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  1. PR vs SQUAD Reload Animation

    I don't come to SQUAD forums very often, but I recently noticed something super familiar while playing PR and back to SQUAD.
  2. Just make SQUAD like Project Reality (2)!

    are you actually taking the comparison seriously? one is a team of ragtag guys on their freetime, and the other is guys kickstarted, paid to work and create a game. it's not apples to apples, like said by psyrus himself.. it didn't make sense to compare them with development versions. and 0.32? this just feels like trolling.
  3. British Army DPM camo

    why are you so thirsty for an argument? the M72A6 is the same as the M72A7, I just told you this, and not to mention it was a typo, which I too already said this. M72's have seen use, which I already told you... this is becoming a pattern of you not reading. The M136 sees a lot more action than any of the M72s, ESPECIALLY in the army.
  4. British Army DPM camo

    wow so clever you have shown a screenshot on a typo instead of actually discussing. edit: actually since you decided to show a clever screenshot, I will educate you on M72s: the M72A6 is literally the M72A7. (A6)one is used by USMC(and sometimes US army) and the other is(designed) for US Army and Navy. although it's basically shared by all, USMC deploys them the most often.
  5. British Army DPM camo

    The US Army faction is using M72A6's as their primary LAT. A post about discussing camoflauge patterns isnt out of the box.
  6. Just make SQUAD like Project Reality (2)!

    The reason why squad is compared to PR so often is because they are both similar on the genre and gameplay. Im sure squad will have depth later. I dont see why its shamed on for comparing the two, the reason why people say 'squad should have this of pr' is because it worked in pr. Its that simple. PR wouldnt be successful if it wasnt good, and SQUAD needs some of what made PR good.
  7. team-killing messages

    If the community is bad to the point where revenge killing is this large of a problem, then you do not need admins to check for who teamkilled or suicided, but insteas need admins to ban(not kick) those members of the community. Get it together, we're supposed to be an improvement/alongside PR, but we cant even nail basic manners or respect. I agree on adding a global message, makes this clear. 'Revenge killers' get punished regardless anyways. theres no need to be scared.
  8. Just make SQUAD like Project Reality (2)!

    Thats fine, its just core mechanics are missing so heavily its very concerning.
  9. FOB Radio - Chatter by players

    Simple and short: The FOB Radios currently say random stuff like 'LZ IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'. And yes, I understand it's early gameplay etc, but this is a simple suggestion. have the FOB Radios create actual player chatter, they can still be discombobulated cheap radio filter stuff, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a platoon-wide FOB radio chatter on that. quite immersive, in my opinion(although actual chatter would probably be on company/bat comms.)
  10. TBH CAS+airmobiletrans can wait. I think the focus should be on refining game mechanics, adding factions, and other more relevant vehicles.