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  1. Skylake X

    As said again R5/7 ryzen chips are a good bang for the buck but would be an downgrade from a 5820k @ 4,5 ghz exspecialy singelthread performance wise wich is the crutial part in Squad.
  2. High End PC: Low Performance

    Its not that wise to disable cores or HT and start OC ing if the reason for the bad performance is not known . Firstly observe the Problem and locate it: Is this poor performance strictly Squad related ? What are your ingame settings ? How are GPU + CPU Clocks,Utilization,Temperature during squad gameplay ? --> i suggest a combination of Afterburner and Statunit here. This should give you an idea if everything is running in its specs or behaves abnormal. After that you can move towards software stuff like drivers , background programms e.g.
  3. Whats limiting your FPS is not the GPu ( draw around 12ms ) but game thread ( 19 ms ) so in conclution its a CPU bound Limit
  4. Even lower utilization, cause you move the bottleneck to the GPU .
  5. Skylake X

    Iam quit aware regarding cost and risks no worry, this topic is not about buildig an economic rig thats for sure, i explained allready whats attracting me to Skylake X. I have a custom waterloop with 480/45+360/30+280/45 mm rads so AiO isn´t even a topic either. Anyway according to De8auer until yet all of the tested X299 boards lack phases and/or cooling --> results in overheating/throoteling VRMs between 4,4-4,7 Ghz @ 1,3V . So replacing the stock coolers on them with some MIPS or Watercooling blocks seems to be crutial to reach higher clocks. To come back to topic, What i don`t know yet is how squad is reacting to the changed cache layout thats why i started this post to maybee get some first hand values from a ealryadober :-)
  6. Skylake X

    Ryzen and exspecialy Threadripper will help next to nothing in Squad and would be a downgrade measured on my existing Rigs cause while they are broad and good in parralel workloads with all thier cores they lack IPC and achivable clocks ( to my knowledge good r7 chips top out @ 4,1 Ghz with 1,4V while having lower IPC then broadwell E in most games) in comparisom to Skylake architecture wich is still a crutial factor for a huge chunk of games out there, UE 4 based onces are a good example even in 2017. My hopes where that Skylake X can combine best from 2 Worlds high clocks and IPC combined with many cores and Quadchannel interface with 8 ram slots( OFC this will come at a price and that seems to be power draw and cooling power). Was aming for a 7820X deliding+ LM --> trying to reach 4,8-5 Ghz with reasonable voltage. but with the different respond of some Games on the new Cache and mesh architecture iam interested in UE 4 scaling on these new toys :-) For me as Hardware entusiast Bang for Buck is also a factor counting in lower value in the equation( still i have my limit :-) ). i can see your point and would choose a r5 1600 any day over a I5 Kabylake.
  7. Crashes Mid-game randomly

    Pls list full system specs, otherwise its more a guesswork for us. CPU: FX 4170 , cooler? GPU: ? , driver version ? PSU: ? HDD/SDD: free space ? Case Fan setup ? RAM speed and SPD settings ? Also log maximum Temperatures/Clocks during gaming , i sugest HWmonitor for this cause it logs MAX recorded temperatures and it also will help you identifing hardware when you have little expierience. If you are totally new to this just screenshot full HWmonitoring page and post here after gaming 20 min. Do other games / applications cause similar problems ?
  8. Are there any bot mods yet?

    Lerning by doing ,make mistakes, stumble over some acidantial good working things and realize it`s intendet and gets rewarded. Thats also a the reason why i´d like to see a Bot modification, it would offer a oportunity to learn and make mistakes try out new things without stress to your self cause expierienced ppl yell and not stress to the advanced player that have to be paitience with another noob. But i bet someone will at least make a zombie mode like in evry game so we get at least moving cannon fooder mod Also bot mod is just fine when you want are a quick 30 min firefight before go to sleep player.
  9. Skylake X

    Hey all, since today Skylake X and X299 boards enter market offically. Iam temped to get one but i´d like to see performance in UE 4 title first cause in some cases these chips seem to be slower like broadwell E with thier new chache structure and mesh conections. So anyone got allready one and could do some comparisom benchmarks in squad ?

    Thats a nice buget to build a solid rig . Some more questions to narrow down your future system: Desired Monitor size & resolution ( if you don´t know right now,whats your avarage distance to the screen ) left or right hander want a small rig ~"size of a toaster" or is it okay to build a MIDI/Bigtower? desired color? Want optical drives like DVD /Blueray ? is a really silent running Rig very important to you ? Do you feel comfortable to install a OS like Windows or has it all to be complet ready out of the box ? I was allways a fan of choose every component yourself instead in buying prebuild/OEM stuff. Problem is , the thread opener needs the parts allready assembeled. Im not familiar with US PC shops but here in germany you can choose every component you`d like and some shops assemble them for a little fee. maybee there is a equivalent in the US ?
  11. The queues and graphics

    I don`t run it on a toastersand still have performance issues , But still in develompment so they have time to hopfully fix it so ppl get resonable performance on reasonable Hardware
  12. Maybee, his questionn is: can Squads targets and features be achieved with UE 4 ? Id say yes with some revamping and modding on core systems.
  13. No there is no garantie it will get better. Animations revamp is still in development ( one of the big chucnks that is hammering main thread) but even without this flaw its still UE 4 with its pros and cons. If you wanna get a feeling how it would run without animations Bottleneck in MP start a Singelplayer map and monitor FPS behavior ( i suggest a more demanding than Firing range ). What i see on my 3 rigs ( don`t have to be true for others! ) there is not to promising in the current state , i also don`t think EPIC will change main branche for a small project like Squad so it will be up to the devs to change it UE 4, and keeping in mind its a small team with limited founds and time ..... but thats my personal estimation without any insigt in the process so keep it with a grain of salt and build your own ;-)
  14. When will squad devs start optimizing ryzen for more fps

    These performance numbers are not Ryzen specific they are a result of how the game engine is workig. In the current state some calculations are hung up/synconised in a single thread and can`t be parallised, so this thread on a individual core is dictating the global calculations speed cause even if you have 100 infinit fast cores additionaly it wouldnt help casue they all would wait on this 1 to finish its work so the others can proceed. You will expirience the same FPS on intel chips with comparable IPC and clock. e.G. 5820k , 4770K , 4790,
  15. Duplicate mouse cursor

    Also chaeck if you have any Sampling activated in windows like 125% e.G. Suqad dosn`t work with this properly