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  1. CTD while opening the game

    I already set to run with GTX 1050, my last 6 hours was trying to fix this, seems like Conan Exile has de same problem, both Squad and Conan are set to run with GTX1050 but seems the Windows are ignoring this. Btw, sorry my bad english, and yep, my screenshot are in portuguese but you can see that its using GTX 1050 already
  2. Hi, I bought a new laptop which is better than my desktop(config at the end of the thread), I can play well at my desktop, but my game can't even launch, someone can help me? log: https://pastebin.com/j6HscP3S Desktop: FX6300 12GB RAM GT 1030 990FXA-UD3 Laptop Acer VX5 i5 7300HQ GTX 1050 8GB RAM Any help will be welcome.
  3. "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad"

    Thanks for the reply. My laptop is new(2 Week old), I play most of game with my GPU at 65°c max, some game it get 70° but i doubt that temp is the problem since my game even launch, alread did all the other thing u say, no fix. Hope some dev reply my or at least "read" my log, because my ticket ill die in their system and no one will ever reply.
  4. "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad"

    I have the same problem, already sent a e-mail but no response until now... I played it a time ago using a desktop FX6300 GT1030 12GB RAM I sold my PC because I started working and need something that I can carry with me and possible even play, I bought a laptop with those settings i5 7300HQ 8GB GTX 1050 Acer VX5 Its better than my old desktop and I can't play, since I sent a email I'm searching at all over the internet and I can't find anything that help me... https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1Xtuz7gQZMNjfUBVjpXA7-CtONFIWKCZZ crash log
  5. When will the next game sale?

    Well, there are several Brazil players who love the game, but with the current price in the brazilian store is very expensive for us, unfortunately... It would be very interesting if the next sale of steam to happen a promotion of the game, he was 50 reais, that's a good price(even if it expensive for many here), but the game was not as known at the time, I didn't have so many youtubers doing video about this game... There are other reasons for asking a promotion too; I'll list one because my english is very bad... 1 - The game is about teamwork, many Brazilians do not know english, to have a good communication in the game. I find some Brazilians playing, see them quiet because they don't understand what the squad lead is talking about, I try to help but my english is not that good... Sorry for my bad english or something typed wrong. A hug to the whole commnity, I found several people who helped me a lot in the game, even with my bad english they helped me.