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  1. Turnout from Inside of Vehicle

    But this is still nice to have. Adding options are always welcome to me. But whats necessary was the vehicle turn out and turn in, which leads me to a disappointment since they haven't added it still on the current beta. If they have added animations for squad leads hands then im sure they can add animations for turn in and out. I would live without that squad lead hand gestures since it doesn't do anything but eye candy. Turn in and out composes of lots of uses and opportunities in battles. Examples: -Turn out greatly reduces nausea inside of tightly enclosed tanks. -Turn out increases your overall field of view than looking into a freaking itsy bitsy periscope -Turn in gives you cover and concealment. This is more effective with open roof vehicles such as the MRAP. So no more gunners being sniped too easily because they have no other option. For now these are the only suggestions that I can think of from the feature. But if that's not necessary enough then I dont think what is.
  2. But aren't epic store known for its exclusivities? Switching squad to epic means the exclusivity of the game right? Isn't that a bad thing for us. And isn't epic known for its spyware programs that intrudes delicate info to us consumers?
  3. What is even the point of transferring squad to epic store? How's this even a benefit to you as a consumer?
  4. Turnout from Inside of Vehicle

    Hey devs what gives? There were tons of updates to tanks from patch 13 including the seat slots outside of tanks. But why there's still no priority for this (vehicle turn out) feature? Post Scriptum had this a long time ago, but still nothing from the main game Squad? I think we all know this is a necessary feature for a milsim game like this.
  5. That's a good suggestion.
  6. Suppression system

    I like the new suppression feature. The first guy who replied already spoke facts which stated by the devs that they wanted to achieve in the first place.
  7. V12 performance

    It's due to GPU dropping at 0% at times. Im not sure why this happens, but squad is the only game that freezing happens to my PC. Maybe I'll try reinstalling it again and see if it fixes it. Then again, my GPU and CPU are not even using its full performance when playing squad and im only having 45 fps average. But heavy games such as War thunder and PUBG with hundreds of 3d models moving is not even a problem running 60 fps, but squad is.
  8. V12 performance

    Does anyone here also experience some random short freezes while playing? I never experienced this on V.11 and also to my other games as well. When I check my GPU performance graph, the gpu usage does these drop spikes that reaches to 0. It does this for once in every 2 to 3 minutes or so. I tested to other games that are heavy on both CPU and GPU, such as War Thunder and PUBG and haven't experience a single usage drop.
  9. I was skeptical with this before but then again, I realized that I played a lot of tactical battlefield (Arma 3 Server) before and it has the same revive system that anyone can revive a fallen soldier, and it works quite well to be honest. The reason why I think it's balanced is, Non medics are only limited to 2 bandages so don't expect non medics will use all it's bandages for fallen soldiers because "instinctly" they will save their only bandage for themselves. Another is the new ammo system on respawn, remember a soldier who dies when used all its bandages wont bring back the bandages when they spawn, so spawning on rally points wont be abused and wont see these waves and waves of soldiers coming from rally points. Last thing is Medics can fully heal soldiers, regain soldiers stamina, and have more bandages than non medic soldiers. So I guess medics ares still quite useful for this current build. What I wanted to see for squad is I hope they rework the revive animation system. I just wanted to see medics have the animation of tending the wounded, and also I want to see dragging bodies!
  10. V12 performance

    16GB Ram here
  11. V12 performance

    V12 performance is much worse, they really need to fix this. My PC is not even utilizing it's full usage, GPU/CPU wise and I'm only having an average of 45 fps.
  12. V12 Revive System Suggestion

    Hmm. This is embarrassing, now my post wont have any much impact now. Looks like I underestimate how seconds work lol. It's actually 13 seconds for non medics when I timed it. Thing is, the revive timer still just feels too fast for me. My last proposal would be 20 seconds for non medics. and 10 to 15 seconds for medics.
  13. So if the game is going on the path of "everyone can revive" a downed man. Can we at least make the bandaging (I'm aware the dev's made it longer) even longer? I guess 15 seconds for non medics would be enough? And 8 to 10 seconds for field medics. My purpose is not actually for realism (apart of it is), but this is about to balance the pace of gun fights from the last patch. Before the patch, it is a huge struggle when you die. You have to wait for medics to get you up and rally point re-spawns are limited to 9, unlike the wave respawn in v12. So what I like about the system before is, it changes how gun fights work. Players are much needed to be more careful in the field, and firefights don't last too long in non-FOB areas. So im not really against to the "anyone can revive" I actually like it. Just make the revive timer longer so it balances out how firefights work from the previous build. Because right now, revive systems are too easy and overpowered.
  14. please do not release this patch

    1)Still feels the same for me. 2)Was actually nice the devs are still working on suppression system. But was the effect too much? Yes. Was it a step back from the previous build? Heck no. I actually like how suppression can now affect your aiming, but I was hoping that could be changed as aim twitch instead of an aim sway. Aim sway when suppressed just feels underwhelming for me. 3)Kind of skeptical with this change too. But I think this adds proper planning for the player as well 4)Love this update. Now HAB's aren't like impenetrable HQ military bases anymore. If a HAB is surrounded, it shouldn't get reinforcements that quick. They should defend with what they only have in that given time frame when being in contact with enemies. 5) M4 sounds are quite a bit low quality for me.

    Lol starship troopers mod. are the bugs AI?