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  1. Since last two updates 9 and hotfix, my screen is very dark in game, adjusting gamma makes a temp difference when you apply setting but going back to game it reverts to dark. its too dark to play even on daylight maps. altering vsync etc makes no difference. default is set to epiuc but I have truned dwon shawdows and effects as dont need them to epic. gtx970, latest drivers on windows 10 pro... all other games fine.
  2. give medic bandages

    When no ammo boxes or re supply possible, all class should have the ability to give medics thier bandages.. to resupply using thier kit. give the medic the best optic on their weapon, might make people play that class more
  3. More Stances - (ARMA3 style)

    insurgency has a nice lean up when you come to a low wall, right click and body and scope moves just over the wall/ object. at the moment the lean is too severe, we need a half lean, perhaps single click and full lean double tap and a head lean just like amra3