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  1. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    The 2A4's are outdated. Made in the 70's. So they don't have the tech that we have today.
  2. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    No need to resort to name calling. Nobody cares how long you've been playing the predecessor. OP's concerns are legitimate. The TOW from both a REALISM and GAMEPLAY PERSPECTIVE should not be as strong as it is.
  3. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    Modern combat involves a multitude of anti-AT devices able to be deployed passively without an activation on it, ESPECIALLY in modern armies that aren't using piece of shit gear like the militia/INS. So before you start quoting Sun Tzu and all that bullshit, think about it from a gameplay perspective.
  4. March 2018 Recap

    doubtful. Most of us have been playing for at least 2 years. They have a track record.
  5. March 2018 Recap

    Probably because it's not exciting anymore. Doesn't matter what I see in the recap. I saw brits two years ago.
  6. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Someone asked me a question, so I participated in a discussion. It's remained civil. Nobody said it couldn't be fixed, and not a lot of us (People in my general circle that I play with) have faith in OWI's ability when they design game balancing modes. We'll have to see what the future holds.
  7. Community Feedback Roundtable

    I can agree with you.
  8. Community Feedback Roundtable

    You forgot April's Current playerbase which is dwindling. Showing a spreadsheet including months all the way back to 2016 is not relevant to the topic at hand when we are discussing the disagreement with v10's release and the population "dying" or staying afloat. The other issue with your spreadsheet is that it takes into account all the free weekends and sales that we've had in the past and that is definitely seen by the majority of the community as a negative. I mean does it not bother you that according to your spreadsheet and our current population that we barely have 300 more concurrent players since the days of no vehicles, no nametags and no prone with bland maps? With all the "content" and "features" that have been added including all of the marketing that went into their free weekends, sales and "New Player Experience" it did **** all for the community retention. I'd say if the numbers are steadily declining then it's dying. But it's clear we're on two very different sides of the fence. We can agree to disagree. My main basis for the argument is the exodus of veterans leaving the game and refusing to play public matches which is why you see this massive increase in threads being made talking about inexperienced Squad Leaders. It never used to be this way. Sure you had your ****ing idiots every now and then, but it's the norm now instead of the exception. Nobody is around to teach the game anymore. Also I'd like to add how v10 was supposed to be like the second coming of Jesus and everyone claimed they would be back once it released. According to Steam Population counts we've only retained 100 players. Last 30 Days 1,644.2 -291.3 -15.05%
  9. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Not exactly end of days prophets when you can look up the numbers and statistics. No, I don't think the population will ever reach ZERO, but the game IS dying and regardless of what you think that is a fact. Can it be revived in the future? Sure, it's never too late, but at the moment it isn't looking good. You also say it's not representative of the wider community but this roundtable was in a private discord that ALL clan reps have access to and while the majority of the criticism is constructive and promotes an environment of making the game better, the fact remains that the discord itself is filled with people unhappy with the game and we constantly see their feedback starting off with "My guys hate xyz" or "My guys stopped playing because xyz". The following are some excerpts; "im going to keep this short and sweet the older acog reticles are far better than the new ones." "But what not so awesome, is ruining gameplay balance" "I say this because while I enjoy the pacing in a comp game, I am finding myself getting bored in public play due to the repetition involved in a single life and how meaningless it is" "From my members I received a lot of concerns about the new damage model, current fear is that with the next patch we get a half working solution which brings in a lot of balancing issues" "yeah, movement at all = settle sway makes zero sense, atleast outside of more than .25 seconds of it. Shouldering a rifle isn't some stupidly hard task." "This is my own feedback. It's terrible design. As pliskin said what's the point of a stamina bar if you walk slowly and manage it to then have large amounts of settle sway?" "Having random recoil lowers the player skill ceiling and does not provide a masterable system for players who want to put in the learning time to become very proficient with each weapon's unique characteristics and firing patterns." "Most of our community members noted that the weapon sway is way too big on it's current state. i.e. walking and aiming down the sites in CQB (belya tunnels) makes it troublesome." "Most people dislike the random sideways recoil patterns and think they bring little to the game. While we see the point of it we feel due to it being out of the players control it just creates a frustrating experience that outweighs the positives." "Everyone dislikes the new M4 Red Dot and would like to see it changed to be more like the old one where there was space between the front central post and the dot." "With the upcoming v11 AAS changes, and removal of bleed, I think ticket loss/gain upon losing or taking a flag must be so high as to compensate for the tickets you will lose when being on the offensive. Attacking flags usually leads to a lot of ticket loss, since you are often grinding through less-than-ideal positions. It seems to me if this is not compensated for properly upon capping the enemy flag, by gaining lots of tickets / enemy losing lots of tickets, then there wont be incentives to attack, and gameplay will come to a stand-still" I could find more but I think you get the point. Yes we are providing feedback that will help improve the game, but saying that we don't represent the wider community when the wider community that is INVOLVED in making the game better is generally unhappy with it's current state is kind of ignorant.
  10. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Well these changes aren't that great in my opinion and in the opinion of those I play with. We've stopped playing public matches and the game I used to stay up til 4AM playing has now been shelved and the only reason it isn't uninstalled is because we still have tournaments and scrims to play. I might average 5 hours a week if I'm lucky.
  11. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Except for the hundreds of players that consistently talk about how they quit playing squad because of the gunplay and new mechanics? Ok. You think v9 was boring? Welcome to v10 where we literally tried to stop the rush but only made it worse and made every single match linear and boring as ****. Every map plays out exactly the same. There is no deviation.
  12. Community Feedback Roundtable

    So I'll tackle these points one at a time from my perspective; 1. Player numbers do rise and drop after every patch yes, you are correct. However if you remember all the people who were waiting for v10 to come out in order to come back to the game eventually left without even waiting a month. Let's look at these numbers; JAN - 1,545 Pre v10 FEB - 3,285 v10 Release MAR - 1,935 APRIL - 1,655 Looking at these numbers we have only gained 100 players since v10's release, and the month isn't even over yet to account for the communities that have quit the game altogether. So no, I don't think this is being overexaggerated or dramatized. I think it's fact and should be a clear indicator. 2. Performance. Yes I understand performance is also an issue but optimization is something that can be fixed and changed and has been confirmed as something the devs will work towards AFTER content is being introduced. Gameplay however, will stay the same and is the ultimate factor in whether or not a game is fun. 3. Yes old players do get tired and leave. I'm aware that this is something that happens in every game, however when SQUAD is the only type of game on the market right now that can provide this gameplay and instead of toughing it out the vets decide to leave? That's a serious issue. People aren't leaving the game because they're tired of it. People are leaving the game because they are disappointed with it and with the direction it is going in when these players were happy for YEARS. We played the game when there were no vehicles. When there were bland maps and no proning. There is a reason memes are created called "How to lose a community in a patch". v10 killed off most of the veterans, and those that are left are just waiting for something else to come out. 4. You're entitled to your opinion on infantry combat being bland. I agree that the AR and DM didn't feel unique but the LAT and GL and Medic did. v10 GUNPLAY MECHANICS did not change how the AR and DM played. Scopes and Bipods did. Keep that in mind. You say twitch skills, I think of it as first person shooter skills. If you don't have good aim, you shouldn't be able to kill someone. Nobody was running around 360 no scoping people like everyone tries to claim. I'm speaking mainly for North American and European Populations. Chinese and Aussies are out of my realm of understanding and frankly you make up a minority of the already small playerbase anyways. As far as the M4 recoil goes, no it wasn't instantaneous and if you have some real world experience firing this weapon I'd like to hear it because I have and so have many others who are critical of the new gunplay mechanics. It doesn't take skill and patience to control the recoil, that's what v9 took. v10 has RNG weapon mechanics that make it impossible to PRACTICE controlling it. You basically have to pray that it lines up the way you want it to because you can't account for it.
  13. Community Feedback Roundtable

    M4 was good because it had realistic recoil not what we have now. But if you think experienced players switched teams for certain rifles then you're mistaken. In fact, this is what is CURRENTLY happening because nobody wants to use certain weapons because of the abysmal system we have. All you need to do is look at the concurrent playerbase dropping consistently since v10's release to understand that the majority of the people that loved this game no longer do. The only thing that is keeping this game alive are the hundreds of players who are new to the game. The veterans are leaving. Whole communities that helped drive this game are disbanding. It's not a good thing.
  14. Community Feedback Roundtable

    I have to respectfully disagree. Balance was fine for most of us. What you mentioned is an issue with player/ballistic damage models and not with the infantry gunplay. As far as factions go, militia/INS could defeat RU/USA as long as they used the mechanics given to them.
  15. Community Feedback Roundtable

    I dislike almost everything to do with the gunplay, and it isn't because I'm a "twitch" shooter or a "CSGO BOI". I thought the v9 gunplay was great and achieved balance. I dislike that there are no systems in place to encourage and reward teamwork other than winning the map. I dislike the majority of the playerbase being potatos. Just yesterday we had a guy do a Logi run for our faction and instead of going to our main base he went to the enemy's main for example. Some other stuff but it's just minor details. I liked the roundtable because it was the first time that people with VERY different opinions on what the game should be like actually got together to provide meaningful feedback that wasn't responded to with the usual "We know, we're working on it". It is very rare to see communities in this game that have historically been at odds over game direction, compromising with each other to find common ground.
  16. KARMAKUT's Video Thread

    Hmmmm, yet people hate Doctor Hammer? lol
  17. 1. People aren't saying squad is dying because lack of your god tier suppression immersion. 2. Where are you basing your opinion on hands shaking in a firefight from? Personal experience or your knowledge based on books and videos that contain OTHER people's experience? 3. Optics SHOULD win versus Ironsights. This is not up for debate. Ironsights cannot effectively engage past 300 Meters and even then it's sketchy at most. Should stay that way. Currently the only kits that have ironsights are the ones that serve other purpose's Your post was fine, your argument just copies the same thing hundreds of other people have talked about before. The search bar is your friend. The only thing that really triggered me besides your ignorance on why people think the game is dying is your superior knowledge of how suppression works in a "battlezone" compared to people like Sgt. Ross, Odin, Melbo and various other COMBAT VETERANS that play this game or work on this game. If you don't have personal experience with it, don't make a post to try and tell us how these things work in real life.
  18. Developer Roundtable

    Many of you don't know that a "roundtable" discussion was held last night between OWI and various clan representatives. This was a very productive meeting that lasted two hours and discussed multiple topics about gameplay mechanics for the future. We were allowed to record it. While a transcript is being written for a TLDR version, I have uploaded the entire meeting to soundcloud. For those of you interested in listening, here it is; While most of you know that I am not exactly happy with the current state of Squad, I can tell you that Fuzzhead has been able to give me hope for the game and I was extremely happy with last night's meeting. These roundtable discussions will be a monthly thing and I can tell that they will do a great deal to improve the game and overall community.
  19. Concerned

    That is fine. Nobody is arguing with you, but when it's been larger in the past it is concerning for us is all.
  20. Concerned

  21. Concerned

    What was your purpose in quoting me just to make a personal jab?
  22. Concerned

    Well I'm banned on the official discord so I won't be going there anytime soon lol but I do appreciate the response. Personally, I'm jaded due to the track record of your company however I'm hopeful that with some new changes and positive attitudes that the direction will really come around. All we can do is wait and see what you guys come up with at this point. Will be attending the Round Table so I'm eager to hear you speak on multiple topics. See ya there.