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  1. When I was in country we had a ton of rip it energy drinks we took with us and we had empties strewn about the cab and turret, it would be so cool to see empty Rip It cans and maybe some wrappers from food laying around the turret . If you disagree I don't care, it would be cool to see those micro details in the turret and vehicles. Keep up the great work devs! You guys made the game I've been waiting for my whole life and it's even still in alpha! Hands down the best video game I've ever played.
  2. 20 rounds to kill a stryker with a 30mm just doesn't seem right to me. From what i've seen it takes less than that on full health vehicles.
  3. Yeah, you're just ranting about stuff many others have already ranted about before. The key to having fun in the game isn't about winning, and if you're a SL you have complete control over your squad. You can kick people who contribute noting; no mics; assholes; individuals etc. AND if you're pissed off about how every SL is not communicating and making bad decisions, you could just try another server. There's many avenues you can go down when you're getting frustrated. And like what was mentioned before, be patient and educate people as they may just not know everything you know
  4. Yeah whats your problem? 90 fps even on medium is good. It's still in alpha and not polished. Everyone suffers lack of great fps unless you have a beast computer. It will get better, just give it time as more updates come out.
  5. Once they come out with deployable bi pods for weapons you will get the same effect as you would with a heavier machine gun. The only benefit you'd get to me would be better suppression on the enemy and more damage. But suppression in the game is tricky with machine guns. Most suppression in the game is done with rifles and of course the RPK and SAW but mainly rifles and it's done so with fire and maneuver tactics. So I don't really know the added benefit of adding a medium machine gun to the squad on top of the light machine guns. I like the idea if they add that in here as a choice between say a 240 and 249 or between a PKM and RPK mainly because I like more weapons choices
  6. Yeah, that's all things that are small. They do plan on adding minor weapons customization but not that of call of duty or battlefield. You will most likely get a pick between a couple scopes on some classes and maybe a couple fore-grips, who knows until the devs go more into it. But, the game is solid and people who are into this kind of game love the game. I think you shouldn't fix something that isn't broken.
  7. 1080p 144hz with g-sync would be money well spent I think, you will get a much better game quality that way over more pixels. Monitors are cheaper and it still looks great on 1080p.
  8. I think I've seen someone banned from the game before. It showed "playerblahblahblah banned from squad" lawl
  9. Yeah, that's BS and the devs need to find a way to stop this.
  10. I don't really see the problem though, you're describing the nature of optics really. Ya, if a guy who has optics is scoping you out and you don't have optics, you're definitely gonna be bigger in his sight picture and he will have the advantage. I'm also saying insurgents and militia have optics too, and if they are utilized effectively you can scare the American players just as much as they scare you. Suppression is pretty good in the game, even though I too think it would be more significant but not by much.
  11. Right now, including the DMR which not many squad leaders want in their squad are 4 optics for Americans. Most of the time you're going against 3 optics, and with insurgents you have 3 including the DMR so mostly 2. You're gonna be short only 1 optic going against Americans or Russians and iron sights are not that bad once you get a feel for them. You can't rely on optics and have to be a rounded player with all weapons. I've sniped people 400m away with iron sights before when they were only peaking their head out, its not terribly hard.
  12. You would probably be ok on medium, not ultra though but its your call. It's hard to get any serious fps right now being the game still needs more optimizing, and from what I've read this game is heavy on the CPU. I have a 1070 with an i-7 2600k and on big maps with full servers on ultra i get anywhere from 40-60 fps.
  13. I agree as well, the mortar spam is too intense. Making a team cap on mortars like they did with the tandem heat round would make more sense. Maybe even including an over-heating aspect to mortars as well, since they are not immune to over-heating in reality and threaten the operator with a cook-off in the tube. Heck, maybe even include a cook-off if they use it too much, but simply over-heating would work just fine.
  14. Just saw the latest news from the devs on what they are doing with the inclusion of tanks into the game, and I gotta say I am completely taken back by how detailed the tanks look!!! Now that we know more about the tank development, what can we expect on counters to tanks in the game? It seems that the tanks are going to mainly be on the insurgent, militia, Russian, and British forces. I'm sure they won't leave the American forces naked on the battlefield without a tank so I assume they will add one for them as well. What kind of heavy anti-tank weapons do you think we will see coming in addition to the new tanks? My guess would be a Javelin for the American forces and maybe even a TOW system for FOBS, The MBT LAW for the British forces along with the TOW system as the US and Brits sometimes share weaponry, and of course the RPG-7 Tandem for insurgent and militia forces, and an RPG-30 for the Russian forces that's their modern Tandem round. Those are only ideas I have on which ones I would like to see on the battlefield, let's hear what you guys think should be implemented in the future!
  15. That detail is AMAZING! Keep up the great work guys.