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  1. Stat indicator for when game is cpu vs gpu capped

    You can use Afterburner combined with HWinfo and going further log desired Data and pack them up in a Calc sheet so you can make fancy Diagramms that show a correlation between Core usage , GPU usage Frametimes and so on. Offcourse you need to know how to interpret certain Data to come to a conclusion. I think thats also Psyrus point no one wants a game thats telling you what to buy by showing GPU/CPU without an inside on the raw data to keep it transparent .
  2. Very Low FPS

    Yeah no doubt there are systems that come close to 60FPS min , But its the strongest CPU for Serial loads out of the box currently and you have to OC it to 4,8GHz and still can`t hold stable 60 FPS ...Whats even worse that ppl with really decent CPUs like Ryzen 1600/1700 ,I7 5820/5930/5960,6800-6950X and so on suffer from the same problem , and to be honest telling a guy with a I7 6900K CPU to buy a Kabylake or Coffelake rig is mayby not the best idea Run your CPU Stock with 4.2GHz Base 4,5Ghz Singelcore turbo and DDR 4 2400 in DC and you will hit Mid 40s -.-
  3. Very Low FPS

    Irontaxi Quote " However.. our modest goal is to get everyone on average to 60fps. that would be a great victory for us " its not the avarage 60 Fps that are not reached what sucks is the Drops in FPS and inconsistend frametimes as soon there is Action between a bunch of ppl that give this jittery feeling and make the ppl complain . regarding W3680 just Keep it most modern games (Whole Frostbite lineup,Snowdrop,Cryengin,Anviel next based ) can effectly utilize and distribute the load on at least 4 Cores reasonable to avoid early bottlenecks as shown in Squad at it`s finest . Even investing in the strongest chip (clock and IPC wise ) currently availid for Squad will still not help to avoide Drops to the mid 40s FPS on full Servers. So in short refund if you still able to do so and revisit Squad when it reached final stat an reevaluate pef.
  4. August 2017 Recap

    Any estimation from DEV side on a potential performance gain of new animation system ? Will it help with the CPU bottleneck even ppl with 6700/7700K CPUs face on full servers ?
  5. Game crash after a hour of playing

    Its sometimes hard find the root cause for these things , software related issues normaly leave a log. Did you do the Stresstests suggested??
  6. Descriptions

    For me Settings are correctly labled. But i guess buttons in a jet are correctly labeled too, but i would look like a monkey trying to play Beethoven on a piano when trying to open the hatch If you don`t know what a certain option is , what it does , how it works , how CPU/GPU/RAM/VRAM costly it is you can : google it, try it out (my favorit) ask in forums for its specific effect :-)
  7. Game crash after a hour of playing

    Whats bugging me is that not only squad crashes but whole rig freezes , its unlikely a squad only problem when ARMA 3 is also is affected.
  8. Game crash after a hour of playing

    Voltages are ok, temps also i would suggest to stresstest components one after an other now to get a hind what is causing it in lack of an error code Memetest86 for Memory (at least 3 full cycles ) Prime95 for CPU (Full custom run ) Unigine Superposition for GFX If these all run without issues than there must be some kind of Software hickup Keep HWmonitor running during CPU and GFX test to log MAX Temp Values
  9. New Rig Incoming

    Best suggestion as wroth by BanOkay is to wait for V10 and see if and how good devs can solve the current singelthread bottleneck on CPU side. If they can`t i would not invest in an Ryzen System when your main game is Squad. When V10 will arive Intels new CoffeeLake CPUs will be on the marked. The new I5 has 6 cores higher IPC and Higher clocks then a Ryzen and a compareable pricepoint.
  10. Game crash after a hour of playing

    Sometimes XMP adjustes Clocks divider and Timings but keeps the Vdimm on stock 1,2V instead of 1,35V resulting in instability, just check it in the bios to be sure. CPUID Values look ok Also your board seems to give a slight BClk oc off102MHz disable it just to be sure Pls provide a Screen of HWmonitor with detailed Voltages so we see VSa Values (Voltage of the IMC ) Strange thing is it the problem was triggerd by a Squad Update but also effects other application stability this relation is maybe just a coincidency. Without BSOD error codes its a bit hard to nail the problem but we will find it :-)
  11. Game crash after a hour of playing

    When was the first time the problem occured ? Do you use the XMP profile for your memory ?if yes did the board adjust right values for Vdimm (1,35v @ 3000Mhz )and VSa (depends on your IMC quality ) if you use 3000Mhz i guess a 125 Mhz strap is used? The reason i ask the where some MSI bios versions where you could OC non K cpus with raised BCLK, if you now choose the original XMP settings the Memory goes higher an may get instable. What Errorcodes give the BSOD and/or Windowsevent thingy ? CPUZ Screens as suggested by SHO-SHIN of CPU and Memory Pages under load could clear this question
  12. Game crash after a hour of playing

    Do other Games or application cause similar behavior? Please list your exact config and components. Start with checking temperatures of your components befor you fire up any stresstest.Usefull tools HWmonitor,HWinfo,MSIAfterburner(for live reading values in game)
  13. Game uses up all ram?

    Highest Ramusage i personaly have seen while running Squad was 12,5 GB , that value is nothing special BF1 , Ghostrecon Wildlands,ArK, PUBGs even ARMA3 in 64 Bitmode can use that many RAM. So if you consider a Ramupgrade to 16 GB it would beneifit a lot of Titels.
  14. Alpha 9.8 Release

    Just keep calm and play something else in the meantime , Investing ie EA Titels is always a bit of risk ;-) I log after every update check if Performance and game feeling finaly is at a acceptable manner for my taste and log off if not.
  15. More Persistent Game

    Well what keept me playing Arma 3 + ACE+ACRE e.g for around 4-5 hours was its complexity in mechanics ,distances and pace regarding support and supplyies . But even that 5 hour sit in where the maximum possible spare time i could free up on a weekend. While i personaly see SQUAD as less complex i see no point in this synteticly prolonged fight. What i think could work ( not sure as Squad isn´t Arma hardcore but also not BF arcady )would be object based evolution gamplay : strat of to free a map ,defend counterattack--> move the battle to extendet area/version off the map or induce suddenly simulat AI support to turn around the tides of war and rapidly change force constalations. I think a good compromise would be a Rush like game mode with a huge map that would alow "warfare" like felling due to progress/degress without making SQUAD to slow/arma like for the most ppl.