and have to wait longer now ( In a situation like this everyone is pissed so it doesn't matter at all / Live is not fair get used to it ) Slows down gameplay: Most people won't like this but at it's current state the live of a soldier or a special Kit is not worth much !! Of course your team lose a ticket but there is no other penalty for dying. Respawning on RP or FOB is much more comfortable... Yeah good decission if you want to make a tactical game
  4. Reduced ammo for primary weopons (Rifles), like 25%- less, 1 grenade instead of two and so on and so on for all KITS... For special KITS : 2 grenades for grenadier 0-1 rocket for AT . LMG 3mags (m249 only 1), sniper Kit 1 mag. Combat medic with half bandages... basicly they all should have less ammo But they have 3 Options to fully gear up themselfes. A) The ammo-class could fully resupply 2-3 soldiers maybe more depending on how many people can take this KIt . If he dies and respawns on RP he should not be able to use this ability for 1-2 minute or until he visits an ammo crate. B) Vehicles can drop ammo crates to supply infantry maybe like this. ( This is just an example to get the idea) C) Go to a FOB AMMo crate as usual.resupply at Fob shall also consume ammo but this ammo fills up automatically, other crates disappear when empty. In my opinion this would : A)force teams to really work together. B) Make the game more realistic C) contributes to the use of combined arms D) Make medic and ammo carrier more important than ever !!! ( Your team does just not lose a tiny ticket they also use valuable equipment) E) FOBs would be more important cause they are somehow supply depots. Some of them could be hidden others could be fortified and closer to the frontline. On the first view it may sound hardcore but keep in mind, you still have ammo for your rifles and only the more powerfull specialty roles really suffer the consequences. You have 3 Options to resupply and it is not necessary to build a FOB. Possible example: You place a rally next to a vehicle ammo -crate and attack an objective together with this vehicle, or you use your carrier to activley supply your troops. Flanking from a hidden RP. I It would make the game more intense and strategic because you couldn't just go for a walk far behind enemy lines. Once you are out of ammo you are on your own unable to use your "best" weapons. It could put an end to grenades and rpg spam on an objective from all directions. ( It is sill possible ot use these things by building a FOB or using crates from vehicles but this time not everybody starts with a full gear.) I am not saying this is perfect neither do I expect this in the game soon. But once we have MBT and helos it might be possible
  5. Carrying ammo?

    In general I like the idea of an ammo carrier to supply troops. What I really do not like is the fact that every time you spawn you have full ammo. It is like teleporting ammo to the frontline. It would be much more cooler if vehicles (maybe all of them) can drop ammo crates with limited supplies and the ammo class can take some of that ammo to supply others. At least for special Kits this would make sense. Most people won't share my opinion, but in it's current state the game compensates/rewards you for dying by giving you full ammo if you respawn. If sqaud wants to be a game that is closer to reality and rewards strategy and tactics ammo should be an issue, not only for FOB and vehicles but also for infantry !!! I hope in future at least when we have transport helicopter, the supply of ammunition will be an important or more important aspect of the game...
  6. Carrying ammo?

    I cannot stream ATM . Does it mean when you spawn on rally point you do not have fully loaded grenade launcher or LAT ?
  7. 1) I am not sure about this enough to supply your squad but not enough to allow constant use of special weopons 2) Special Kits should consume more Yeah it would be very realisitc but even more hardcore than my solution. It would require constant ammo supply to keep war running. You would need way more ammo Trucks or they would have to carry way more ammo. Half of the team would be busy doing supply runs or protecting supply Trucks. It might be super hard to attack an enemy FOB cause you lose special weopons every time you die sneaking behind enemy lines would makes less sense once you run out of ammo. Sounds cool but too hard to organise. They still can do things like this but have to bear the consequences!! Like running out of ammo. I do not want the game to be as complex as arma 3 it should still be fun and friendly for newcomer. But to be honest beside the fact that you lose one tiny ticket and have to wait 20 sec or so, there is currently no real penalty for dying. The game even encourages you somehow becuase you spawn with new ammo. Starting on a RP is somehow like teleporting ammo to the frontline. Do not get me wrong I do not have a problem with RPs in general but to use them should have consequences at least for special kits. I am not saying you can only resupply on a FOB or LOGI-Truck, but having constantly full ammo everywhere on the map is somehow like playing battlefield. Our solutions might not be perfect but having "theoretically" infinite ammo is neither and may result in situations like this: If you do it this way : You still have acces to ammo but you do not start completley armed and cannot constantly use special weopons, it would be more like in reality. I hope ammo supply will be an important feature in the game at least when we have transport helicopters, the current status is somehow arcade-like. I do not think this is what the "current players" or the devs want. If you want to play a game that is more realistic than those mainstream games (COD n Stuff), ammo supply should be an issue, not only for FOB and vehicles but for every single soldier !!!
  8. Sounds familiar to me I agree with you!! The spawning-system at its current state allows infantry to have infinite ammo. This is far from reality and in some situations completely unfair. Infantry can just push and walk everywhere, they never have to fear running out of ammo. ( Arcade like) I have tow suggestions. 1)You can respawn with your special-KIT but you should have very limited ammo. No grenades no Rockets and just a few magazines for everyone spawning. 2) The devs could add the "ammo carrier-Kit". He could be able to deploy ammo crates. These ammo crates should have limited ammo for the sqaud only. Every time someone takes ammo they lose ammo and cannot be refilled. Once they are empty they just disappear. The carrier can only use this ability again if he spawns at main or FOB or uses a real "FOB-ammo crate" or walks to a vehicle. (just read point 2 for more info) 2) Every vehicle in the game should have the ability to deploy one ammo crate. These crates work the same way as mentioned before but have more ammo. Vehicles could refill this ability on repair stations or FOBs in general. Of course all ammo crates have to look different and the game might change significantly but it would make medics, vehicles, logisitcs and forward-looking planning more important. You cannot just walk across the whole map and have to coordinate with other squads. If you think this idea is too "Hardcore", ammo-carrier and vehicles could also automatically use this ability after a cooldown of like 3- 5 minutes.
  9. I hope in future when we have MBT IFV n stuff , you require a Crewman-Kit to operate them. You shall only use these vehicles if you are part of a vehicle-squad. Finally this would force players to take more care for their stuff. You could operate more independent and SQL can not force you to make bad decisions. I remember retreating with my BTR from a dangerous situation but SL forced me to come back. He threatened me to kick me from his squad if I would not follow his orders: "We are all dying get over here now... I don't care for your BTR just get over here ... you are completely useless... " and so on. Result : Squad wiped out, BTR destroyed.... Therefore we really need a separation between infantry and vehicles. They should fight together but not side by side. Luckily the devs have plans on this. In future abusive use of vehicles won't be an issue, at least not as severe as nowadays.
  10. I never said we should forbid several people to use vehicles cause they do not know how to use them correctly. Nor do I have a solution for this. All I am saying is that it seems to be a major problem in the game and some of you might want to talk about this. But this discussion is/was about LAT and combat vehicles. It would be wrong to discuss vehicle abuse here.
  11. I mostly agree with you. But my intention was not to encourage somone to make a guide but how to avoid further abuse of vehicles in general.
  12. To be honest you have to blame my "Arma 3" mentality. In Arma 3 I fear vehicles like hell, they can easily wipe out a whole squad. Depending on what weapon system you use it is easy to destroy them with one single rocket. But they also have serveral methods to counter infantry, including smoke, powerful zoom optics and thermals. Somehow they are "invincible killing machines" at least with this equipment they can turn into one. But we do not need to discuss this further. The discussion reveals, a major problem in squad is player not knowing how to use vehicles properly. Maybe someone wants to start a new discussion that deals with this problem.
  13. Combat vehicle guide ! Caution very long text !!

    If someone could make a video, this guide would reach far more people. Sadly english ist not my mother language so someone else has to do it. I cannot talk fluent it would just be embarassing. The likelihood is very low but if anybody is interested feel free to contact me.
  14. I just uploaded my combat vehicle guide you can find it on the discussion page. It depends on my old guide/ YouTube videos and the things you told/taught me If you guys have time feel free too look but be aware it presupposes to read relatively long text
  15. Usually I would upload this on steam but my video card died a few weeks ago and the community here is much more cooperative. 1)Most important rule : Do not rush with them!! Of course they have armor and you are protected from small arms but due to their size they are very easy to spot and pretty vulnerable to LAT and maybe more upcoming AT in the future. Therfore it is absolutley necessary to stay as far away as possible from enemy troops. I konw most ot you players want to make as many kills as possible, but like in real life the survival of your vehicle should be your utmost concern!! Always think twice before you move your vehicle closer to the frontline, always keep in mind you are an attractive target and it is not that hard to shoot an RPG on you. Saftey first !!Your survival should be more important than a few kills! 2)Vehicles are SUPPORT units NOT ATTACK units, so they belong in the background. Their role is to provide cover fire from LONG distances for the attacking troops. Footsoldiers always go in first while, vehicles stay back to support them. Do not use them agressivly and never use them without good infnatry support. 3)Combat vehicles in squad carry heavy weapons and due to their caliber they are deadly even on long range. Some vehicles even have zoom. So in general their main advantage is to fight from wide distances. On an open field you can easily use this advantage and gain fire superiority. In an urban area or in a dense forest you cannot use the range of your heavy weapons to keep AT and infantry at distance. Vehicles might dominate an area with wide field of view, but infantry is the king in cities and forests. Infantry can move more freely here and hide behind every possible bush or inside buildings. It is easy for them to avoid vehicles or ambush them. Keep it distant and avoid fighting in urban areas, or areas areas with dense vegetation. If you have to fight in a city stay on long straight roads and always make sure to have infantry backing you up. 4)If you absolutely have to go closer to the enemy, keep driving do not stop (not even too shoot) so it is at least a bit more difficult for LAT to shoot you. Minimize the time being close to the frontline for example just to unload troops. But in general you should avoid getting close to enemy lines, only do this in an emergency or if your team is about to win soon and loosing tickets does not matter anymore. 5) When you are hit do not stay on one point and dont try to find the LAT soldier, he might be closer than he should, sneaking up somewhere behind you. First drive away and then try to locate him from a safe distance. Keep in mind you are faster then them and it is more difficult to hit a moving target. 6) The damage of rockets depends on the distance between you and the gunner but in general a BTR can take up to 3 Rockets, Humvee can take 1 or 2 and technicals can take 1 Rocket before they explode. Of course heavy MGs also do damage. Always count the rockets do not wait for the last one finishing you. If the situation is getting critically get outta there. It is more wisely to repair your Humvee or BTR to fight another day. 7)The more repair stations you have the faster vehicles get repaired (Not sure that is still true). Therefore it is wisely to build a fob right at the beginnig of the game in your mainbase and build some additional stations. You have unlimited supply here so it does not matter. You can also place"just repair" FOBs closer to the frontlines or in the centre of a map so vehicles do not need to drive back the whole way to main base. This strategy allows them to return to the fight more quickly. 8)My favourite: You can also use them as static defense fortified behind sandbags to defend a FOB with just a few soldiers. It is very cost effective cause you just need a few sandbags and unlike a HMG you cannot take out the gunner so easily with small-arms, BTR CROWS gunner is completely protected from them. Fortified behind sandbags it becomes more difficult to hit a vehicle with a rocket. Second unlike HMGs you have 360 degree of view so they are really powerful if you want to defend a FOB !! Save construction points, just build sandbags instead of HMG 9) Communication and teamwork is vital in this game therefore always share information with your squad and work together, this improves the effectiveness and survivability of both your vehicle and your squad. If gunner and driver work together each of them can scan a different perimeter so the gunner does not need to scan 360 degree. I hope you like my "little" guide and can help me to improve it. If you want to add something or wish to discuss something, feel free to do so. But stay polite, it really took me some time to do this !!