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  1. Garensterz's Intense Squad Videos

    Just posted some fresh videos.
  2. Garensterz's Intense Squad Videos

    I'm currently using a GTX 1070 Palit. However I'm not really impressed with my frame rate since I think my CPU is a bottleneck which is an (really old CPU) i7 2600 only. If you're curious with my settings I'm only set into High preset. I just made a few visual editing in Adobe to make the video a bit cinematic.
  3. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    This guy (the one leading the squad). The dude might not be the serious type SL, but I liked his passion of building fortresses lol. And he's really fun to play with as a squad leader.
  4. Garensterz's Intense Squad Videos

    Hi guys I just want to share my compilation of Squad snippets on an intense situations. Hope you guys will find it entertaining.
  5. I don't know if it's just me, I think the sprint animation looks weird and broken (visually). When I'm looking someone sprint in multiplayer it looks broken and unfinished, it doesn't look like the one's where the devs showed on their video animation update. So does anyone here also sees this?
  6. Al Basrah Night - Let the Chaos Begin

    Hell Yes!!! But I hope they would add a moonlight so it wouldn't be all black when playing on the map.
  7. Insurgency devs view Squad as competitive threat.

    I came from ARMA, the only reason I keep on playing squad is because of how the player base are all in tact and not separated. The opposite goes to ARMA, it's player base are all scattered everywhere because of mods, which is why it's hard to get a decent server with plenty of players to be amused.
  8. GPU or CPU problem?

    Don't know what the other guys are talking about, but your GPU surely is not the problem here. GTX 780 is a beast compared to my 960. Mine can go on averaging 40 fps without multi sampling and AA, and I'm sure yours could perform better. There can be multiple problems here: 1. Poorly Optimized Game 2.CPU deficiency (Should not go to 100% when running games) 3.Outdated GPU drivers 4.Random GPU performance dipping (cause of freezing) 5.RAM deficiency (cause of freezing) But I'm leaning more towards on your CPU here which is causing your low fps on squad. It's bottlenecking your GPU.
  9. Thanks for this mate! I don't even know how I even surpassed that option.
  10. Squad "Squad" suggestions

    I really liked the VOIP indicator thing. Hopefully it gets added.
  11. Actually I think it's better if it remains 2x, but it just needs to be pressed really fast (like 50 - 70 milliseconds) to actually trigger the code to auto walk. This is how ARMA does it and haven't got any problems on accidentally using the autowalk ever since. The problem with Squad is, the time for pressing the auto walk is too slow (guessing 1 - 1.5s apart) it is more likely you will trigger the code unintentionally. So yes, this issue needs to be checked and resolved.
  12. -New Animations (Weapon Handling, Recoil, Free Look, Vaulting, Body Drag,) -Tanks - Air Vehicles PLS!
  13. Request Auto Walk/Sprint In Controls

    In all seriousness, I've been hoping for an auto walk to be added ever since I got this game. The game focuses on long distance walking and holding the "W" button is sometimes (admit it) exhausting, especially me with a minor carpal tunnel syndrome. So yes, I absolutely agree with you that auto walk should be in the game. Adding it is not that big of a deal, and it's not that game breaking either. Chill guys, you act like the OP is referring to an auto aim feature however it's just an "auto walk".
  14. Cooking grenades

    Not sure how to explain this in depth but, have you tried playing COD and battlefield where every player there cooks grenades on tight areas such alleys, corners, and rooms and get easy-instant kills? That what I was intending to avoid, the game to become a fast paced spree killing game. Nades here already has a big enough explosion radius to incapacitate a whole squad within 15 - 20 meters, allowing it to cook would be too easy in my opinion. So I'll just stick into the current feature we have, where throwing grenades is more tactical and challenging.
  15. Cooking grenades

    Not sure on this idea. It is realistic, but i think it might get too exploited too much and affect the pace of the game. 50/50 here.