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  1. CPU Priority

    Hey squaddies, since the last update (v10) i can´t manually set the process priority to high in the task manager anymore. Anyone knows why or how to fix this? Or is this a feature now? thanks
  2. Awesome Squad VOIP recordings!

    I am pretty sure you will find what you look for in Karmakuts videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/iTzKaRMaKuT/videos But better ask him if you are allowed to use it
  3. Extreme lag spikes. The game is unplayable.

    I personally have some problems with lag spikes and found GPU Tweak a very useful tool. It has a "gaming booster" which turns off unnecessary windows processes and gives the game a way better stability. But you should use the "repair" function of "Easy anti Cheat" after every "boost" because it seems to stop working otherwise. But maybe it won´t help you because the lags have a different source
  4. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    looks very promising cant wait for the animation update
  5. SQUAD - Why We Play

    Thats true. Even most of the time my team looses we can say "but...we did good defending this or that" or "but it was close" Sure, sometimes the teams are uneven or unbalanced and you have no chance whatsoever but this is part of "gaming" in general.
  6. i crawled upon a fob

    well done as you said, you should practice some aiming. Try to alter your lower your mouse speed. Try not to "hard click" if you shoot, so you dont move the mouse while clicking. Take like 0,5sec more to aim for the head - make every bullet count.
  7. Game black screens after intro

    Havent tested the windowed workaround yet. I got the same Problem, my workaround is: Restart the game until it works. I need 3 maybe 4 tries to get further than the "keyboard" screen but then it works. I just end the game via task manager when i have a black screen longer than 30 sec or the keyboard screen doesnt load (dots bottom right not moving). This is very annoying but it works. Still have to try windowed mode!
  8. Hey guys, there are a few threads that may sound similar but i think it´s different (: Yesterday everything was fine, i enjoyed the new update. Today, there was a 12mb? hotfix or something and since then my game won´t start up. It crashed a few times at startup and when i got to settings i thought i clear the settings once (as this was recommended). So i restarted, reconfigured my settings and started firing range. This resulted in a freeze (no error msg). Now every time i start the game it freezes right after the intro during the first loading screen (where you see the keyboard etc.) I don´t even know where to start investigating? I tried deleting EAC files and the squad exe and let him download this again (via verifying steam files) but still same error. Now i download and install latest amd drivers and see if that is gonna help. Win 7 Radeon R9 280x 8gb RAM Core i5 3,2ghz Any ideas or suggestions what i could try? I have a feeling c++ redist has something to do because it tried to install at the first startup today. Have to have a look at this later. Thanks edit1: amd driver didnt change anything edit2: logs: