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  1. Farm 51 - World War 3

    For anyone who didn't refund, the PTE update dropped this morning (EST) and it actually feels more stable, improved hit-reg over 0.3 and this update includes the server browser option... so no more relying only on broken matchmaking. I've been enjoying it today. Still an early alpha WIP in terms of bugs and features... but it's an improvement over the main branch.
  2. Farm 51 - World War 3

    C'mon man. You gotta admit it's a nice looking Wallpaper Engine, even comes with audio! I think it's a bit resource heavy for wallpaper though, hopefully there will be some optimization in the future.
  3. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Aye, I was playing on the high tickrate servers with the blue filter removed as well. It looked and felt much better than the official servers. After the population completely dropped off (granted I never saw a huge player base to begin with) I thought the project pretty much died. Evidently I was quite wrong. lol I'm hopeful that it'll pick back up after the 1.0 release, because I think it could be a blast even with the limited capabilities as far as maps. For example, I'd happily sink myself into PR-ish mod on Frostbite. We obviously don't know what (if anything) will materialize, but I find even the idea to be interesting.
  4. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    I found some more information on Venice Unleashed itself in a Apr 2018 interview with two of the guys behind the project: From what I understand, back in Apr they could take the existing maps in BF3 and reconfigure the objects and structures, expand playable area boundaries (even add in their own content and use single player maps in multiplayer) but the end goal of the project is to allow the implementation of completely new maps. That's enough to peak my interest, though understandably not everyone will feel the same. As for the whole Revive thing, they aren't distributing BF3 for free and don't allow cracked copies to utilize their system. Even back in the version .8 that I have, you were required to legally own BF3 and had to link your Origin account to a VU account in order to play on their servers. So it's not a complete free for all, like Revive was. Could EA/Dice change their policies, of course, but these guys have been doing this for 5-6 years and have seemingly attempted to open lines of communication with EA. So EA is fully aware of the project and could have sent a cease and desist at any point in the development.
  5. I was doing some surfing and happened upon a YT video claiming to have a PR mod underway and the ability for custom maps in BF3. Evidently a mod that started years ago (Venice Unleashed) is approaching some 1.0 milestone. Does anyone have any information, like is this PR type mod just more wishful thinking like PR 2 and PR Arma, or a real deal?
  6. Battlefield V

    Funny, I could have sworn the executive producer for DICE and Battlefield stated...
  7. Not sure why this is still such a concern, as there is already a solution built into Squad...the optional server setting Tournament Mode. So lobby, bribe or somehow convince the admins of the servers y'all play on to enable the Tournament setting, and no one will be gaining advantages on those servers with the lowest graphics settings, because they're forced to raise the settings or find another server to play on.
  8. New gamemodes

    I agree. More options could get folks interested in playing again. I don't play much anymore myself, as I find the play to be rather repetitive after awhile. A mode that's more dynamic and not linear/static would interest me. I've been hoping we'll eventually see the Territory Control mode implemented, as that's been fun in Hell Let Loose. It makes use of the whole map not just individual points, and the flow isn't forced. A TDM mode could potentially be interesting, an entertaining run-n-gun romp, especially if we could create custom maps for it.
  9. Battlefield V

    I agree, it's not like EA/Dice are trying to market a title as an authentic WW II milsim, and then stuffing it with unrealistic arcade mechanics and game play ** cough Post Scriptum cough ** Battlefield is and has been a run-n-gun type romp of vastly more dynamic game play, that could be played with teamwork/coordination in community scrim/match settings or lone wolfing in pubs. It's intended to be fun and engaging, not steeped in authentic or realistic immersion. I think it's silly for anyone to expect those in Battlefield. I've skipped everything from EA/Dice after BF4. So I'm waiting to see what state it's in on release, and then will likely pick it up after anything potentially game breaking has been fixed. With the new mechanics they're introducing, the game sounds like it could be a blast to play.
  10. New Maps

  11. New Maps

    So if the developers are hamstrung into making it fun/playable, what kind of sense does it really make to rehash AAS into a "random" game mode (that I'd guesstimate will still be linear and more static in nature of gameplay) when developers could deliver the Territory Control mode that they hyped back in Sept 2017, or even fixing one/both of the more dynamic modes that are already in the game? There's already an AAS mode in the game...so why not provide some variety and implement Territory Control ASAP, and start getting feedback so it can be improved? This is the kind of stuff I find strange, even with an "agile" type development. The more OWI keeps throwing into the game now, the more they're going to have to actually fix later on. Isn't SQUAD supposed to finally reach release by the end of 2018? 6 months or so can fly by rather quickly when throwing stuff against the wall, just to see what sticks...and still needing to get existing features, content and mechanics into a release state. For clarification, I'm not against this random AAS...but I'm skeptical on it actually having a huge impact on replayability. However, if this new AAS mode is going to implement the "Static Randomizer - for randomizing buildings and other static meshes when starting a new map, greatly increasing round variety and encouraging players to adapt to the always changing tactical situation." then it could indeed offer the much needed more dynamic gameplay.
  12. New Maps

    Anyone else find it strange that so much effort is being put into this new so-called "random" AAS, when the 3 other already existing game modes could be worked on and fixed? Maybe I'm just weird, but it makes more sense to me to work on what's already in the game and get it to a (near) finished state, instead of half-assing new game modes.
  13. Jenses range ( what happened to US an RUS)

    OWI stated they fixed this in the just released 11.1 update. * Added Firing Range v2 with US/RU factions https://steamcommunity.com/games/squad/announcements/detail/1657767015306872075
  14. Alpha 11 Released

    There is no code mate, A11 has been released into the "main" branch of SQUAD...just update your game and you're running A11.
  15. Thank you for the reply Gatzby, I thought it sounded weird that Periscope would be writing code for the tracked vehicle system, when OWI already has talented developers that have been creating the systems from the very beginning. Chalk it up to fan-spread misinformation. Thanks again mate!