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  1. Friend refunded the game through Steam... game was unplayable for him
  2. Hello , My friend have this problem - When he try to fire , he need to click left mouse/touchpad button for like 3-4 times to get one shot or weapon is firing with big delay (2-4 sec after click). After he switched to automatic mode , after one click on left mouse button/touchpad gun started firing in bursts not in fully automatic mode. He is playing on notebook with external USB mouse but touchpad doing same thing... Game for him is unplayable , can anybody help him to solve this problem ? * ( i think is not related to FPS - around 40 on 60 players server ). This not happens in other games , not hardware related too. Tried in firing range (SP) , other servers did not solved problem. * I tried to search this problem on forum but can't find any fix for this
  3. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Any boost on AMD FX-8350 ?