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  1. Release after v10? Maybe

    Game is far from playable performance wise thats my personal number one problem. I my opinion a Beta should have all core features in it , That would be Helis, MBT, Aircraft, reasonal Medic system , Animation/inventorysystem and ok perfroming 100ppl servers. When the core game and its systems is technicaly healthy and working missing diversity in Maps, Factions;Weapons,Playmodes won`t matter that much cause MoD`s can even this out.
  2. New PC - Nvidia 1080

    -The Motherboard MSI X99A Gaming is s 2011V3 board so it wont work with a 7600K aka S1151 CPU -1080STIX ist quite high on the Price side for a 1080 if you can spend this much a cheap 1080Ti like KFA or Zotac may be worth a thought in regards of targeted 3440x1440 resolution. -7600K is EoL ,seeing its a futhur upgrad a Coffelake based CPU like 8600K would be a better choice once availibility rises and prices drop +60min FPS is hardly to obtain without OCing your CPU to 4,5Ghz+ even on 7600K or better.
  3. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    In what way is a DDR4 upgrade required. If you are someone who wants the best performance in 99% of games your money will be best spent on a better cpu/gpu. I can't think of any game that shows "noticeable" performance from ddr4 ram Well with the exception of Skylake thats also EoL any new plattform will require DDR4 you don`t have a Choice to keep your DDR3 . Ramspeed ( dosent matter if its DDR4 or DDR4 ) on almost any game in CPU limited scences. Some sensitive Examples , ARMA 3 , Witcher 3 ; BF 4 .... SQUAD someone with a 6700K here in forums did a test while back and got noteabale gains from 2133 -3200. Have to find the balance in Ram buying while DDR4000 cost at least twice as much then 2133 , DDR 3000/3200 can be aquired for 10-20 % higher cost thats the sweetspot i personaly looking for.
  4. What graphics card?

    The 1070 : cheaper , cooler, less powerhungry, availid from Boardpartners with a decent custom cooler. Onyl real benifity the 56 has over the 1070 is FreeSync , Meaning that a decent monitor will be around 100 bucks cheaper then the G Sync version. Both are around same performance lvl . Its on you to judge whats more important.
  5. Help me finding GPU

    Basicly not even a 1080Ti is overkill even with a 1080P Monitor , you can still activate DSR , SQUAD benifits pretty good from it in regards of distance visibility and pixelation. I Did some test in Singelplayer a while back with a OC 1080 (2154/5500 Mhz ) on a 4,4 Ghz 5820K and was partially GPU Limited in 1440P , 4k was allready unter 60 FPS min due GPU to Weak ,so get the strongest GPU you can your buget allows.
  6. can i run it on this pc

    Simple answer , No.
  7. Help me finding GPU

    Depends on avarage FPS target @ given Resolution . 60 FPS 1080P ~GTX1060 6GB LVL 60 FPS 1440P ~ 1070OC LVL 60 FPS 4K ~ 1080Ti LVL UE 4 is pretty CPU demanding with raising Resolution. This only applies when there is no CPU Bottleneck ofc.
  8. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    First of all iam with Psyrus with waiting a bit longer and save some more money and do a plattform overhaul to CFL8400 + S1151V2 or Ryzen5 + AM 4 + DDR 4 Investing in your current platform will gain you nothing noticable at squad. Never then less if you want new stuff now around ~200 bucks, some h170(h110 have only 2 ramslots (i assume you got 4x4Gb sticks)) boards still support DDR3 so a vaible option would be a H170 board like Asus H170M-E D3 and a Skylake I5 like i5 6400/6500 This way you could avoid current Dram prices but would also buy a deathend plattform with likely no Upgrade option in future and a good Memorybandwith bottleneck. Another option sell your 16 Gb DDr3 (DDR3 price is still high) buy some DDr4 from this money and invest 60-80 in a B350 AM4 board and around 120 in a Ryzen 1300X with cooler. This combination would be more Futureprof cause you can upgrade to 8 core ryzen 7 in the Futur and so on. Another possibility would be used parts something like a Z68 Board + 2600K + some OC but then again with littel Computerknowledge OC is normaly a frustrating option and used buy can lead fastly to be scamed. Pirces i wroth depend on your location ( i used a German Shop )
  9. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    Your FPS look really good for the used CPU, 50-60FPS min will force you to invest money, i think none with an older AMD CPU like you curetnly run has every reached these values in sqaud even when playing with "eyecancer Settings and gamyboy sound" . A CPU Upgrade to current gen CPUs like Coffe Lake or Ryzen would result in buying new MB + Memory also and could get quit expensive with current Dram prices.
  10. RPK shots 7.62x39 vs 7.62x51 Nato thats a huge difference , proper analogon to 308. NATO round would be 7.62x54R for the GUS factions. With the shorter cartrige lower muzzel velocity , range and penetration is achieved in case of the 7.62x39 compared to 7.62x51 or 7.62x54R or even 5.45x39 5.56x45. The heavyer bullet has benifits on low ranges in case of stoping power thats it. Squad pictures this calibere quit well.
  11. i7 8700k new cpu

    8770k Is top tier gaming chip currently but the 8400/8600K could be even more intresting when you look for bang for a buck. best IPC highest clocks even in Muthread department compareable performance to an 1800X so no trade offs here The Bad: new PCH isn`t out yet so basiclly buy revamped 170/270 chipset boards until next year Not soldered Heatspreader -->High temperatures when said Monitor is 144hz and you got a potent GPU a strong CPU is still required.
  12. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    To be honest this game is like" i have seen thiss before a bit uglyer" for me personal all recently anounced military games i tryed from Indy&AAA studios seem to be a copy of allready existing stuff made with a "state of the art" new engine at best without showing progress. One would think with wide availid "cheap" Graphics and physics engines creativity and complexity would evolve but nothing happens we get always the same stuff since 5 yerars in new colors at best. My whislist for a non arcade mil FPS, with flexible realism modules so there is no : its too MilSim/COD QQ: OK grafiks with working AA , good ranged visibility, map size suitable for ground viehicles and Choppers/piston driven planes --> around Crysis 1 level at least reasonable physiscs for bullet tacectory, penetration,ricochets,explosions blast,fragmentation & spall effects, material ,wear & angle dependet damage model dynamic evniroment--> destruction of buildings and fauna by viehicle colision, weapon usage. dynamic weather that effects grip & speed , infantry stamina, digging trences ...... reasonable sound & communication systems relaistic inventory and stamina system wieght dependent (body armor,gear load), exchanging mags,bandages,e.g. possible advanced support and supply possibilitys (replace destroyed wheel, resuply ammo,refuel, indirect fire module, LOAL modul e.g.) some kind of dynamic campain mode maybe fighting for recources that will impact resupply (industrial complex viehicles,barraks infantry,villages intelligence, airport aircraft.....) not totaly dump AI that controlys civilians, animals for a living world with the possibility of peacekeeping , protection, libaration missions , penalty for civil death toll Use modern hardware apabilitys +4C CPUs ,OPEN CL calculations, HIGH ram pool, maybee even Vulkan to avoid bottelnecks and jittery gameplay that destroys immersion Most off the line up isn`t total laser raptor 2089 tech. and even here and there partialy existend on some games since years, still yet i see no real progress over the years in combinig and progression.
  13. Page File and Squad

    Still have a OCZ Vertex III 120 GB in use as Sysdrive with page file currently in girlfriends Rig. Its 6 Years old and still healthy , in these 6 Years i lost 2 HDDs, so yeah it come`s down to personal expirience i guess but for me HDD`s are way more sensible and i don`care much about my SSDs exept thier temperature XD. Additional to the OCZ I use personaly (familie rigs included casue i build them and maintain them) 2 x Samsung 850 & 830 series , 2x Intel 540 series, 1x Curical MX 300 series, 2x Hynix SL308 series SSDs Some off them explicit as cache for a ZFS File system on PLEX/NAS Machienes. Until now never had bad SMART values on a SSD :-) @SHO-SHIN keep the setting to padefile administrated dynamic by Windows.
  14. Stat indicator for when game is cpu vs gpu capped

    You can use Afterburner combined with HWinfo and going further log desired Data and pack them up in a Calc sheet so you can make fancy Diagramms that show a correlation between Core usage , GPU usage Frametimes and so on. Offcourse you need to know how to interpret certain Data to come to a conclusion. I think thats also Psyrus point no one wants a game thats telling you what to buy by showing GPU/CPU without an inside on the raw data to keep it transparent .
  15. Very Low FPS

    Yeah no doubt there are systems that come close to 60FPS min , But its the strongest CPU for Serial loads out of the box currently and you have to OC it to 4,8GHz and still can`t hold stable 60 FPS ...Whats even worse that ppl with really decent CPUs like Ryzen 1600/1700 ,I7 5820/5930/5960,6800-6950X and so on suffer from the same problem , and to be honest telling a guy with a I7 6900K CPU to buy a Kabylake or Coffelake rig is mayby not the best idea Run your CPU Stock with 4.2GHz Base 4,5Ghz Singelcore turbo and DDR 4 2400 in DC and you will hit Mid 40s -.-