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  1. to be honest i have no idea then, maybee they upgradet the seerver or gave the VM more recources
  2. Only logical explanation can be Serverside then , i noticed a pretty big difference in FPS on different servers even if they are empty. Anyway good to here it runs like it should be , HF :-)
  3. microstutter is present in any resolution for me.
  4. high detail screens at 1440p and low detail screens are with some slight exceptions GPU bound meaning your FPS are limeted by what your GPU can deliver ( 94-99% Usage ) 1080p low screens show the typical CPU bottleneck , FPS are limited by what the CPU can delive on crutial Tasks. I would suggest finding proper detail settings for your GFX power by using firing range(if i remind right you can switch maps there to) to eleminate CPU bottleneck as good as possible while testing. CPU limited scenes however will ocure still in multiplayer , you can only prevent this while playing on lower playercount servers.
  5. You proberbly face a cpu bottleneck like anyone else with raising active playercount , there is currently no solution. Your FPS are decent for a Laptop some desktop rigs strugle even more.
  6. Imagin a infiit cable GPU in rendering any resolutions has zero impact on performance, so you do you have to decide between(ugly) FHD chocking or 4K ( pretty) chocking caused by CPU and memory/cache bandwith. Currrently you looking for highest singel core IPC & clock possible ( to call out a number here in forums is a guy with a kompressor cooled 7700K with 5,4 ghz and even he cant benifit fully from high refresh screens on full servers) In squad& UE4 Engins current state its nutz to thow expensive hardware on them, yeah it can work now and maybe also in future but it`s not logical to buy Hardware for a product you don`t know its final specs and behaivior .
  7. Some guessing in lack of full config posted( this normaly helps to narrow down issues) -Does it work with a single monitor connected ( just a test to exclude monitor setup from trouble list) -How are both screens connected to the GFX ?(HDMI,DVI-D e.g. ) -what refresh rate did you choose ? do both screens support this rate? -what desktop set res/ration to squad chosen one?
  8. Hi ich oute mich auch mal, wobei ich sehr wenig/ garnicht spiele weil ich noch auf die Version Xyz warte die für mich als "funktional" gilt um in vollen Zügen zu genießen. Bzgl. des deutschen Forums , ich denke einfach mittlerweile spricht fast jeder irgendwie English (meins ist auch Welten von gut entfernt) von daher wenden sich die meisten direkt an den Internationalen Bereich, und es klapt ganz gut selbst wenn man "english for insiders" schreibt kommt man nach 1-2-3 Post auf den Punkt. So long "Glück ab!"
  9. Hey Cygnus did you get the G4560 setup? If so, would you share some results cause iam really curios about this :-)
  10. Yeah i know but even 1440P gets to a walk on the Edge in some Titels ( Pragaon, EUPB e.g) its hard for me to wimulate 3440x1440 with a 16:9 ratio TV without looking in a Aquaria thas thas why i posted my 3820 x 1600 results in the otherthread
  11. Well to be honest there is currently no UE4 Engine Game that i could play at 4K with MAx detail and 60FPS with a pretty high cocked 1080. The following results are with 99% GPU utilization so GFX is the Bottleneck Paragon --> ~ 30 FPS ( 1440P already has GPU related drops below 60 fps ) ARK--> below 20FPS (won`t even hit constant 60 in FHD) Squad--> ~ 30-40 FPS PEUB--> ~ 30FPS Conan Exiles-->~40 FPS So its basicly UE 4 bad performance, lets hope EPIC makes good Progress.
  12. You are not alone RipGroove :-P, i think thats normal FPS in Squads current state for these Maps. This is my FPS on a Emty 68 player Gordok Server, Same settings slight higher resolution (3820x1600) but weaker GPU , total GPU limit. Your GFX is around 20 % faster so 56 FPS is realistic . whats causing that high GFX stress only devs can tell.
  13. My Hint , just stop playing squad until it gives reasonable performance and content. So you circumvent this annoying phase of game development. I mostly just log in to play around with new features look on Netcode + Performance after a major updates and log of e.g. That way i get the whole cake at once and don`t have to chew a small piece and then wait 2 month for the next bite. My personal optinion is there is just to much placeholders, Multiplayer performance thats horrible and a lot of features / contend is still missing due to the nature of early access. I just chilax and check every update until the point its playable for me. When i play games during EA i also have the bad habbit that they get fastly old and frustrating because i intend to think development speed matches my expectations for new stuff ,like pink fast ropes :-p and bugfixing , thats ofc totally unrealistic !
  14. Jepp thats the avarage observation in Squad, GPU is limited by CPU even with high IPC + clock chips like 6700K/7700K. Squad chews hard on some serial code it can not distribute over the cores therefor it creates a Bottleneck. looking forward to animations rework an be curious what it does.
  15. lol this question was directed towards the Thread opener