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  1. I think a lot of people are making the wrong argument. It is not that we need rallies per say, we need a squad specific spawn mechanic. As is there is only two spawn mechanics in the game and both of them are things the whole team can spawn on. There is no reason to have two team spawn mechanics and no squad spawn mechanic. I don't care if it is done differently than in Squad but there needs to be a squad spawn mechanic that only the squad can spawn on. Rallies just make the most sense and are the tried and true way of doing it, however, I am not opposed to them trying different squad spawn mechanics. Squad spawns encourage squad play, even the selfish player will choose the squad spawn because it is generally closer to battle. Team spawns should be for deploying after a squad gets wiped, not as a general means of spawning. Squad seems to be built in a way that it encourages playing as a team even for those that would generally choose not to. Post Scriptum does not have mechanics themselves that promote squad play and it relies entirely on the players. In Squad it is the same to some degree but like I said it has mechanics that promote playing as a squad. In something as chaotic as war and battle things need to be in place to promote organization. Squad spawn points are the fastest way of reorganizing. The people that built Squad have been working on this type of game for so long and put so much thought into how it should work. It is kind of sad to see some people come in, put in a little thought comparative, and think it will work just as good.
  2. [FFO] Objective Based AAS | Dallas, Texas

    Yea I have a problem with your server and the clan for that matter. I have been disrespected and talked down to by many of your admins. I have seen your admins abuse admin abilities to kick other squads out of vehicles they wanted, and now I'm banned from the server for telling one of your admins to **** off after he was being a smart ass. He made a squad saying don't join admin viewing or something along those lines. I was not looking at the squad name and just joined as soon as he made it assuming he was a good squad lead if he was from the server. Then he goes loco can you not read being a ***. So, I left the squad and told him to #### off for being a smart### and he kicked me several times then banned me... There is no other server I've been in on this game to where the admins are so negative and #### you like to the people playing on the server. So your admin can be a total ass and if I say something back I get banned. I could understand if I was being obnoxious out of nowhere; however, he started the #### and did not like what I had to say back to him. This overall looks bad on your clan and server.