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  1. Missing fast pace game :(

    Squad used to have 0 vehicles. So it was even more slow paced. Haha
  2. New from east coast USA

    Welcome to squad!
  3. What's your favorite Server in SQUAD?

    Yeah I hear that Desmo's Playground just recently got a 80 slot NY server and a stellar admin presence.
  4. SQUAD, we have a problem

    Insightful. Unfortunately while I am relatively new to the game but have 200 hours (Still a bit lost at times) I know enough to help out and try to squad lead from time to time. I am also pretty guilty of this but it is imperative as a small community to pull together and try to help the new guys out. What I won't help is an arrogant SL with <100 hours that doesn't want your advice because he comes from another MILSIM game or plays MILSIM airsoft irl. Some of us might have a chip on our shoulder but I agree we have to be more receiving towards the new guys in order for this community to thrive and grow. Great post!