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  1. This is Squad | Fanmade "trailer"

    Put some of my scenes together and made kind of a trailer. Hope you enjoy!
  2. upgrading monitor 1080p to 1440p: need advices.

    Hi, I got the AOC Agon 271QG and I'm really satisfied with it. I stumbled across alot of reviews and was reading through forums for the last 3 months to make sure I make the right decision. http://aoc-europe.com/en/products/ag271qg It basically got the same specs as the PG279Q and the xb271hu. Don't know much about the viewsonic though. Currently I'm playing on a Gtx970 and a Xeon E3-1230 v3 @ 3.30 GHz. I can tell: 1440p is the perfect sweetspot between performance and picture quality. Compared with an IPS panel and Gsync is a very good choice!
  3. Gamescom (urgent)

    That didnt help, all booze is gone. I hope for sunday!
  4. Gamescom (urgent)

    Hallo guys, im now at gamescom and the only reason for that is to Drink some Kölsch with the devs and talk about the game i always wanted (squad).Does anyone know where the devs are right now?
  5. Watching Streams: it's chaotic!!!!!

    Today I was SL in a Squad on Fools Road with new people only and it was really awesome. First 10 minutes I showed them the basics, movement, compass, map and so on. Then we made it with some formations through the woods. We got some intense firefights, built a fob and they were so amazed and did everything I said. In the end we won the round. So I can really say there is HOPE :)
  6. Intense firefight on Fools Road aside the RedCoats!

    it's fixed :) link was updated
  7. Intense firefight on Fools Road aside the RedCoats!

    aah yea i found the reason:D I set the volume down at the beginning of editing because it was just earraping while editing and I forgot to tune it back. Gonna upload it again with better sound! Thanks!
  8. Hey Squids! Here a pretty intense video I recorded on 7th december while in the glorious RedCoat Squad on Fools Road! Had an awesome time in that freaking mine compound with those guys :) Hope you enjoy! now better sound :) Hermann out.
  9. Combat Medic Gameplay!

    Hi Squaddies! Here are some moments as a combat medic + awesome teamwork moments with the best community! hope you enjoy!
  10. HerrmannKrieg's Videos!

    Thanks! Oh yes, the sounds are amazing. Hope to see you in the fields soon!
  11. HerrmannKrieg's Videos!

    Hey Squaddies, here are some videos I made from recent matches maybe some of you will find yourselves! hope you enjoy! Herrmann out. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL90X1v2yDvF8NpfJd3yE8k0_hpZW0WmIb
  12. Local voip when wounded

    so thats the reason no one found me! yea local voice in wounded state like in pr would be useful
  13. NY servers

    no fix for that issue yet, right?
  14. Swedish Armed Forces

    Yes, thats the Leopard 2 A5 - swedish version