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  1. Command and Conquer Mod?

    @gamemasterme would you be willing to work on a project like this yourself or just telling other people to do it for you?
  2. Squad Masters World Championship

    definitivt med! (om eg har fri fra jobb vertfall), skal spør litt rundt å sjekke med folk ingame og
  3. Oversettelser

    Hei, tenkte det ville være greit å spørre der om hva dere foretrekker av oversettelser på det skandinaviske subforumet. hvordan synes dere den beste måten vil være angående overskrifter etc.. Sålangt har eg bare oversatt til Norsk, men kan sikkert gjøre en mix om det passer bedre for folk (om så, kan folk skrive her hvilken ord de ikke forstår i det som er allerede oversatt til nå)
  4. Suggests making a PR mod for squad, but forgets to include anything that makes PR into PR
  5. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    Quoted for truth.
  6. Basicly the treaty only covers pressure detonated AP mines, which is why Command detonated mines like the claymore is still common in western armies
  7. 1997, and they won the Nobel Peace Price for it. Countries that have signed the Treaty: plus: "The treaty covers only anti-personnel mines; it does not address mixed mines, anti-tank mines, remote-controlled claymore mines, anti-handling devices (booby traps), and other "static" explosive devices."
  8. Throwing out some questions here that i have been wondering about for some time regarding the future development of vehicles and how the AT balance will play out. 1: Will APCs and IFVs get an armor reduction when heavier vehicles makes it into the game? At the moment my feelings about the vehicle combat is pretty mixed. The vehicles feels great to drive and it really improves the meta gameplay, but a BTR (and Stryker) taking 4 rockets to kill feels extremely arcady and silly in many ways. (BTR has shitty armor IRL and yet its almost considered a tank by many ingame). 2: Will HEAT rockets doing significant damage from near misses be removed? 3: What kind of depth are planned into the future armor system? ERA Tiles, countermeasures, Ricochets, Tandem warheads, top attack etc.. what is the vision on how deep this will be developed? 4: What is the logic behind the current burning system/function, and will it change(if so, in what way)? It seems extremely random, gives little indication on vehicle health and is visually very confusing, as it looks like its 10sec from turning into charcoal, but still at 90% health. Would it maybe make more sense to have different scales of fire, and a fire suppression system also (this is more of a suggestion, but to have a button that enables the fire supression system and then would have to be reloaded at repairstation, similar to the way War thunder uses fire in vehicles) (also the fire that starts when vehicles flip over lasts for over 5 min sometimes, and does almost no damage to the vehicle)
  9. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

    It was just an experiment, devs have talked about it might reappear at a later stage
  10. Dolina

    They are on Gorodok near the industrial area
  11. Model : T-90A MBT

    The Wrench is purely user submitted, although we would definitly suggest that Raptor submit to next months wrench
  12. Read all about it here!
  13. Lets name it Karasu

    Quick tip! when placing foiliage, uncheck "allign to normal" as trees usually grow verticaly, not 90* from the surface
  14. No need to be overly dramatic about it, remember that workshop support has not yet dropped, and Squad is not even in beta stage. There are other projects that are in the works and yet to be announced, pluss tons of maps and tweaks. So there is no reason to cry over it just yet. "The king is dead, long live the king"