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  1. @Burningbeard80 I couldn't have said that any better, thank you for your very detailed opinion about the hierarchy system. That's what I also like about PS, they did a very good job on maintaining a good warfare pace and realistic penalties. I also didn't like the infinite revive when you die in squad, but I'm ok with anyone with a bandage can revive a downed man because this helps the pace of the warfare keeps on running. PS however did a better job for the respawn system, if you got head shotted you die and respawn, when you die from bleeding or got hit below the head, you die but still can be revived, but the next time you get shot anywhere the body you instantly die and respawn. For me that's more authentic. But for the buddy rally. I think i can let this feature slide since it benefits a lot for the team. I've seen a lot of squad leads just rage quits because the whole squad got ambushed with no transports and back up rally or hab nearby. I think the old system where you cant buddy spawn is way too unforgiving for players who just want to have a casual run, and it's also too boring to wait for respawning transports.
  2. This one is actually far more complicated than I had suggested.
  3. Have you played Post Scriptum? Having those commander abilities are not that simple like you see in COD and Battlefield 4. Post Scriptum's off map abilities requires to be near functioning Forward Operating Bases. Not just that, in order to call out air strikes a commander must have a radio tent built near the FOB. Aftrer calling in an air strike there are cooldowns, and you will wait for an amount of time to call in another. Just what like Hotpokkaminny said there are pros and cons to this. I just suggested a very rough framework of what Post Scriptum implemented on their squad system, and it's up to community and especially the devs (if only they consider this) on how they can make this system work perfectly in Squad.
  4. I'm not trying to "pretend" to simulate reality mate. There's ARMA for that. "Fun" is a subjective term, what if it's fun for other people to role play like the ones I suggested above? Yeah I also feel you, this might make the game too hardcore for newbies, but this might make the whole team to cooperate more and and focus on their roles as well.
  5. That's exactly what I was referring to. But 45 mins? that's too long, the match would almost end just by waiting for the next off map support. Atleast give the commander 4 to 6 times to call in off map in a match. Atleast that would make the commander class a bit fun to play as I understand, 4 members might not be enough for this job to work properly. But I think 2 squads in a team would also be enough for this, if we increased squad members. As I said before, logi squads should be dedicated to do their own thing. This squad shouldn't waste time on other things other than building FOB's, Supplies, Defenses, and Mortar Support. But still, I'm open for objections. Like I said on the Infantry section, "they can use IFV's but debatable". I guess this is a bad idea, but I just don't want to see combat engineers wandering around the map alone. I wanted to see combat engineers like a small unit working together instead of lone wolfing on the map. I wanted to see them having more complicated kits such as minesweepers or drone mine sweepers and requires at least 2 to 3 members to build or dig up mines and stuff. But yeah I think this suggestion is too much work, and slightly off topic so moving on. In addition, I don't want to elaborate in very specific terms (even though I was too specific on squad member counts lol) because I wanted to see how others would say about the topic, and I also wanted to know what can be changed through my suggestions. Edit: Oh shit, the website screwed up my post so I have to re edit it all over again
  6. Front Line Game Mode

    yes please! This would also be perfect for Post Scriptum.
  7. Ok, title is a bit vague here. What I meant is what if Squad copies the hierarchy system in Post Scriptum? There will be exclusive slots for different types of roles such as Commander, Infantry, Logistics, and Armor/Crewman when creating a squad. Example with this system: -A commander is in charge of commanding all squad leaders in the team, he might also get a perk for off map abilities such as off map close air support or a drone strike. -Infantry will be the traditional leg infantry but will only have limited access to Transport trucks, or maybe (debatable) IFV's -Logistics, it's quite self explanatory, these guys only have access to logi trucks and their priority in the match is to build FOB's, Constructions, and supplying FOB's. Atleast 2 squads in a team and 4 members -Armor. Obviously they have access to the toys for the big boys. Limited to 4 squads in a team and 3 to 4 members. -Combat Engineers. I just think engineers are too accessible in every squad, so i think giving them an exclusive role and limiting the numbers to 2 squads and 2 to 3 members only So do you think this would make the gameplay more organized where squads will actually perform as what they were suppose to do? Or will this negatively affect the traditional gameplay of Squad?
  8. Things we like about v13

    I don't have any dislikes on v13 patch. But there are features that I hoped that should have added in V13
  9. ticket count in AAS too high

    I want a 500 ticket round. 300 tik rounds are too damn fast. After playing alot of Post Scriptum, I keep on hoping for an increased tickets for Squad just like in PS
  10. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    I'll take back what I said earlier. V13 running speed just feels right.
  11. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    The running speed is ridiculously fast, that I'm having a flash back from Battlefield 3.
  12. Yeah that's what I thought so too. I think people are just sensationalizing the topic. Maybe people got paranoid because of the chinese company share holder of epic.
  13. Gun Sounds

    @Kyroo You need cotton buds?
  14. Turnout from Inside of Vehicle

    But this is still nice to have. Adding options are always welcome to me. But whats necessary was the vehicle turn out and turn in, which leads me to a disappointment since they haven't added it still on the current beta. If they have added animations for squad leads hands then im sure they can add animations for turn in and out. I would live without that squad lead hand gestures since it doesn't do anything but eye candy. Turn in and out composes of lots of uses and opportunities in battles. Examples: -Turn out greatly reduces nausea inside of tightly enclosed tanks. -Turn out increases your overall field of view than looking into a freaking itsy bitsy periscope -Turn in gives you cover and concealment. This is more effective with open roof vehicles such as the MRAP. So no more gunners being sniped too easily because they have no other option. For now these are the only suggestions that I can think of from the feature. But if that's not necessary enough then I dont think what is.
  15. But aren't epic store known for its exclusivities? Switching squad to epic means the exclusivity of the game right? Isn't that a bad thing for us. And isn't epic known for its spyware programs that intrudes delicate info to us consumers?