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  1. QFF invite you to their server

    Ello lads & lases UNIT I myself have been part of the QFF unit for only a few days now but I still wish to share my experience with the overall unit, players, and server. I've had Squad for a while now, racking up hours daily... I came on the other day, loaded the server browser, and saw a name that stuck out from the crowd "Queens Fighting Force" There's a small handful of servers on the list that stand more then other and QFF happens to be one of them due to it's short but fiery name. I instantly took to finding their site or a way of joining the unit, ended up on their discord and was welcome properly better then any other community I've stepped foot in since I ever picked up my first game - And that's the honest truth. Jenny was busy at work but yet still stayed on discord chatting to me about who I am, how I found us, what I want from the unit and so on. A welcome message was put out and practically the whole unit even tho it was in a form of text, still welcomed me and also upon joining the voice channel. ( There's a "Meet the members" channel in which you don't have to but you can post following a template abit about yourself which was always helpful as I found out who was who. Another pro to QFF is that you've got people like myself who serve (British Army) and from other Branches in the UK and other country's military's too. So you can expect to us actively using our knowledge in game which does honestly reflect when you check the squad scores and we're always sitting at the top. Players Their great! There's not much more to it if I'm honest - Tho I will elaborate abit more You've obviously got us QFF lads and lases who are constantly active on the server + discord, but also a decent standard player base. - No beef here - As much as I've found other top Squad community's to have nice players too, I find QFF attracts more hardcore players who are looking to push for that extra little bit of realism they can get out of Squad where and when they can, instead of just jumping into a server and playing with overall "nice" people. I reckon the more hardcore players are attracted to QFF due to the nature of gameplay at a player base level we provide. What I mean by that is you'll 90% of the time always find more then average competent squad leaders, like myself who not only understand it's a game but also understand that if you do simple things like proper covering each other crossing the road or using smoke correctly and not just chucking them for the hell of "Covering us" (People in this game have no a single clue who to effectively use smokes) you'll have not only be more engrossed in the game and action, but also you'll be alive alot longer. Because c'mon.... Who the hell likes looking at a respawn timer every minute. And that's why I reckon people on the more hardcore scale return to this server daily. To get that where it lacks in other community's. Server With the server being fairly new it's doing amazing in terms of player count. EU server at 5am on a Monday morning is sitting at 65 players..... Amazing. The up-time is basically constant with the odd hiccup which others servers have been experiencing lately too. Here's the map rotation as of today I believe: Sumari Bala AAS v2 INF Chora AAS v1 Fool's Road AAS v1 OP First Light AAS v1 Kokan AAS v2 Logar Valley PAAS v1 Gorodok AAS v1 Sumari Bala AAS v2 Kohat Toi River Valley AAS v1 Chora AAS Night v1 Yehorivka AAS v2 Fool's Road AAS v2 Logar Valley AAS v1