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  1. Transferable ammo

    problem here is no real life tactics work without a grenadier (hand) being able to throw multiple frags. If they've got to assault more than one position, makes it impossible. Arma caters for this well by requiring ammo resupplies to be delivered and issuing a weight/space penalty for carrying extra mags. During assaults/room clearance, they are "posted". An ammo bag that can be carried and dropped once by an individual and passed on to another with a grenade carried at one time limit would balance this no?
  2. Transferable ammo

    they'd learn to keep wider spacings pretty quick then I'd still suggest keeping it limited to 2 per rifleman but should be able to resup from an ammo bag or each other something more often as fob is often five grid squares away by the time ammo runs out.
  3. Transferable ammo

    not necessarily UNLIMITED grenades but a way to resupply and re-balance loadouts to add realism. IRL grenades are used in almost every room during urban ops. Perhaps the SL or 2IC could use a drag and drop system to rebalance ammo among nearby squadmates?
  4. Transferable ammo

    Would be really good for commanders to be able to re-balance Squad ammo. It's a frequent problem that a couple of members of a squad would run out of ammunition before the others making it inconvenient to return to the nearest FOB ammo point for the entire squad and often forcing a split callsign which goes against the teamplay ethic of the game. A big problem I've frequently found is riflemen running out of grenades quickly in an urban scenario with the only solution being to change the order of units repeatedly. IRL a supply of grenades would be pushed forward from the QM's group and other section members. I would suggest a few different solutions bearing in mind the aim is gameplay over realism: An Arma - style kit system whereby people can drop magazines and equipment on the ground or place it into another character's backpack. Further mods to Arma allowed magazines to be refilled from loose and boxed ammo as well as from other magazines based on a timer system. The pros of this are obvious, the cons would be that it could become overly-milsimmy and complicated. An America's Army (2.0 back when it was good!) style system whereby players could drop a grenade or rifle magazine which could be picked up by other players. This would be time consuming to do at any large scale but probably the simplest. A Far Cry 3 style "search the dead" system allowing players to recoup the remaining full magazines and grenades up to starting capacity from a fallen friendly unit. A system where the squad leader could perform an automated "Ammo balance" on squad-mate's within a certain radius if not under immediate threat. IRL - the 2IC and Pl Sgt's group would carry additional ammo which would be redistributed according to requirement during the regroup(section)/reorg(platoon/company) phase of an attack.

    Not everything... just more PM'med xx

    Well if you want to take kit advice from an RAMC medic over infantry, be my guest . (learn your TRFs!) I'm sure he's very qualified but I'm from an infantry cap-badge, we probably play with our kit a fair bit more often. Whinge about it a bit more too probably.

    I have - other problems include pistol, PRR pouch (not just position), helmet scrim, pistol holster, trousers, clip on daysack, type of magazine. Get in touch via PM I'll happily be a source of up-to date photos and advice as to what is issued/used.
  8. Hi there, please let me advise on British Forces Faction. Very keen to see this implemented in Squad, and as a serving member of the armed forces I've noticed some mistakes on your renders in the update. Please do let me help with accuracy advice as I'm very current with equipment etc. PM for details