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  1. March 2015

    I'm excited to get me and my fellow Ramen Packets together to conquer each server with our Ramen Platoon. Really, really excited for this game.
  2. "Squad is an online, team-based military experience where high levels of teamwork and communication are crucial to success." To enforce this quote, there should be a reputation system, for example, if you don't follow orders from your Platoon or Squad leader you get negative reputation. Leaders on your team can down-vote you or up-vote you based on how you are acting or playing. People with low reputation can be often not-trusted or even kicked from most servers, because of this there could be certain servers that allow untrusted players, or don't allow, this will limit the amount of Lone Wolfs and poor team work habits. Though I can see how this can be abused, for example if a higher rank on your team down-votes you to Troll you and or has a grudge against you, BUT because of the mutiny system in the mod Project Reality 2, you can kick out a bad leader, and to add to that there can be a team validation system, a player in your squad/team can inform a Squad leader or the Squad leader himself can start a vote, all members of the accused player's squad will disagree or agree on the accusers statement. Here's the link to the concept: http://prntscr.com/6rapm8 Please add onto this Suggestion if you'd like.