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  1. [WIP] Invasion of Uskedalen [Vanilla]

    As you can see i have tried to keep it as close to realistic proportions as possible, and the top right corner is cut of at the moment, but i do plan on expanding and adding a whole second island at a later stage (the current island is just half of this islandchain), pluss the mainland which will come in the next big update. here are some IRL pics of the island, see if you can recognise some of the areas: Skorpefjellet looking towards Militia main: Militia main looking towards the island: Mountain lake looking towards Uskedalen (mainland village) View from the Fjord:
  2. [WIP] Invasion of Uskedalen [Vanilla]

    The first version of this map is now out and working on the Steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1208041266 This first prototype will soon expand to include a piece of the mainland also, and i will keep expanding until i reach the entire 6x6 km playable area
  3. [WIP] Invasion of Uskedalen [Vanilla]

    i will experiment more with volumetric fog in the next week, will probably look alot better
  4. [WIP] Invasion of Uskedalen [Vanilla]

    the fogs start about the same distance as my big trees start to cull (dissapear). So while it doesnt do anything on performance, it does make the "far distance"terrain and background look alot nicer. Also its a pretty realistic setup for a foggy day here in the West coast
  5. [WIP] Invasion of Uskedalen [Vanilla]

    Work done on the harbour area today
  6. [3D] Unity Photogrammetry Workflow

    Awsome stuff! Will definitly have a look at this for my uskedalen map
  7. Would love to talk more about what type of mod the community is looking forward to the most! (Feel free to suggest alternatives that ive might have missed)
  8. Mapping: Quick Questions Thread

    Post any questions you might have regarding Level design that does not require its own seperate thread.
  9. Name Invasion of Uskedalen Location Westcoast, Norway Size 6x6 kilometer Teams US Marines vs Russia Gameplay Large Scale Amphibious Invasion Download link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1208041266 Description Set in the rugged terrain of western Norway, at the enterance of the massive Hardangerfjord, the USMC is staging a counterattack by the sea, seeking to gain a foothold in the Norwegian theatre. This location features several islands, that will have to be captured before safely attacking the mainland beyond. The main combat area will be centered around the small coastal village of Uskedal, and the large island named Skorpo, with ample oppertunities for flanking via surrounding farmsteads and islands. Overview Screenshots/Media
  10. Command and Conquer Mod?

    @gamemasterme would you be willing to work on a project like this yourself or just telling other people to do it for you?
  11. Squad Masters World Championship

    definitivt med! (om eg har fri fra jobb vertfall), skal spør litt rundt å sjekke med folk ingame og
  12. Oversettelser

    Hei, tenkte det ville være greit å spørre der om hva dere foretrekker av oversettelser på det skandinaviske subforumet. hvordan synes dere den beste måten vil være angående overskrifter etc.. Sålangt har eg bare oversatt til Norsk, men kan sikkert gjøre en mix om det passer bedre for folk (om så, kan folk skrive her hvilken ord de ikke forstår i det som er allerede oversatt til nå)
  13. Suggests making a PR mod for squad, but forgets to include anything that makes PR into PR