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  1. Great idea! Love things like this, makes the game more slowpaced and deeper. A way to do it could be as it works in VR shooter games, you look down on your vest and small "rings" of info/slots is shown, since that is doable it should be possible to implement in Squad.
  2. I disagree with you om the ticket loss, It should be hard and heavily punished, if you can't defend it, dig it down so the enemy won't get it. And if the FOB is left undefended as a backup one just have to risk that it might be found and dugg up, - This way people will have to think twice about what theyre doing wich this game should emphasize on....Think about it, if the game is to easy you will put it away faster. I would rather have the devs find a better way to teach the players the rights and wrongs vs making something not punishible because a few SL's made a dumb choise.
  3. Agree with Radboy16 om the blue dot and key binding to see the name if we need to talk to them.
  4. Easy Fix for Voice Comms between Gunner and Driver

    Well we all wanted an updated version of PR, that is Squad. Then make it as PR, have people make dedicated Vehicle squads as in PR. If we don't all we are left with is a fancy BF. Vehicle coms is a must, just use the local chat as the channel to talk through
  5. Possible helicopter controls.

    Totaly agree man!
  6. Vehicle, controlling speed

    Great post! Was just think of posting about the topic. I think gears would be the way, no extra gamepad/joysticks, just switch between gears on the keyboard(The driver dousn't need to use the numbers on the keyboard for anything so why not just use them like: 1(low gear, for climbing hills and stuff) 2(infantary walk speed) 3(infantary sprint speed) 4(full vehicle speed) 5(switch between automatic and manual transmission maybe?) Having different speeds reflected towards the infantary walk and sprint speed will help and make for more fluent and better gameplay for everyone ...And I just hate hearing the engine cut off and rev up as it is now when we have to tapp W
  7. Possible helicopter controls.

    Copy the flight model of Arma.. it's perfect! Onces mastered it's alot better and more realistic than BF/PR flight model without being much harder to master. If the flight model is like in PR or worse- BF it will reflect on the gameplay of everyone in the field. I believe BF flightmodel helicopter will be 10x harder to hit because they can do f**king barrol rolls 10 feet of the deck, and that will be a pain in the ass to meet when gunships are included.
  8. Squad Respawn: A proposed overhaul to Rally Points

    Make it implemented already! :D:D Great idea!
  9. Share of magazines and reload system

    I think sharing ammo is a good idea. I see someone mentioning ammo carriers, that's good. But in the case where you're just around your lone fellow soldier pinned down and about to be overrun it would be nice tho share mags (same caliber)
  10. Communication with numbers and callsigns (Idea)

    Thanks for the reply guys Is there a way for me to know if one of the devs has seen this and other peoples ideas? To know if it's been rejected or not? I now they have shitloads of things to do, I was just wondering.
  11. The one thing I want more than anything else

    Here we see Bluedrake42 have a video in the same engine as Squad , so it is possible. Propably not going to be a first priority for the devs do.
  12. Communication with numbers and callsigns (Idea)

    Do you mean to make or to implement for the players? I could understand both but it would be awsome to make possible. And could help make things easier when we get whole vehicle squads where a number for a vehicle would be easier to coordinate with All SL numbers end with 1. only thing that changes is callsign and if it is the first,second,third or fourth squad made. e.g: 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1. If it is possible to make this, it could just be there and those who choose to use names use it and others can use the numbers Thanks for the reply guys!
  13. Hi all! (I've searched but havent found something like this so here goes my first post and idea for the game.) Introduction: I've been thinking of how the squads communicate with it's members and other squads and have an idea that could perhaps make it easier and faster to coordinate clearer between players (mostly SL to squad members), later between vehicles and will add to the feeling of more tactical comunication without it being harder (immersion). How it is today: When a squad is opened it's given a callsign and a number (Alpha/squad1) (Bravo/squad2). Most of the time you hear them saying: Squad1 this is Squad2 (not Alpha or Bravo) And squad members just have their normal names, witch sometimes can be hard to spell or remember in the heat of battle. Can we do it this way maybe? If it's possible maybe giving eatch member a number infront of their name based on witch squad they're in and in the order they're in the squad. e.g: Instead of being squad 1 and the fifth player in the squad, you would be given the number (1-5) this means Squad1-Player5. Squad lead would be given (1-1) :Squad1- Player1. This will maybe help the SL to keep track when dividing the squad in fireteams e.g; SL "okey guys, we will divide in to two fireteams, 1-2 to 1-5 is fireteam1, 1-6 to 1-9 is fireteam2. So the all SL numbers got 1 as the last number. It's only the first that changes depending on if it's Squad 1,2,3,4 etc. E.g: 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1. Squad members start from 2 to 9. Picture above explaining how i thought the squad list would end up looking like. Picture showing how the numbers would show infront when using mic. Also when more vehicles as tanks and choppers are added it's easier for other squads to call for help from a specific vehicle in the nearby AO. I remember from PR one had to open the map and click on the vehicle and then open the squad lists to see who it was. Maybe on the map there could be a small writing under the vehicle icon with the squad number and player number e.g: 2-4. The number that show up below the vehicle icon would be from the person in the driver seat. If this is combined with the possibility of choosing between a preset list of callsigns (maybe 20 that is not the alphabet) when opening a squad it would maybe make it easier when tanks and such is added later to the game. I beleive the immersion would be greater also. E.g: Avalon2-1 - Misfit3-1, we got hostile armor rolling in, we need armor suppor, how copy? Misfit3-1 - Avalon2-1, copy all, we have Avalon2-4 a mile south of you, it's been rerouted to assist you, ETA3 mikes, how copy? Misfit3-1, copy all, out. Further it would be nice keeping the tradition from PR of typing in what type of squad it is. Just without it having to be the callsign on the radio E.g: Squad name Avalon, in this case the first squad to be opend at the start of the match, so it gets the number 1-1. Function: Tank/Armor squad. Language: Enlglish. So when you open the spawn screen the text you will see is: Avalon1-1 (tank/armor)(ENG)