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  1. Hi guys, Since the release of Alpha 9 I have not been able to do join server/play a lot of the game. No idea why this is occurring, as I seem to be one of few having this issue. Basically what happens is when I go to join server it doesnt load me onto the sevrer goes black screen for about 1-2 seconds then puts me back to the menu, giving no information (server full etc). I have looked to see if anyone has the same problem and have seen a discussion on Steam, but zero solutions so far. I was able to play on a French server but that was all. If you guys have any recomendations to try fix this I would be more than happy to try them out. Cheers, Jamayy
  2. Hi there, It has been a couple of weeks since the release of the big update, ever since that update I have been unable to play/experience the new optimisation due to a horrible and irritating sound bug. Basically my sound cuts out in game as soon as someone uses radio chat, before audio cuts out it makes a loud "pop" noise before cutting out. There is no sound at all after this and I have no option but to close the game. I have done all possible fixes that I am aware of and yet none of them are working? -Changed usb slot -Uninstalled the game and reinstalled -verified game -deleted squad folder after reinstall and many more! If anyone has any idea why this is or how to fix the issue please reply. Thanks a lot!
  3. Nothing fixed it tried now for the last couple of days, it's really starting to bug me tbh lol I'll just wait to see if they fix it, game ran perfect before this update!
  4. Tried all these things again as soon as radio is used audio cuts out it is not a faulty headset as it is fine in other games, just not squad
  5. I doubt it would have anything to do with my specs, if anything is wrong its either a port or the headset. 1060 gpu i7 4770k cpu 600w power supply 2tb hard drive 16gb Ram and Razer Krakens I'll reinstall it see if that works!
  6. Hi guys I have seen people complain about this in the past, whenever I load into a game and join any squad, my audio cuts out as soon as I here VOIP, so far over the squad radio! Before cutting out it makes a pop sound almost as if something has triggered it to cut out, the pop sound is loud. After this I here zero sound whilst in game! I was hyped about this update but so far I have not even played or experienced a single second of it due to this bug. Anyone have any suggestions on how this can be fixed? Also my fps is now super low compared to what it used to be, thought this update would have given me slightly more if not the same fps! Cheers