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  1. Lower the RPK-74 recoil

    The new recoil system is amazing but I have a feeling that RPK-74 much harder to control than the AK74. It seems to be actually closer to the AKM than the AK74 recoil wise, which is quite unrealistic as it's using the same round and is even heavier.
  2. AKM recoil

    I find it more controlable AND more effective than the M4 or an AK-74. I am picking AKM over AK-74 every time I can. Recoil feels same to me and damage is greater on the AKM. The only downside is the absence of scope. Truth is though that if AKM had realistic stats it would be pretty much useless... Here is a picture with wall patterns of both guns. The number next to it describes, how tall the pattern is (based on number of squares) It means that ratio between recoil of both guns is somewhere around 1,17 : 1,00. So recoil of AKM is roughly 1/6 stronger. Keep also in mind that AKM has lower rate of fire. If it's true that the AKM kills with two shots and AK-74 with tree you're getting 150% damage for 117% recoil... But yeah it's also true that AKM's pattern is slighly wider but not by much and it seems pretty much linear (to the right). It's possible that if I had AKM with grip I would get better results than with the AK-74. Now some real life facts: 7.62x39 energy - 2 100 J 5.45x39 energy - 1 300 J Already that indicates that recoil of the AKM should be 1.6 times bigger. Another thing is that the AK-74 uses better muzzlebreak so recoil difference is probably even bigger. By how much I can't tell though. Also are 5.45 ballistics WIP? It doesn't seem to have ANY bullet drop. With the AK-74M with scope I am hiting targets on 100m aiming with the top of the arrow and on 400m it's exactly the same. It's sights are always spot on.
  3. AKM recoil

    I tried full auto with both to the wall and and the bullet line was only 1/4 - 1/5 taller with the AKM. (It should be at least two times taller) Plus if you consider it shoots slower I even dare to say it's more controllable than the AK-74. Definitely more so than the M4. Also 7.62 has bad terminal ballistics and is not nearly as effective as 5.45. Is there any data sheet with stats of both guns?
  4. AKM recoil

    Hmm I did not notice. But if that is the case the difference is way too small.
  5. AKM recoil

    I apologize if it was already discussed on different thread but isn't an AKM's recoil a little bit.. off? I don't see any difference in recoil between AKM and AK-74. In real life the difference is big. 5.45x39 has a lot less energy + AK-74 has an effective muzzle break.