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    Would you mind if I used this for a video in the future? It's really good man.
  2. Need a Video?

    Offering my services in Video Editing to the community free of charge. I am going to school for Film and Video Post Production soon and would like to get into the industry so I've been building a portfolio. Any clans or communities with a video request can get their representative to PM me. Thank you.
  3. SQUAD - ISKT Promo

    Join some discords for clans with servers. Tell them why you want admin cam. Some are understanding.
  4. SQUAD - ISKT Promo

    Thanks. Still getting dislikes though. Too many haters. A good video is a good video.
  5. 29v40 only happened after a clan ragequitted. We had a FOB, but people wanted to SquadOPS the FOB and make it cool looking and it got raped. so yeah.
  6. [LGN] LEGION - NA Squad Clan

    LEGION is a North American based Competitive SQUAD Clan looking for more members to bolster it's ranks. We usually operate on an invite only basis to control the skill level of our playerbase in order to keep a reputation as good shooters. We are a group of laid back guys who are serious when it matters in game and would like to invite you to look at our website and join our discord. Anyone who thinks they are a decent player may play with us and if we like what we see, an invitation will be extended to join us. Requirements; 18+ Years of Age Working Mic/English Speaking Able to Commit to Competitive SQUAD Events Very Active Website: http://legion.godaddysites.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/K6M3JE Thanks for taking the time to read.
  7. Night map?

    I think Chora Night isn't so popular because it takes patience to spot people. Just my opinion though.
  8. Night map?

    There is a night map already on Chora. I personally think it's fun and shows off awesome tracer effects. They are indeed adding helicopters to the game, though it is a bit away from the current iteration. This game has taken massive strides from where it used to be just 8 months ago. Welcome to the game and enjoy your time here o7
  9. Just Purchased Squad

    You wouldn't have happened to watch my review did you? And congratulations! Squad is an amazing game. I'm sure you'll love it!
  10. The Return of The Rage

    Not long at all. To be honest I could have done better but I was itching to put out new content since I'm back on Squad. Did all this within a day with Sony Vegas. Getting my ID on some servers so I can get better footage in the future and for cinematic videos I'm gonna get a clan to help film staged stuff like my old trailer I made. Just getting back in the swing of things.
  11. I'm lucky to have taken an 8 month break so I think the whole game is awesome at this point. I also see OP's viewpoint though as it isn't just a new thing to recently happen. Everytime we get a free weekend and get new players all the veteran squad leaders get frustrated and in turn frustrates new players because they aren't getting the "Squad" experience. Best thing we can do to mitigate it is to sift through the new players and try to guide them. This community is what we make it.
  12. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Or the Kurdish Peshmerga, or Dwekh Nawsha, or YPG, or YPJ, or Shadows of Hope, or SquadBay, or you know...the rest of the people over there....