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  1. January 2018 Recap

    I hope this is not the final version of the armored technicals. Аrtists need a little investigation about improvised armored vehicles.
  2. Vehicle Thread

    How about single thread for all vehicle suggestions? Russian and USA vehicle are too obvious so I'll start with the militia and insurgents. Militia LIGHT MOTORIZED: UAZ-469 Versions: unarmed, armed, armed with improvised armor. APC: URAL with improvised armor Versions: with HMG turret, without HMG turret IFV: BMP-2 (BMP-1 is rare for ex-Soviet countries) ANTI AIR VEHICLE: ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" ANTI AIR VEHICLE: URAL with ZSU-23-2 MBT: T-64 Insurgents APC: Pickup with improvised armor APC: Civilian truck with improvised armor and top mounted HMG IFV: BMP-1 ANTI AIR VEHICLE: Civilian truck with C-60 ANTI AIR VEHICLE: Technical with ZPU-4 (ZSU-23-2 is too powerful for pickup)
  3. The Weapons Thread!

    An improvised grenade launcher can be part of alternative grenadier kit for insurgent or militia faction. Shooting is slowly and grenades doesn't explode on impact, but this can be compensated by increasing amount of grenades.
  4. Improvised armored cars are very common to current Middle East conflict. I think some kind of pickup with armor plates would be perfect APC for Insurgent fraction. Or something like big armored truck with sponson turrets on this video: