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  1. Bundeswehr Mod

    Squad, meet the MG 3. The Bundeswehr Mod people actually took a break from belittleing random people on the internet and whipped together a little something for you. It'll come in two variants: First and foremost, the iconic, bog standard variant some of you might have had to spend some time with somewhere at some point during your time with the armed forces, with all the crappy ergonomics and sharp edges on the feed tray cover and whateverticklesyourfancy. And then there's the variant with picatinny rails. Yes, you got that right, we took a perfectly fine machine gun and slapped rails on it! Why? Because we can and because the real Bundeswehr did as well (For a limited number of MG 3 in any case. They called it Ergänzungssatz Optik/Optronik if you'd like to look it up. That's not the KWS variant you'll find pictures of on Google and stuff and No, we won't be doing that. Ever. Because Bundeswehr doesn't use that and it's ugly beyond comprehension). You'll have the option to attach the sighting device of your choice to a rail sitting right ontop the belt feed tray and because that's not enough of an abomination we took another rail and slapped it to the side for you to mount a laser module, or a torch, or your iPhone to it. Horrible innit? Anyways, expect this to be part of the download when Bundeswehr Mod for Squad finally drops at an undisclosed date in the future. Honest, we too have no idea when that'll be. Coming soonish® to your favourite shooter game. That'd be either ArmA or Squad. Up to you. TL;DR: BWmod did a thing. It'll come to Squad at some point.
  2. Bundeswehr Mod

    Because some folks seemingly can't be arsed to read the whole thread before they jump to conclusions. To elaborate on this: The M92 kevlar helmet has been a part of the ArmA 3 BWmod for a number of releases now, the MG3 was just unveiled as part of the next update today and as far as the G36A1 is concerned... well, at some point, the G36 in our mod will have to be updated to work with Squad. So there you have it. We can support you if you elect to do your own Bundeswehr-themed mod or even release your work as part of the mod if you wish so. But please understand that we have our own agenda of what to work on and when to do it. And please understand that we don't have the time and manpower to do all the things that people wish to see in the Bundeswehr mod. And finally, please refrain from distributing your opinion as fact when it is clearly misinformed and wrong.
  3. Bundeswehr Mod

    Key parts emphasised by humble me.
  4. Bundeswehr Mod

    There's nothing new to show at this time. Sorry.
  5. Bundeswehr Mod

    I'll let our coders know, maybe one of them will look into it once we get around to bring our Leo into Squad. Don't hold your breath for it tho (tm)
  6. Bundeswehr Mod

    Bundeswehr does operate some 2A5, a heap of 2A6, 2A6M and 2A6M+ plus a handful of 2A7. There are plans to buy about 100 more Leopard 2 and upgrade them to 2A7V standard together with some of the currently operated ones. All of them can be fitted with a snorkel to add limited fording abilities, but none of them can stay submerged for long or even fight from underwater.
  7. Bundeswehr Mod

    @DanielNL: Most of the assets you might know from the ArmA 3 Bundeswehr mod are potential candidates for porting into Squad. So, currently that would be - amongst other things - the Eagle IV 4x4 command and liaison vehicle, the Leopard 2A6M main battle tank, the SPz Puma armoured infantry fighting vehicle and the UHT Tiger helicopter in a number of variants in the vehicle asset category, and the G36, G38, G27P and G28 rifles in various guises, the MG4 and MG5 machine guns, the MP7 submachine gun, the P8 pistol, the G82A1 anti-material rifle, the PzF 3 and RGW90 anti-tank weapons and various hand grenades in the weapons asset category. More assets are being worked on as I write this but can't be announced just yet. We have yet to decide wether to do character models of our own. The ones we use in ArmA are retextured vanilla ArmA 3 character models and as such can't legally be brought over to Squad.
  8. Squad DX12/Vulkan Support anytime soon?

    As long as UE4 only has experimental Vulkan support for the mobile renderer and no support whatsoever for the desktop renderer which Squad uses, there's no point in even thinking about using Epic's Vulkan implementation.
  9. To add to what Psyrus has written: Start Simple. Take a cube mesh or some other primitive volume, unwrap it, put some material on it, repeat with a different but similarily simple volume. But take your time, learn up on why everything needs to be done the way it's being done, read up on the fundamental ideas behind all of this before trying to do more complex assets. It's very easy to aim too high, to want to achive too much at once, to quit out of frustration half-way through. So start simple, do some reading before you actually start creating. What's a verticle, what's a polygon, what's a tangent normal vector, what's a UVW map, etc and how does all of this apply to what I'm trying to achive? There is alot of theory behind 3D content creation. But it really pays off to know it and be able to use it in a creative context.
  10. Will we get a M1128 version of the Stryker?

    Not necessarily. Epic or OWI might've elected to execute the PhysX libraries from the CPU in which case it doesn't matter what make the GPU is.
  11. Squad A 32 bit game?

    I haven't really played Squad yet, I'm content with just toying around with the Squad SDK. So I have no idea what amount of memory the game typically uses during a match. That aside, think of the 64 bit requirement as a future-proofing action on OWI's side. They might have things in the pipeline that will increase memory usage beyond those 3.5 gb.
  12. Squad A 32 bit game?

    No, you will need a 64 bit Windows OS at the very least.
  13. Beschriftung auf den Karten

    Die Chancen dass dein Wunsch überhaupt verstanden wird, steigen ungemein, wenn Du ihn nochmal auf Englisch wiederholst. Die Forenregeln - speziell §6 - existieren nicht zur allgemeinen Unterhaltung Chances your wish gets considered will increase big times if you repeated it in a language the developers actually can understand. See forum rules §6 for more OP wishes for the font of the flag points in map view to be chanced to black colour and be enlarged to easen it's readability.
  14. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    You got that one wrong. The talk here is only about how game control inputs and the player camera/animations are linked together, you will see the ingame world from a 1st person perspective in any case.
  15. can i run squad?

    Nope. None of the CPU mentioned nor the Intel IGP have enough Ooomph to run Squad.