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  1. People don't care about tactics, teamwork, comms, specific roles etc. because the mechanics that forces players to care and think about these aspects are removed or completely watered down. Squad is currently an empty shell of what it used to be, this effected the playerbase and the overall experience people have and how players play the game. Cause and effect. You cant bring back the comms and teamwork without bringing back the ‘old mechanics’. Best thing is to hope for talented modders or the slim chance that the devs will see the light.
  2. Limiting the Range of the Communication Channels

    @Geebus I didn't miss your point mate, just think you're completely wrong. Back in the good old days, the Squad experience was brutal, challenging, unforgiving, dynamic and required constant teamwork and communication. People had to learn to be an SL, medic, driver etc., those who mastered a skillset made a difference in firefights and in the overall match. You had to learn to communicate (how, what, when), you had to learn basic principles of movements, tactics, rules of engagements, the value of roles and assets and how to used all this in battles to win the game. Your argument is that all this meat and layers create worse games for all because some people don't understand it. I quote you: My argument is that the opposite is true based on the casualization cycle we have been on for a while, and my question to you still stands; How will the casual player or new player ever understand the many aspects and layers that Squad used to have if you cut it out of the game? If you cut it out of the game they will never learn it and never experience the true old Squad experience. We have been on this casualization path for a while now. The use of tactics is down. The use of comms is down. The teamwork is down. The team cohesion between squads is down. Squads are often on their own little islands doing their own thing. The importance of SL's is reduced to pooping out spawn points. Medics have been reduced to nothing. Take the medic role out of Squad and nothing changes other than not getting full health back till you die. There is no need to learn a skillset and if you have a skillset it won't have a real impact anymore. etc. etc. As a result, the overall experience took a nosedive into the ground and resulted in worse matches for all. Yes, Squad had many layers and a learning curve for each layer. You could figure out the basic principles in a matter of days, if you were open to it and willing to learn. People who didn't care about learning all the aspects of Squad and just wanted to shoot people and blow shit up still don't care about it today. The casualization of Squad only managed to rob players of the experience they fell in love with and got them hooked to Squad for years and preventing new players from ever experiencing the true Squad soul.
  3. Limiting the Range of the Communication Channels

    @Geebus That makes no sense at all. How does the increased number of casual players validate alienating the old core player base and take away from them what hooked them in Squad for years and preventing new players from ever learning, understanding and experiencing what made Squad an amazing game. Arma and PR survived for so long because they kept scratching the itch of the core player base and hooked new players in the process. These are the type of players that will keep the game going for years. Casuals usually dont get so invested in a specific game because they arent that type of gamer or dont have the time for it and can easily switch to another game that hit their radar. What will stop the player base from falling onto a downwards spiral when the casuals leave and the core player base no longer get their itch scratched? Games like this don’t come around too often so its important to speak out against the casualization.
  4. Limiting the Range of the Communication Channels

    You don't need to overhaul the comms for that. Back in the day, everything mattered and the stakes were high. Spawns used to be limited, which made medics important and forced Squads to think about their movement, spawn placements, rule of engagements and so on. With limited spawn and the unforgiving and punishing nature that Squad used to have forced people to learn the game and its roles, it forced players to think about every action such as movement, fire discipline, spawn locations. Because everything matters and the stakes were high, communication was made extremely important. The problem isn't the comms system. It is working fine. The problem is that all the high stakes are gone. The punishing nature of Squad is gone. This resulted in people no longer think about their actions and care about tactics, movement, spawn placements and the comms within and between squads took a massive hit because of it.
  5. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    Give RP's the old max 9 spawns and people will stop giving up so easily and it would make medics an important and valuable role like it should be.
  6. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Back in the day, Squad was far more engaging, thrilling, unforgiving and punishing those who made mistakes. The game forced players to think about their actions, where to move to, when to move, how to get there, when to shoot and so on. Each aspect of the game, separated the man from the boys and the skilled from the unskilled. It allowed people to excel in certain aspects of the game and give them a sense of pride. One example would be vehicle drivers. In the good old days' players needed to learn how to drive in Squad. How to steer, when to steer, how fast you can safely go, when to brake, how to drive with your map open, how to navigate the many rocks, trees, and other obstacles. How to reverse your way out of trouble on the small roads of Chora. Why? Well because the smallest mistake could cost your team dearly. Mistakes used to be costly and forced people to improve their skillset. I have spent so many hours learning to drive, pushing the limited and finding that right balance between speed and safety. Kept repeating routes till i knew all the rocks, bumps, trees and the right angles. Then comes the day of the clan vs clan match, the entire deployment plan lies on your shoulders. Sweaty hands, raging heartbeat, a vehicle full of clan mates who will rip you apart and remind you of your mistakes till the end of times. Bam, you nailed it. The excitement, joy, and relief is almost as good as that three-letter word. That is what Squad used to be, and has to become again. If a bug disables the medic role completely it wouldn't be game-breaking, or completely change the game. You couldn't get full health back but it wouldn't matter too much. Medics used to be of vital importance. They were respected and looked after. Nowadays medics are medics by name not by role. With the spawn limitation, medics had a real impact on the game. Medics were high-value targets for the enemy, reviving players and dying as medic had real consequences. This meant you had to learn to become a good, effective medic and its specific playstyle. Medics made a real difference and could change the outcome of a battle. Nowadays nobody cares, no one cares about movement, tactics, fire discipline, rules of engagement and so on. The casualization of Squad has taken out so much of what used to make Squad an amazing game. So much of the game that used to give players a sense of pride and accomplishment (Not the EA type) has been dulled down. The game used to be brutal, unforgiving and punishing, which resulted in more dynamic games and unpredictable outcomes because mistakes tipped the balance of the games. Squad used to be a thrilling, unforgiving, brutal roller coaster, where you needed to learn how to perform the roles and rounds full of impactful events that changed the course of the round. Instead of being that awesome addictive roller coaster, nowadays its more a merry go round. I miss those old days. Make the gameplay slower, reintroduce the instadeath(dead-dead), reintroduce rally spawn limits, remove revive ability from non-medics, and remove the awful vehicle flipping mechanic to start with.