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  1. I love the two game modes, but unfortunately they aren't played enough! Due to this, I'll be setting up a server for the month of May to judge the player base response. The server will be running these two game mode 24 hours a day. I'll keep this updated!
  2. Nvidia RTX in Squad?

    I bought the black edition and then flashed the bios of it to a higher "power" operating card, so all the performance less of the cost
  3. Nvidia RTX in Squad?

    Older topic - so, but i think i'll let people know the performance difference, nothing technical here but... I play at a resolution of 3440x1440 - that's an ultra wide 2k resolution on a 100hz monitor. My 1080 handled both squad and PS at around 70-80 frames on LOW settings. - this was still enjoyable because of the higher resolution of the monitor. But I made the jump to a 2080 ti about a week ago. With I can now run both S - and PS at 100 Frames with completely maxed out settings at the same resolution of 3440x1440.. ( without super sampling ) For visualization purposes this demonstrates the pixel difference between the two formats. Now onto DLSS, in games with DLSS enabled v.s. Disabled I see a 40-60 % loss or increase in performance. This is important because DLSS IS NOT RAY TRACING... RT and DLSS are two separate technologies. If squad had DLSS were objectively talking about a performance difference between 100 frames and 150 depending on the resolution.
  4. maybe because some of us have "high end pc's" and also have "high end monitors" and currently there is no graphics option on the market which would allow us to play squad at a resolutions like 3440x1440p @ over 100 FPS /w out adjusting some of the settings lower. This has nothing to do with potato pc's and more to do with market / and the basic economics of the game... Case in point - shattered horizon [ its a game look it up] released specifically to tap into the gtx 480's when they released. On release of the gtx 480 the minimum system requirements for that game was... a gtx 480. The game had a very tiny following despite how amazing it was. - the visuals for that game are still amazing but it's dead and it's not even purchasable any more i don't think. - Seeing as squad is no where near as optimized as it eventually will be ( seeing as the engine it's built on is still in development ) making a high processing demand on the consumer would result in a low player-base, which would in turn result in a dead game... Also if you are playing at 1080p, you are playing on potato settings. If your monitor is only 1080p you have a potato monitor... Get something like a PG348Q with a higher res than 1080p if you want to be a Graphics snob.
  5. I took a quick look around, and didn't notice anyone discussing utilizing the current "squad" system and improvements for a mod that pays homage to the old days of rainbow 6 / and swat. ( Rogue spear/ Raven shield / SWAT 3 ) From my old testing on dedicated servers the clients were able to utilize quite a high tick rate on servers that remained below about 40 players. For the purpose of this mod I'd recommend 16 player servers for the game play. This would provide a REALLY responsive platform for CQC. With the asset and build system in play this would allow construction inside urban environments I.e. office buildings... bank environments etc... Setting of blow able barricades and even placing wire inside the buildings similar to other games. Realistically this would entail smaller more realistic maps, different weapon selections, modified interface, and possibly door actions ( remember when you could open and close doors - that used to be a thing )
  6. White Listed Server?

    I agree, that's why I'll be phasing in the population / keeping a balance between white listed members and community slots...
  7. Be an admin they said - it'll be fun they said...

    I deal with this on a daily basis. This child in general had an amazing kill streak going... Unfortunately it consisted entirely of his team mates. [10:59 PM] optic: WHAT ADMIN JUST BANNED ME FROM THE SQUAD SERVER [11:00 PM] optic: I FOUND THAT A LITTLE UNCALLED FOR [11:00 PM] optic: THAT BRUCE OAKS SPAWNS AT CASH STARTS SHOOTING AT US WHILE WE BUILDING SANDBAGS.. [11:00 PM] optic: I TURNED AROUND SHOT IN THE DIRECTON OF THE WHOLE HE WAS SHOOTING AT US FROM AND KILLED HIM... [11:01 PM] optic: AND HE WALKING ABOUR SWEARNG TELLING PEOPLE TO SHUT THE **** UP [11:03 PM] Sodrid: [11:03 PM] optic: so u banned another squad player wow< should talk to the devs and maybe have your license revoked.. [11:04 PM] optic: SO ITS LAGIT FOR A C*NT TO WALKI AROUND TELLING US TO SHUIT THE **** UP WHEN 2 OTHER PEOPLE ARE TALKING THEN HE SHOOTS US AND HE GETS KILLED AND HE RUNS TO HIS LITTLE GOD ADMIN BITCH SO HE CAN GET SOMEONE BANNED [11:04 PM] Sodrid: He is an admin [11:04 PM] optic: ADMIN YOUR A DUMM ****ING FHAT **** AND I HOPE YOU ROT IN LIVING HELL.... [11:05 PM] optic: THANK GOD MY GAMES ARE RECORDED I AM REPORTING YOU TO THE SQUAD DEVS [11:06 PM] optic: lets see if u still have a squad server license December 4, 2016 [2:02 AM] Virtue: lol. cool story bro [2:36 AM] Sodrid: OMFG VIRUTER YOUR GUNNA GET SO BANT BY THE SQUAD DEVS FOR ABUSSE OF POWER YOU MUST BA A DEMOCRATE LOVER I HOPE YOU CRY LIKE YYO MAID OPITIC CRY ASSHOEL!!!!! [3:47 PM] Virtue: omgerd I'm genna herk ur survur [3:47 PM] Virtue: cuz erm turgured
  8. Reworking the Deployables system?

    I would shoot myself in the foot if I had to fill Hesco with a shovel! Most people have never seen hesco in real life though, Most people probably don't realize they are just chain interlinked boxes filled with dirt lol.
  9. [INFIDEL]

    Yea we don't kick / ban people for that reason... We kick / ban for attitude / mass intentional tk's trolling ect. Visit idlgaming.com to view our server rules.
  10. White Listed Server?

    What's it called i checked the list, I don't see any servers with a reserve cap past what mine is set at
  11. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Hell ! lol if you could give me vive support !! that'd be legit! IF this game could play like onward... omg.
  12. White Listed Server?

    Big Question ! With a maintainable server population, What would the communities impression be towards a white listed server? As my server population has been maintaining a full player base @ 60 players with 72 slots and 12 set in reserve to ensure server performance above 50 tic. I've been lulling over the idea creating a white listing system for our player base. How I would implement this system? I would slowly roll out the white listed player population in chunks of 10, Effectively increasing the white list limit by each amount weekly as our player base grows. I would effectively leave X amount of space for non-community member players and slowly reduce the available community slots until it reaches the goal of just 10 community slots. For example: Week One: 50 community 10 reserve --> Week Two: 40 community 20 reserved --> Week Three: 30 community --> 30 reserved. The Goal? Well the goal would be to create a valuable player base that is recognizable where individual players come to know each other. Why? Back in the day, we used to typically pick our favorite servers and religiously play on them. We knew the admins, we knew almost all the players. It created a space and a real community I'd like to bring that back .
  13. Stay away from Vilayer!

    I've been with vilayer for quite some time. Everything you are saying... is either a 1 off or a load of shit. Vilayer was the only service that could offer us a 100 tic squad server. Secondly, Owner messages me like 3-4 times a week Just to see how the servers running. Let's break down the facts here 1. You bought the service off them. 2. Their customer service isn't giving a shit about your problems... 3. I am assuming you have received the server because you are having issues with it. 4. The issues you are having or have created most likely aren't their problem. 5. Try posting what the technical issue you are having on the squad forums is rather than slagging a VERY professional company because you are having a hissy fit.
  14. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Uhm Bro Yehirovka, has been effectively a war zone in the eastern Ukraine for the past 2 years, ever since the Ukrainian up rising. What are you asking for a red dawn map so you can pretend you're Patrick Swayze?
  15. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Start a war in california, you'll get your map.