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  1. Missing fast pace game :(

    Squad used to have 0 vehicles. So it was even more slow paced. Haha
  2. New from east coast USA

    Welcome to squad!
  3. Desmo's Playground Servers

    Unfortunate to hear you wont give our server a try! As an admin team we try to be as active and swift with resolving toxic players who do not create a good Squad game play environment. Most bans are reviewed to ensure our actions were justified. As mentioned above our admin team tries to be as active as we can be and if there is any time there is an issue on the server we try to resolve it immediately. Do we ban people everyday? Absolutely.. Every day we get people teamkilling in spawn or using racial slurs and I don't know about you but there is no room for that sort of stuff in our community. We try to keep it clean/fair and a friendly environment. I hope you will change your mind and give us a try someday! Merry Christmas!
  4. What's your favorite Server in SQUAD?

    Yeah I hear that Desmo's Playground just recently got a 80 slot NY server and a stellar admin presence.
  5. SQUAD, we have a problem

    Insightful. Unfortunately while I am relatively new to the game but have 200 hours (Still a bit lost at times) I know enough to help out and try to squad lead from time to time. I am also pretty guilty of this but it is imperative as a small community to pull together and try to help the new guys out. What I won't help is an arrogant SL with <100 hours that doesn't want your advice because he comes from another MILSIM game or plays MILSIM airsoft irl. Some of us might have a chip on our shoulder but I agree we have to be more receiving towards the new guys in order for this community to thrive and grow. Great post!