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  1. How Does Squad Do on Ryzen 5 2600X?

    Squad will only fill your 8GB Vram if you enable Full Texture loading (prechacing of all availid Textures ) , switch it off and you are fine with a 8GB Card Vramwise. certain maps indeed need a 1080Ti to run +60FPS with maxed out settings, but thats more a question of Raw power then VRAM Since Squad is very sensitve to Singlecore Performance (IPC & Clock is what matters in this case ) and its Multithreading is not good at all ( early singelcore Bottleneck , mostly to highy utilzed Threads rest is rarly used ) choosing a R7 1700 over a R5 2600x would be a step backward. Ryzen+ hase also a signifcant decrease in Memory&Cache latency ( around 70 vs 90 ns @ stock Ram, can go as low as ~60ns with a 3200 CL 14 setting --> comparable to intel cpus ) over Ryzen thats the main reason beside its higher clocks for the significant better gaming performace compared to first generation.
  2. FPS Issue

    Known Squad issue ,runs like shit on AMD FX series and even struggles to reach 60 FPS in Firefights on full servers unless you got a high clocked Sky/Coffelake CPU. When you bought the game on steam and haven`t played 2h , best advice is to refound it with that rig.
  3. Nvidia RTX in Squad?

    Squads UE version was frozen @ something like 4.16 by the devs , also Performance is still a topic in Squad , i doubt they will ever add it.
  4. +Post your complett ingame settings +Monitor CPU&GPU Usage,Temperatur and Powerlimits during a session and post it to find the bottleneck. +Make sure you run the game on the 1050 and not the IGPU! Since you are a starter to PC gaming and monitoring your rigs parameters here is a guide how its done . http://afixerofsorts.blogspot.com/2017/03/osd-with-rtss-and-hwinfo.html
  5. You are proberly CPU Bound in these scenarios. Look at your GPU utilization to be sure. Keep page file to Windows administrated.
  6. High Resolution GPU Usage Issue

    You are running proberbly into the powerlimit of the 1080Ti in 4K. It would help if you can log during this tests: Powerusage Temperature Voltage Core Clock Otherwise just raise PW limit to 120% in Afterburner and look if this helps. Most Pascal based GFX have a good chunck of undervolting potential via curve function in Afterbuirner. i can run my 1080 (WCed )@ 2Ghz with 1V with orginal power consumption or 1860Mhz with 0,85 V and around 140W peak power consumption . That way you card runs cooler, less noise on Aircooling and wont run into Powerlimit issues.
  7. Sound related fps problem

    Do you use any external Sound device like USB doongle in combination with Headset ??
  8. Insane RAM and GPU Usage On Launch

    Ramusage on Screen looks normal , i have seen squad using up to 14 Gb of Ram on my rigs but normaly you should be fine with 16GB. Whats your Swap file settings? Do you have Full texture loading activated ? ( i recommend to turn of on a 4GB Card ) you could use Vsync to limit your FPS if you have a Problem with high GPU usage but actually thats something good--> your CPU is strong enough to feed you GPU so you get decent frames , most squad players have a turnaround problem case :-p
  9. RAM upgrade advice sought please.

    Dual/Tripple/Quad/Hexa/Octochannel is not bound to DRAM generation, its dependent on Memorycontroller setup in the CPU and Chipset for example: Nforce 2 DDR = Dualchannel possible P35= DDR2/DDR3 = Dualchannel possible X58 DDR3 = Triplechannel possible X79 DDR3 = Quadchannel possible Z370 DDR4 = Dualchannel possible X299 DDR4 = Dualchannel with Kabylakle X , Quadchannel with Skylake X To the Topic starter , since you are on a buget get the cheapest used 2x4Gb DDR 3 1600 you can get ( 2x4GB sticks tend to be cheaper the 1x8GB stick )
  10. Unplayable fps Issue

    Your Phenom II actually has a higher IPC then Bulldozer , counting in your OC to 4 GHz --> same frequency FX 8350 runs stock naturally gives your rig a better Performance even with the older Chip. Squad is a IPC and Clock whore that con`t utilize many cores , thats why you can run it on an cheap I3 7300 2C4T, Skylake IPC ; 4 GHz better then on an Ryzen 1700 8C16T, bit inferio IPC, 3 Ghz
  11. Squad optimization

    Squad devs licensed UE4 to use with souce code access, so they have theoreticly the possibillity to change it. But keeping in mind they have limited time,founds, expirience, programmer skills compared to the big companys. -There is a reason why the choose to license an engine instead on creating one by thier own. Its not trivial to effectly multithread dynamic software with many dependencys without running in syncing bottlenecks. Even BF 1 that is comonly know to be well Multithreaded shows these some of these syntomes under certain constelations.
  12. Help! New to PC gaming

    No ( unless your Laptop can maintain at least 3,8Ghz turbo permanently ) because squads depends heavily on IPC and Clock. To give you an Idea of the problem , High clocked/overclocked Skylake I3 with 2C/4T will beat slower clocked 4 and more Core CPUs with same architeture.
  13. @Chew the only software issue (in regards of performance)i have on my PC is Squad since i deletet ARK :-p If you look at the GPU and CPU utilization in this screen you can see GPU utilzation and Clock/Voltagestep --> indicating that there is a massive Bottleneck on the CPU side , looking a CPU utilization my guess would be a drawcall bottleneck but this is just a guess without proper monitoring tools. @Root when you actually look at the screenshot you`ll see there is neighter a Temp. or a Powerlimit issue. Sqauds sensitivity for Driver versions is part of this bad performance but iam in iam not willing to choose a particularly one for one alpha title i hardly play currently.
  14. Squad patch 9.17 FPS: ~25-30 minimum CPU: i7 5820K @ 3.4Ghz GPU: GTX 1080 FTW 1860Mhz max Boost RAM: 64 GB in QC 2400Mhz Cl 15 Squad on an 1TB EVO 850 res 2560x1080 Cache cleared after the Update , get even bad FPS in Singelplayer now ( Screenshot shows Al bash in Singelplayer via adminchangemap).
  15. Release after v10? Maybe

    Game is far from playable performance wise thats my personal number one problem. I my opinion a Beta should have all core features in it , That would be Helis, MBT, Aircraft, reasonal Medic system , Animation/inventorysystem and ok perfroming 100ppl servers. When the core game and its systems is technicaly healthy and working missing diversity in Maps, Factions;Weapons,Playmodes won`t matter that much cause MoD`s can even this out.