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  1. This is a small thing I noticed and I know this may almost sound nit-picky, but the FAL reload animation isn't accurate as to how a real FAL reload looks like. In-game, once the magazine is empty you hear the bolt lock back on the last round, followed by a tilt showing the bolt held back. The magazine is dropped and another loaded back in, but instead of hitting the bolt-release your guy charges the bolt back manually. As your guy pulls the charging handle you can immediately tell it sounds like the bolt is forward when it should be to the rear as well. A small change that simply uses the bolt-release feature on the FAL would be very appreciated. It should bring the reload time down slightly as well I think. Again, this is such a little thing that I didn't see any one mention it yet. So here it is
  2. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    Negative to all you said except RP's shouldn't be removed. None of that makes any sense. You have 9 people in a squad so 9 spawns on rally makes sense. Do you know how long 100m really is? 50m is perfectly reasonable. I truly hope the devs dont listen to this and limit the game excessively. Really, Squad Ops does a ton of different scenarios that are staged for each match they do. Sign up with them as they bend the rules on their server when they do 1 life events. The current rally system is perfectly fine.
  3. Free-look Track IR???

    oh sweet thanks my fellow Oregonian didn't see that. Must not have searched that good
  4. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    ok, right off the bat rally points are already very much like what you described except for the resources part. 1.) Already can't put rally down when enemy is within 50m. 2.) Max of 9 respawns. 3.) takes like 2 minutes for cool down period. 4.) Just one enemy soldier could kill a rally by walking up on it. 5.) SL already needs a minimum of 1 squad member alive and right next to him to place another one down. The limited life span of a rally is already tied into the limited respawns it has. Making it to where a SL needs resources at main to put down a rally isn't what the game needs. If you look at a rally point, its just a triangle of packs that you have on your back, those of which you already have as a soldier. Plus I can see you really want it to be as realistic as possible as do I; realism is the name of the game. But you gotta remember this is a game, not real life and you need play-ability along with realism. Sorry, but your thoughts are for the most part already implemented and the rest unreasonable. The current rally system doesn't need to be messed with anymore, its good the way it is.
  5. Free-look Track IR???

    Ok, so with the new free-look feature coming to squad soon I wanted to explore an idea...track IR. Would it be possible to play the game with a track IR set up with the free-look feature and what do you all think! I think it's something to look into at least.
  6. 2 sergeants per squad

    I think adding fire team leaders would only complicate the game more. Half the time the SL role isn't being used the way it needs to be, how could you expect fire team leaders to work? besides having fire team leaders or another "sergeant" would undermine the leadership role in the game and promote even more back-seat Squad leading. Only one leader per squad please.
  7. Specs to run in decent quality

    just get a new graphics card and you will be good on medium at least
  8. I see what you're saying, but I still don't agree. I can see some mild form of customization once this game is much further developed to appease some people who want rewards for some reason or another. Any time dedicated towards getting customization to characters is a waste of time (at least right now) because they could be using that time and resources to polish or add other content related to actual game play and mechanics. Besides, who would honestly care if they got face paint or something for winning; you are hardly ever close enough to see any detail on the enemies faces let alone paying attention for details such as that because you are focused on killing them rather than them killing you. The only times anyone would see your face paint or anything of the sort would be the other guy looking at your dead body after you got bested, or your team mates look at your face which by that time everyone has face paint so its not unique.
  9. Sheeple like to get those little achievements just to feel they are getting somewhere in the game, when really this game isn't about little achievements at all. This game isn't for everyone which is why there are so fewer players in it compared to other big titles. Those other titles promote individuality when this game is whats best for the squad and overall coordinated game play. It breaks the mold which is what makes this game so unique. Don't expect any achievements or "things to work for" since they act as only distractions to playing the game the way it's meant to be played. There's no "I" in Squad.
  10. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    I like the idea but it's not representing what the Russian Army actually uses. The standard infantryman doesn't have any red dot on the AK-74's, just iron sights. Special forces have red dots and scopes on their rifles however.

    Well for the match we played it was played on both NA and EU servers so we got a round where we had excellent ping and they had a round with excellent ping so it's still even I think. I'd rather not play on a server that has high ping but it's not unplayable. That's the compromise currently with this game for international competition. I don't know how else you would get around it at the moment because even if you stuck with NA competing vs NA and vise versa with EU, you will eventually be getting to the matches with at least one round being high ping. Side note: This is just my personal opinion, but I think Yeho shouldn't be in the competitive play map rotations with 25 v 25. After seeing the results from all the matches played, its who gets the rush first and they all ended in BLOWOUTS. Once a team cuts off the other team by rushing the second cap of the enemy team its very hard to take back being how open and large the map is especially with 25 players. Only two games played in the tourny on this map ended with below 700 ticket diff while all the rest were 800+ ticket diff; so even the "close" games was a team winning by a margin of 300+ tickets each round. Maybe replace that map to a smaller map that's not so big and open would result in a better quality competitive play for 25 v 25 and better quality matches to watch.
  12. http://www.maphill.com/search/sangin/detailed-satellite-map/ The link above is a satellite view of Sangin, Afghanistan. Sangin was a place of heavy fighting during the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban and various Islamic groups. What I'm thinking is it has a large "Green Zone" that hugs the Helmand River. The "Green Zone" and desert zones are divided by a road that was called "Route Red" and has district centers, market strips, patrol bases, and local mud houses/compounds. The map could be 60% green zone and 40% desert (or whatever the devs deem appropriate) with the Insurgents starting in the "Green Zone" and Americans starting in the desert zone. When I was there, the green zone was where Taliban would hide and fight. I know the devs are working hard on a lot of other maps and I can hear it now, "we don't need another desert map". But, This desert map would be different being the ratio to dense green foliage to desert as it would take up over half the map compared to maps having relatively small areas of green zones in the map. Tell me what you guy's think! Again, this is just an idea I'm throwing out there that I would love to see get developed and added.
  13. Naaaaaaah, just a DMR please. A "sniper" class wouldn't be used effectively at all. 1 out of a 100 squads that pick the class would use it properly and the rest would be dead weight towards your team winning. Lone wolf's would be all too real with this class, no matter how anyone envisions it being used. The developers will not put it in the game, they said so. But mod's will be the place to tinker with a sniper thing.
  14. Rip It Energy Drinks

    When I was in country we had a ton of rip it energy drinks we took with us and we had empties strewn about the cab and turret, it would be so cool to see empty Rip It cans and maybe some wrappers from food laying around the turret . If you disagree I don't care, it would be cool to see those micro details in the turret and vehicles. Keep up the great work devs! You guys made the game I've been waiting for my whole life and it's even still in alpha! Hands down the best video game I've ever played.
  15. Stryker VS. Russian BTR

    20 rounds to kill a stryker with a 30mm just doesn't seem right to me. From what i've seen it takes less than that on full health vehicles.