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  1. They are on Gorodok near the industrial area
  2. The Wrench is purely user submitted, although we would definitly suggest that Raptor submit to next months wrench
  3. Read all about it here!
  4. karasu

    Quick tip! when placing foiliage, uncheck "allign to normal" as trees usually grow verticaly, not 90* from the surface
  5. No need to be overly dramatic about it, remember that workshop support has not yet dropped, and Squad is not even in beta stage. There are other projects that are in the works and yet to be announced, pluss tons of maps and tweaks. So there is no reason to cry over it just yet. "The king is dead, long live the king"
  6. the wrench

    Jajajaja, relax its up now!
  7. Read all about it here! The Wrench - January
  8. Never in my life heard avout anyone having CDs full of textures no
  9. Texture CD???
  10. This is not a simulator Samagon, how much shitposting do you have to do before you realize that? Also, your feedback would be 99% more acceptable if you were not competing to be the biggest dickhead on this forum.
  11. completely normal, its probably parts that have been left out of the SDK because they are WIP or other reasons, but still have dependancies inside the files.
  12. modding

    what even is?
  13. i hope you dont think that the team should take manequins more seriosly than the IRL referance that they have... If you think that they are skipping on realism, you should reconsiddder, as they have only shown full dedication to realism so far.
  14. the wrench

    You got this wrong, they might look like crap if you place them side by side, but they look pretty good compare to the scale they are representing. In the Jungle scene you might have 100 vegitation object culled (means that they are being drawn), while on say, Yehorivka, you have as much as 70 000+ vegitation objects culled (like when you stand in the middle of the map). This means that its impossible to have that level of fidelity on the scale the Squad is rolling with. But ofc its possible to have maps like Marv's, in Squad also, but not with the drawdistance currently in most maps.