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  1. Review ?

    Here is an honest review of the game having been around for awhile and seen it's development. Squad is a good game, but it is starting to grow stale and underperform in content development and the quality of public matches have gone downhill due in part from back to back steam sales. The game is frustrating to the extent that unless I have people from my group playing I will not play public matches. Lack of experience and lack of motivation to listen to direction is killing this game in terms of the public portion. You have squad leaders that do not listen and want to play how they see fit which is fine because they paid their money same as I did, however they make mistakes and ruin the next 45 minutes of a match because of it. Squad will be cool for your first hundred or so hours, but after that it will start to show it's flaws and you will turn into the rest of the vets here who are salty and tired of the "human" element. OWI likes to tell you that teamwork and communication are staples of this game when it is further from the truth. There are no systems in place currently to promote a culture of teamwork and communication and reward people for doing so. Short of kicking people from a server and squad you are ****ed.

    We spray and prey alright. Prey on the potato skill level that the majority of this community has.
  3. The beer thread - What are you drinking?

    I'm a simple guy, I see budweiser, I drink budweiser.
  4. The 7th Legion now recruting

    Was banned from discord after saying "Good Scrim". Will not recommend them.
  5. [Video] - Believe (Halo 3 Inspired)

    At some point yeah
  6. Crouching at MRAP gunner seat

  7. Crouching at MRAP gunner seat

    you can always just aim all the way up.
  8. BELIEVE - Squad SDK Trailer

  9. Death and Glory - Short SDK Video

    Thanks BB. Uploading a different one though with a proper ending and not so foggy color grading.
  10. Teaser Trailer - More SDK ACTION!