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  1. January 2016

    Update looks pretty phenomenal, dudes. Been amazing seeing how far it's come since pre-Ranger. :)

    Be scared, Cardinal fans!! Most exciting year of baseball in a longggggg time for this Cub fan!
  3. Fear The Walking Dead! (TV show)

    I gave up after two episodes. I think I'll watch the rest in a row. The waiting a week made it boring. Stoked for TWD to come back!
  4. The American Football Thread!

    Guys. The Bears actually won a game.
  5. Let's talk Guinness

    I'd rather drink gasoline. Stella is where it's at.
  6. The American Football Thread!

    We did a lot better than the sports writers said we'd do. Maybe Thanksgiving will actually be competitive.
  7. New Word For "Immersion"

    Oh no. A thread created to get me drunk.
  8. The American Football Thread!

  9. Tom Clancy Bundle $9 average.

    Man, I played so much Ghost Recon back in the day..
  10. Music!

    My favorite favorite singer/songwriter duo dropped their debut album today! Check out the playlist of most of the songs here:
  11. Good! The more money, the better.
  12. August 2015 + Pax Prime Report

    "Soon" End of Sept. most likely.
  13. Buying new monitor need some advice

    I'd personally go 1440p IPS. Squad isn't a twitch shooter so 144hz isn't going to be THAT important. If you're looking to go pro CSGO, that's a different story. I'd much rather have the larger, brighter, more vibrant and deep color experience than waste money on something I'll only hit in certain games.
  14. Fear The Walking Dead! (TV show)

    Episode 2 wasn't that much more exciting IMO. This show isn't capturing me right off the bat like the original did. There were so many idiotic things that happened..