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  1. SLI Configuration Trick

    If anyone is interested in getting a pretty nice FPS boost, I tried something recently that worked pretty well. First, download and open Nvidia Inspector, and navigate to the entry for Daylight. This is currently one of the only games that support SLI in UE4. Open up a second instance of the application and navigate to the Squad entry. Copy over the SLI compatibility bits and all the SLI settings so that they match, apply the changes, and exit both instances of the application. I've tried this with Squad and Paragon and gotten literally double the framerate and am now able to turn all settings up to their max at 1440p resolution and remain above 60fps constantly. I run a 3770k with 2 GTX 970s so if your experience is not as smooth, I wish there was more I could do for you. I found this in a random thread somewhere the other day and figured it worked so I might as well share it to a larger audience since the devs have said that SLI is not on their list of priorities. Share your results please and maybe we can find solutions that work for all setups. Also, let me know if anyone needs any screenshots. I can take some when I get home to help anyone that isn't familiar with doing this.
  2. SLI/Crossfire support

    I had to make an account just to say something. How on earth would you think that SLI/Crossfire setups are a smaller minority than people with PhysX setups? This simply isn't true. There are a huge number of gamers that have SLI/Crossfire setups and specifically use them for gaming. You could go on any gaming or specifically PC gaming subreddit and ask how many people have SLI/Crossfire setups and you'd get a huge response. Just look at /r/battlestations, almost every gaming build on there has multiple GPUs. All that being said I don't know why a modern game would come out with the purposeful intention of not supporting multiple GPU setups. I'm pretty sure URE4 has built in compatibility for it.