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  1. First Mod Whitelisting Vote!

    Rather disappointing... copy paste of my reddit reply; Like it's good your finally supporting modding properly but... well I guess next year? maybe? Edit: found the form - some of those questions were hilarious and stupid but it's done.
  2. SDK: AAS not working (FIXED - new method v12+)

    It's how they link and the logic used in the AAS initializer, idk how to do RAAS. When I used names with out numbers it did not work.
  3. SDK: AAS not working (FIXED - new method v12+)

    IN OWI maps you'll see they use box trigger, sphere and capsule, good example is chora... I forget which AAS one, of the BIG ones tho that uses the whole map. I just copy out the box trigger from that map as I can t find the same one, idk if it's trigger/volume or what - but here's as tlaking about and bang our heads aginst the wall when someone at OWI knows all of this but is to lazy to make a post. but yeah they need to be 00- 01- 02- which is annoying as I use to have map with all the capture zones, link them and then delete ones I didn't use, know I have to rename them all... also no PAAS which I really liked. Edit the other main can be 07- for example, dosen't have to be 100- but might as well, saves renaming it if you want to Squeeze in another Cap point.
  4. SDK: AAS not working (FIXED - new method v12+)

    Yep, if it works it works, and as I think I've said - maybe I didn't I type out replys and don't bother to post them kinda often, the box trigger, I can't find out where or which one OWI uses, I had to open up the SDK to get some screen caps, so maybe later today I'll make something. Also - it might be really important to follow typical OWI teaming preferences, IE USA is always the first team, second team is whatever unless there is no USA then RU is team one, etc etc, I wouldn't know where to find that info but basically it's as the teams were introduced to the game., the first introduced team is always team one and it might not work if they are the wrong way around, hence US main is always 00 unless as above, could be wrong but the AAS seams really finicky.
  5. SDK: AAS not working (FIXED - new method v12+)

    Sorry, still have done the tut, been very unmotivated since OWI haven't done anything meaningful for modding. You need to attach the trigger to the AAS cap thingo, like parenting it but not in the outliner, or was it? might have been in the details panel, parent it to blueprint. I can't find the same trigger box/share, so I copy them from an existing map and parent it. take note of previous post about AAS - naming convention etc. Note how OWI did make a tut on TC, yet didn't for AAS, and yet we already have a TC tut, which also doesn't leave out much needed details like the OWI one. Idk, intentional or unintentional? Incompetentice or trolling? Typical OWI, guess it doesn't matter when the end result is the same. Edit; warmaster has made one... it's... the BP_CaptureZone is not how you do it but if works it works; the only catch with doing it that way is you can't have custom capture shapes, Squad uses Spheres, boxes and capsule, you can use like 3 boxes etc. this way it's stuck as just 1 sphere. Still way way better then nothing.
  6. Edit: seems I was way late to the party. Gameplay: Regards to run/sprint speed, why was it increased as oppose to increasing duration? Side note: I can run/jog with 30kg pack for 500m easily and I'm not that fit or big, but what I can't do is run really fast at all with it. Any plans to be able pick other players, friendly and foe grenades or bandages, or get these from enemy ammo crates/rifleman bags? wouldn't expect ammo because of different ammo types. Modding: When is whitelisting mods going to occur? before beta? after release? Any plans to promote modded content more? how and when?
  7. [WIP] Operation Silver [Vanilla]

    Name: Operation Silver Location: Afgan setting/generic Size: appx 3x3km Teams: USA vs RU, more will be added Gameplay: AAS, TC, more planned, focus on vehicle and infantry balance and helicopters. Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1235044873 WIP 70-90% done Description: A map set in a hilly region, filled with lush but dry river banks, steep hills, and winding roads. Minimap: Screenshots/Media: (a0.25) v15 Feedback welcome, join the Discord: https://discord.gg/BCWbjYV Silver_aas_v1 - Standard, 6 caps, US vs RU Silver_aas_v1_Night - Standard, 6 caps, US vs RU Silver_TC1 - Standard, US vs RU Appx 1.3gb. Designed with helicopters in mind 70-90% complete I will do further optimisation Night lighting is still in testing but is very close All previous layers will return in time expect PAAS which is no longer supported? Bonus map removed - TBA. To-Do list: Finish northern areas - foliage, compounds, detailing. Add POIs and cover to TC hexes areas. Final road pass and re-edit road model and texture Final foliage pass Rocks pass - edit models and general clean up. Update landscape material layers - final - last updated 11/07/2019 Update Minimap - final - last updated 11/07/2019 Re-check/re-add sound cues Remake Previous gameplay layers - skirmish, HM, Inf. etc. Lighting final for day and night plus AO tweeks. Fix v15 missing content that was in v14 (wheat grass) Optimisation check: Merge meshes (reduce draw calls) Edit and trim models Edit all foliage models and textures - reduce alpha overdraw Edit and Trim background mountains Check foliage shadows settings Replace splines where possible Adjust/Check Landscape LOD
  8. The Wrench, July 2019

    Jumping on the bandwagon, here's my mod map; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1235044873 I've trying to make a post on he forum but I still have a tutorial thread pending approval which appears to be blocking me from posting more threads, so if some one could approve that.would be great.
  9. SDK: AAS not working (FIXED - new method v12+)

    So I've posted a tut on TC layers a few days ago and am awaiting it to be approved, tried to post another tut and I get 500 server errors so assume the first post needs to approved first ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ OWI seem to want to make things as difficult as possible. Started a mapping tut, but I'll wait on a v15 SDK as enough things have changed that I don't want to make it broken tut from day one also I already need to re-record what I already did as the mic was picking up a horrendous amount of popping etc. I would get a better mic but I'm broke AF.
  10. Not done by me, made By Steez of the BigD gaming community. Note: as of 15th July 2019, do not manually set Hexes as team one, two or neutral only use Spline % as explained in the video or they will not work as intended.
  11. SDK: AAS not working (FIXED - new method v12+)

    So, the naming is very important, should be name "00-US_main" and the next cap 01-CapName, 02-CapName etc, then 06-CapName, 07-RU_Main, also when linking the AAS - you need to go from US main to first flag then the next etc then Ru main, you can't go from RU main to cap then cap then to US main - it will fail to link them, I'll try to make a tut soon - tho idk know how recreate it 100% - I still have to copy the trigger/volume box from another map. I'll be making/re-making a few tuts, as well as posting a few that have showed up from other people who haven't posted them on here yet.
  12. SDK: AAS not working (FIXED - new method v12+)

    It's now done a different way, tho I can't get it to work 100%, I can get flags and but it doesn't seem to have any links shown in the map, even tho they are linked in what ever sub entity you add nodes and select the new capture bp. I opened Chora and learned from that and same with TC but again I can't get it work properly - looks right in editor view but with PIE a large chunk of the hexs are no team or wrong team, but in edit they are set correctly IDFK. I've already asked for more info on the new .mi file and it's details, so waiting on that - and we'll see if they make some guides/tuts - I might try and do something like opening, re-saving maps with the same gametype and flags, delete the Sub map and then add my own - do some name changes on map title and cap points, might be the only way, but might not work, could be the sdk was never really tested, IDK, getting info from them is "like pulling teeth" Also handy info that's not anywhere on here, Folder called intermediate, in Squad\Squad delete that otherwise your mod won't compile.
  13. Please READ my post as you have not told me anything that isn't already known besides Plug-ins. Will an icon under 1mb work? My icon is 720kb, 841px X 750px or is it too large pixel wise? Not square? IE WHY DOESN'T IT WORK? Or does it have to be 1mb Exactly? I have mentioned the icon location IS NOT stored in the .mi file so WHERE IS IT STORED? HOW DO I MANUALLY EDIT IT'S LOCATION? because it will not store it, but did for the new mod, both use the same icon, both are in the root of the mod folder, where you said. EDIT: Also when I try to package I get: EDIT2: so the apparent fix for the problem below is to delete the folder 'Intermediate' in: "H:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Squad\Squad" "ModdingModCooker: Cook (Windows): ERROR: Unable to compile source files. ModdingModCooker: Cook (Windows): (see H:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Squad\UnrealEngine\Engine\Programs\AutomationTool\Saved\Logs\Log.txt for full exception trace) ModdingModCooker: Cook (Windows): AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=1 (Error_Unknown) ModdingModCooker: Cook (Windows): BUILD FAILED" There are piles of errors none look relevant to my mod but I will go throw it. EDIT3: build failed - seems like like gameplay capture zone stuff, should be easy to fix, but I have never had so many warnings before; "ModdingModCooker: Cook (Windows): LogSavePackage: Warning: /OperationSilver/Silver/Silver_Assets/SilverEnviroment/Meshes/SM_MERGED_afg_wall_C_Shape imported Serialize:/Game/Environments/Afghan/materials/MI_Blendlayer_Loamwalls_V1, but it was never saved as an export." LOL, I have 1000s of these, maybe 10,000.
  14. Thanks, also going to update my post
  15. Squad SDK Update

    Yeah... need more detailed info thanks --->>