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  1. Players are currently getting -18 billion score, not sure what the bug is yet...
  2. General Player Clipping Bugs

    Just move the doge down abit so he is facing out of the concrete and you have everything summarized my friend. Good joke top kek much lol
  3. Not sure if this was mentioned, If you make a FOB inside of Bunker and your SL places down an HMG, once dismounted you are teleported above the tunnel. This allows for game breaking things to unfold.
  4. General Player Clipping Bugs

    This is more than an Individual map my friend, I'm sure I can go to every hedge row, etc in the squad. Ex: Out of the wall Inside the wall, can shoot through as well.
  5. Hello Everyone, I have had prior experience in playing the battlefield mod Project Reality and after hearing about this game I was really excited for it. I love the development path and the road map in which the devs have planned out. There have been a few major bugs I have seen on general world models and FOB placed entities which allows players to clip their models through the objects, which is basically exploiting from being seen or shot. This is a must fix issue as players I have played with for years in other FPS games have been turned away by confrontations of these exploits. There needs to be something done to not allow first person camera, or even the whole player to be clipped into objects. That is all, Purple