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  1. Game Modes with Realistic Objectives

    It's a good idea for sure. Personally I would love to see a mission editor tool created which would allow for more focused missions and game play. Imagine if you will a match where the US is tasked with taking over an insurgent controlled mountain top. Insurgents spawn there and thus have time to construct defenses using the FOB systems. This would make for some great focused combat in my opinion. I know this already exists to a certain degree but it would be cool to see matches which are focused around this type of play. Alternatively imagine that the US or Russia were tasked with controlling a roadside checkpoint or small military base. The objective for the insurgents/militia would be to cause a certain number of casualties to the conventional forces. This would be fairly realistic for an real life insurgency - insurgents can't easily capture an entire base etc but they disrupt and make life difficult.
  2. Mod Idea

    So this was an idea I thought about when I first played squad way back when. I'm a big fan of the idea of police based games (think cops and robbers but realistic) which has police having to use tactics and obey procedures to a degree. The idea of using squad to create a police operations type of game where police are required to respond to various scenarios could be really cool. Further, imagine if the objectives were player driven rather than scripted. In my mind this would play out like this - three teams (police, crooks and civvi's) placed in an urban map. Civvi's task would be to generally go about and role play normal people. Meanwhile police will go and conduct patrols etc and do general duties work. Finally the crooks have a series of possible objectives they could complete (rob a bank, stick up a petrol station, drug deal etc) but these are completely optional. Alternatively the crooks role play as terrorists and just take hostages or something else that came to mind. The police would then be required to respond and resolve the situation (kill the crooks, negotiate a resolution etc). Obviously this would be a role lay based mod which would need strong admins to guide and control it but I think in an organised clan something like this could be really cool. Also single life like squad ops to encourage smart gameplay. I'm not a modder but I was just curious what people thought about this idea.
  3. Civilian AI

    Something I would love to see implemented into this game would be the addition of civvi AI which would have an impact on the game. The way I envision it would work would be that civvi's populate built up areas as well as a few wandering around the rest of the map. Civvi's would respond to gun fire by moving away from it and then return to their original positions/ activities once the fighting has moved on. The whole purpose of having civvi's populate the map is that they would respond to the actions of each team. As an example if your team were to kill a couple of civvis the other team would then be giving an intel package - give away a squads position for 2 minutes or maybe the position of a FOB/RP maybe. Also this could work well if you say occupied someone's house that would also incur a penalty. I think this system would add an extra layer to the game and force squaddies to think about dropping FOB's etc. What do people think? PS. I don't know if someone has raise this idea already, sorry if they have. Also I acknowledge that this would probably put way to much strain on servers and people's rigs.
  4. The Weapons Thread!

    I feel like they just used your post as a guide for a decent amount of what they have done since you posted this.
  5. I would love to see some ability to designate the role of each squad and have it effect the resources that squad accesses (think heavy weapons squad - they get a mortar and a decent mg etc). Hopefully this would induce squads on a team to think about what they want everyone to do beyond attack of defend.