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  1. I dont know if they are even on here figured they would be. Was curious if you could unban my friend you banned 2 nights ago? He threw a grenade it had a bad bounce on a window and flew back and hit a squad running by first fratricide hes ever done, but because it was like 8 guys it was a auto ban. You guys are the best server in our area seriously.....like 28 ping next closest is over 100. atleast talk to me and tell me what he can do ha i dont think its a perma ban but it was past 24hrs and he still couldnt join. I mean even everyone he killed said it was obviously an accident and just a bad bounce. lol plus he had revived all of them like 4 or 5 times by this point so i guess they had no reason to complain. Just wanted to get some insight on what i could do or he could do to get him unbanned thank you or anyone else who comments on this much appreciated.