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  1. Serious clans

    You could always watch the matches here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM30lEDvPxTu3oRLWINb9OQ/videos and see which groups use of tactics/use of comms tickles your fancy.
  2. Classes you will never see

    An embedded journalist and cameraman.
  3. Treat medics better, they're there to help

    I always tell the other members to patch each other as it makes the medics life easier and you get guns back into the fight quicker. People shouldn't be precious with their bandages as what goes round comes around. If they are worried of being without a bandage when bleeding then they have probably strayed too far from the squad! Also, I think the score screen at the end should have a symbol next to the medics to show that their K/D doesn't represent someone that gives up/had a bad game...as a medics K/D is usually higher on the deaths than on kills. Respect the medics as they can win the game for you.
  4. Tanks and bomb cars

    You need to think of this the other way round, as the driver of said CROW/tank. You know there are IEDs somewhere so your movement is now cautious. IED...job done.