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  1. Server error

    Ok, I'll let you know.
  2. Server error

    Before I check, what do you mean with "both the machines"? You mean both the virtual machines I have or both physical and virtual machines? 'couse the physical is in france (and I'm not in France). And you want to know the public ip or the private ip?
  3. Server error

    Using a virtal machine because I'm sharing it with a Squad's clan.
  4. Server error

    I have a physical server in France, the server for Squad is in a Virtual machine.
  5. Server error

    Thanks Nordic ;D Now, with your BAT, the two error in red are gone. But now, every time I try to start, I have those warnings and the server doesn't go up. Those are the contents of maprotation.cfg :
  6. Server error

    The BAT is this: bat: start SquadServer.exe MULTIHOME= Port=7700 QueryPort=27175 -log using those ports and not the default ports 'couse I have an other server using them. Instead of maplist.cfg I have the map rotation file, is the same?
  7. Server error

    Hi guys, could someone help me solving those errors? When I try to load my server I have those errors and the server doesn't appear on the server browser list in the game. Thanks in advance for the help!
  8. Troubles with the Server

    @Odin Ok, what's your nick on Discord?
  9. Troubles with the Server

    Thanks, I can try but don't think that will work.
  10. Troubles with the Server

    Hi guys! I'm having troubles for a while with a physical machine I own. It's installed in it a virtual machine that I used as a server for Squad (I have the licence for this and it should be part of the category server browsers). I can't understand why the machine is not up. I tested all the configurations decribed in the posts of the Squad's forum. But this didn't help. I attach below the log files of the machine. Thanks in advance.