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  1. As SHO-Shin said you simply running out of Ram , an system has to use swap file on your HDD, Sqaud can aquire quit a chunk of Memory . my System uses more than 8 gb while running Squad
  2. i just retested this scene with my max 24/7 OC setting at 4,5 Ghz and get same behaivior +10 FPs hitting around 76Fps while still being CPU limited in pure singleplayer mode. Would be nice to get some feedback on this by a dev. regarding its a UE4 bug or something else. I know you guys have little time but getting offical response to these behaivior with first hand tech talk and maybe some insights to technical problems you guys have to overcome would be pretty interresting for me personaly.
  3. While your CPU is old but quit potent at multithread loadstats its somewhat weak in applications that can not utilise this broad setup cause thier dependency on clock speed and IPC . Sadly Squad with its current itteration of UE4.14 is one of these cases where high performance on a single core is cruital . That in mind your FPS are limited what a signge core can calculate . This means you get around te same perfomance like a Sandybridge i3/i5 with same clock rates (i5 2500 e.g). i have a 6 core I7 2 gernerations further (5820k) and run in similar problems so the best advice i can give you wait and see what the dev`s of squad and UE 4 are willing to change in futher updates to get better performance. Time will tell :-)
  4. There is nothing you can do about it, your rig is way to weak for Squad , bristol ridge ( codename for your APU ) is still pre Zen design and subpar in IPC to a old 2500K Sandy Bridge wich is allready struggeling in Squad. Your only option is to Upgrade/change components. But this would mean a major investment. If you don`t have 2 h in Squad on Steam just refund it.
  5. While a ryzen 5 1600 is a good CPU and a better choise over a i5 for 200 bucks IMO it has porblems in squad like any other CPU with low clock and not Skylake IPC . Even a R7 1700/1700X1800X clocked at near 4 Ghz drops to 35-40 FPS in Multiplayer on crowded 64+ player servers People have to OC near the 5 GHz area even 4790K/6700K/7700K cpus to raise thier singelthreadpower to a level were they can get good FPS in large scale MP. I suggest to wait with buying and read in forums if this performance mess could be solved or not by devs in future , or wait for another free weekend to get an idea.
  6. Stay away from Squad with this CPU unless you are happy with 10-25 FPS in Multiplayer.
  7. Worst example so far. Al Bashra Singelplayer 1600x900 No AA All Epic I7 5820K + GTX1080 between 60-70 FPS
  8. Do you use anykind of resolution scaling in Windows? If so disable it ,Squad still can`t handle this !
  9. Hi I recently noticed while playing around with motar feature in Singelplayer on different maps that UE 4 version used in Squad or its implimentation seems to have a big Drawcall Bottleneck additionaly to the well known MP problems. Settings: All Epic NO SS,AA FHD E.G Chora ASS V2 via Adminchangemap ... gives around 70-90 FPS while GPU is at 50% usage,CPu has one core At 80% load on full clock rest 30-50% with some cores even downclocking, gamethreat is 6 ms while rest around 20ms, This observation is present through the whole mapline with a higher impact in heavy vegatation areas/maps. For me this is reproducable on my 3 Rigs so i doubt this is a PC specific Problem: Dual Xeon E5-2687W ; GTX 1060 ; 128 Gb Ram ;Win 7 I7 4790 ; GTX 1060; 16 Gb Ram ; Win 7 I7 5820K , GTX 1080 , 64 Gb Ram ; Win 7 & 10 Can other People reproduce this ? After searching UE Forums i found this : Seems like with UE 4.14 ( version Squad is using) Materials have a bug that can lead to massive Performance decrease by causing high drawcalls in some cases.
  10. be sure to get a I7 7700K they have higher base clock Turbo and Allcoreturbo then the i7 7700 non K+ at least 3200er DDr4 (helps a bit with min FPS.) with a z270(z170 will do also but may need a biosupdate witch is tricky without a backup cpu) When Money isnt a issue may also wait till end of July for x299 and Skylake X these chips combine basicly all aspects --> Sakylake IPC, High clock, high core count and quadchannel , but will be costly.
  11. X79 has Quadchannel so Bandwith shouldn`t be the issue here even with 1600Mhz Sticks , same goes for chache size and speed(bigger and uncore clock not devidet). Also ~ 5,4Ghz on 7700K with stage 2 compression cooling i asume ? is a nice result but i guess not a mainstream compatible one. off topic: May i ask how many 7700Ks you binned or did you buy a preselected one? Whats your avarage cooling agend and core temperatures under load? --> Vcore + Vsa for your CPU & Memory OC ? Core clock to Cache ratio ?
  12. You allready gave the answer in your initial post i underlined it and made it bolt :-)
  13. IMO your CPU is still fine enough for allmost any games besides Singelthread deathtraps like ARMA,Squad and some others , When you bought it i think you had something in mind going for Intels HEDT Platform with 6 Core CPUs ? Like i read your post OC seems not an option for you so be aware that a 6700k (sometimes even 7700k )at stock speeds can still drop under 60FPS on high populated servers. I would keep it like Melbro wroth once: don`t plan and build a rig for a Product in development soley. This 3960x is decent enough to wait for Animations revamp to arive.
  14. Check out wich process causes the high CPU load, i doubt it is squad .
  15. Whats your set monitor refreshrate and the actual FPS when this happens?