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  1. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Not sure If I even want to give it a shot. By the look it gives me the impressions that it has a very arcade-like gameplay which I don't like. Sent from my SAMSUNG-Fridge-G9000 using Shittalk
  2. Clan Pack - Name in Credits

    Yeah, you had to link your steam account with your forum account. Then you had to fill out which name you wanted to show up in the credits by filling the required field with the description "In-Game Credits Name". Not sure if it will add your name in credits now, but you could try.
  3. Mainbase anti-baserape border

    DOD is probably a temporarily solution. I think it's a bad solution, all it does is stretching the time out when in reality the team that have been pushed back to mainbase have lost and are never able to make a come back. Enemies are always standing right outside this doom and butchering everyone that passes the line... It also let people camp with artillery inside the mainbase without being punished, which make no sense.
  4. I was wondering if it was possible to make tinted colored radius around the mainbase which would indicate that you are too close the enemy mainbase. If you walk within the that border they would get a warning or maybe blur the screen... It would be nice if it was set a default option to the radius that prevent players from trespassing, but also give the admin the option to increase/decrease radius around mainbase as they wish. The reason I suggest this is because there is always a few people that are trespassing and try to baserape. It would be easier for new players to understand this if this feature was added to the game instead of getting yelled by other players. As now their is no way to know this before someone tell you about it.
  5. Left handed view models

    I'm left handed myself. But I've the mouse in my right hand so i prefer the current setup.
  6. Cannot see ingame Skin options

    Stop trolling. He just said the skins are for those who bought SL founder edition and they are not tradeable.

    Shit! That's a messy desktop!
  8. Squad Ranks?

    Just give me the title "Sergeant of the master sergeants most important person of extreme sergeants to the max" and I will most likely be satisfied.
  9. In game founder weapon skin?

    You've to delete your config. File to get it back.
  10. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I run mine at 4,6Ghz with water cooling. I rarely reach up to 60' celcius.
  11. BTR

    Just played on the map Yoursick. I was the SL decided not to use Humwee. Only used a Logi Truck to make a FOB. We destroyed 3 BTR's in a short time. We had plenty of cover inside the village.
  12. Kicked for Refusing to Suicide

    I agree with you. Except with the tickets, a ticket bleed can be a bigger loss than a single life (Two tickets). It's better to sacrifice one life to prevent ticket bleed, than otherwise.
  13. Server is causing fatal error is a known bug. It happens on other maps too. A new hotfix was just released right now. Hopefully it will prevent this bug from occuring.
  14. squad leader only = shit squad leaders

    Yeah I love the new system. I just tell my squaddies to spawn in main when they die or ask SL for approval. No issues with that so far.