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  1. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    This PR? T&T, OD-S, iGi, NwA and more all operated their own variation of the no locked squads rule at some point or another, be it with a player count, assets only or whatever reason locking a squad was always seen as an evil to the overall gameplay but at times a necessary one. I did years of playing nothing but Squad lead whilst Adminning at the same time, no worries whatsoever. FTFY. We need "Safe Spaces" for all these hippy softies who get easily offended and can't handle leadership without holding their veteran friend's hand Firstly get your logical fallacy right. "A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent." Secondly you seem to be the one getting all offended at this moment, why? Because I said that those who lock themselves in friends only squads because they can't handle leading people are incompetent at leading people? Diddums? A trained chimp can manage a premade group of friends who are used to playing with each other all the time. I never said the squad itself is incompetent. Nay I'd expect them to be high up on the board if they all know what they're doing, so the whole idea of trying to one up by saying clan squads can *wreak havoc is moot and besides the point (a.k.a strawman BS). Of course they should perform well, they're in a clan that should understand the majority of the ins and outs of the game, in that situation the Squad lead doesn't really need to "Lead" that much, they're just there to place the spawns and markers. Though being useful in a match they're not helping the health or longevity of the game at all by being in a bubble all the time by themselves. The majority of the time they only shine through because they are the most concentrated group of experienced players in a sea of mostly ignorant nubbys due to all the clans routinely locking themselves off thus keeping any knowledge & experience in their own little bubble. A good squad lead will take whatever is available to them at the time and will make it into a very capable fighting force, thats where the real leadership skills come into play. They have no need to cherry pick the people they want for the jobs at hand because they're competent enough at leading people to achieve the task at hand, whatever that task may be. Some of the very best players who understand everything about the game are the most incapable squad leads because they're unable to relate that knowledge and function with someone they haven't known for years or one who doesn't have clan tags on. Apologies if that harshness ruffles some feathers but that's plain fact. Someone who is willing and able to lead any group of people effectively is far better for the health of the game, playerbase and match quality than one who can only lead locked squads of their friends. I for one don't think locked squads are a good idea because of this. They encourage elitism, are a poor and ineffective way at managing assets & specialised squads, put invaluable knowledge behind a wall and segregate the players. Like I said before you don't need 9 man squads for everything but there are better ways to manage the use of assets and specialised squad roles than just slapping a padlock on it.
  2. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    The only reason anyone ever feels they "need" to lock a squad is down to a incompetence as a Squad Leader along with a failing of communication and teamwork resulting in the players feeling the "need" to isolate themselves in order to play the game. This is completely counter intuitive to the design of squad, end of. I'm not saying that there's no use for squads with less than 9 players, there certainly is, it's how you achieve that that matters. (hint, it's part of the ethos of the entire game) Enabling locked squads will only encourage elitists with poor teamwork & social skills to stick together and never expand their playstyle to incorporate the team. Assets will be dominated by the same group of people map after map with the claim that because they created the locked 3 man squad first, every tank & apc now belongs to them. More importantly the gold dust that is new players will be shutdown and turned away. We never allowed locked squads in our server and dare I say we were one of the very very best. That was down to the fact we encouraged communication rather than isolation and if limited soldiers were needed for a squad people weren't afraid to explain this to each other; with a dialogue open it's much more likely the "un-needed" squadmember actually presents a use or goes off to create their own squad to work in tandem with yours following a positive interaction. Of course it's easier for some SLs to just click lock and ignore the responsibility towards new players whilst staying in their own little bubble but it is never needed for any reason and doesn't make for better gameplay as some might try to convince you, it's just an easy out for those that might not be very good at wearing the big backpack. Add locked squads by all means but for the love of all that is holy give admins the ability to disable them on what will end up being the better servers
  3. FPS drops when server fills up.

    Same boat as me mate, its the cpu
  4. I'm liking it so far, some things need a bit more fluidity to them such as viewing the map and figuring out who's who, placing markers etc Looking forward to vehicles and getting a logistics convoy rolling
  5. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Damned youtube scrubbed the vid! evil gits Edit: ohhhh look what I found https://www.dropbox.com/s/omyi0q1nyogwbg3/nICKBOND_0001.wmv?dl=0
  6. Squad Leader Formation Utility

    Actually I would always run formations in PR, with the narrow FOV compared to reality its especially important. The key is knowing when and what you need to do to be most effective for a given situation and getting people to do that quickly and easily whilst you're walking through the green zone so that when bullets start flying it comes naturally to your squad. All formations only really require 2-3 other squad members to be in the right position, everyone else just fills in the gaps, especially with local voip you can get a much more heightened sense of awareness for whats going on around you within formation than just not bothering. Something as simple as getting people shoulder to shoulder instead of the duckling march of death would result in exponentially more firepower being placed where its needed instantly upon encountering a hostile. Trust is also a massive factor but when it's there you know that one of your buddys has a LOS that you do not when you come under fire and they will help you immediately. It all comes down to split seconds when you encouter a hostile and its far better to spend 20 seconds to get your people in positions where they can respond 0.5s quicker further down the line.
  7. Project Reality vets sign in here

    I'll be waiting in my tank for you when air vehicles arrive
  8. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Twas indeed dude [T&T]. Glad to be of help
  9. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Played PR back from 0.5 to 0.8 or so used to help run the Tactics and Teamwork server in the UK. Let the good times roll.
  10. Looking for people to play squad with

    Always happy to work with new folk who are willing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy4uiiy0qgA
  11. Top Tips for Success In Squad

    So folks, let's fill this one up with helpful hints and tips towards staying alive and working together with your Squad to achieve victory. Formation Adapting your squad into a formation according to your surroundings has many benefits. Situational awareness: You know who's where and what they should be able to see compared to you, allowing you to focus on your arc and move to cover more effectively if needed.Firepower: Wedge? Echelon? Column? When in a Formation suited to your surroundings the Squads firepower is more quickly and effectively brought to bear upon an opposing force. This is achieved by each member of the unit having clear sightlines to whatever aspect is most important at the time. Forward facing wedge allows for maximum firepower forward with a minimal initial profile for the enemy to see first (pity the point man). All soldiers can fire rearward however this formation is weaker from the sides where only half the unit is able to engage without risk of crossing into each others line of fire, forward visibility can also be a problem for those further back in the wedge. A reversed wedge or "Blunt" wedge allows for a tighter and more aggressive forward facing arc, with more soldiers able to respond to a frontal threat at the same time. An Echelon allows for you to kite around an enemy whilst keeping most members of your units line of sight towards their direction, it is useful when trying to evade or break away from contact and when probing the opposing line. A Column is useful in confined canyons and roadways where you are expecting an attack from the sides, you sacrifice the majority of forward facing firepower for to allow your soldiers to respond to a potential ambush. It is not to be used as a single file charge of death into an enemy position, you are not a duckling.Contact: Maintaining formation ensure when you do come into contact with the enemy, each member of the team is in the best position to respond to that threat immediately. It allows your machine gunner to get into position and cover you, the L-AT to locate and eliminate his target before it locates and eliminates you. it lets everyone know where everyone else has dropped when shtf so everyone can act and respond accordingly to stay alive Spacing Don't allow one grenade or one LMG to wipe out half your squad and don't be so far away that you're unable to respond to your squads needs. Communication No need for you life history (that's for when you're on defense), just reporting contacts calmy and efficiently is all you need to do. Listen to you squadmates and react accordingly, everyone in the unit should be aware of whats going on with the position next to them whilst focusing on their own. Organisation/Discipline You are a very small cog in a large machine, regardless of how highly skilled you might believe yourself to be. You must mesh with the other members of you unit if you are to succeed and that means following orders and sometimes doing the shit job. The best players are never those who get the most headshots, they are those who spot the tank first to allow the H-AT to destroy it, or those who know that instead of killing one, suppressing 5 enemies is better to allow their comrades to move into a better position. Alone you are strong, together you will be Mighty.
  12. Looking forward to playing with some old and new faces with whats looking to be an awesme game. Played PR obsessively for a fantastically good few years and helped with running the Tactics & Teamwork server, some of you good folk here I already know, going to be good to get back on the field again and get coordinating. Congrats to the dev Team and if there's anything I might be able to do to help let me know! So for now, who's who and how do you do?