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  1. The "worth" is subjective to each individuals opinion. Just because you enjoy playing @ 20 fps, doesn't mean everyone will or should. Of course, PR is a mod from a game created on the Refractor 2 engine, that was intended specifically for fps games. Since you're making a performance comparison between engines, are you saying that UE4 is an inferior engine for the task of creating a 100 player tactical fps? I'm not sure what your point is.
  2. You're obviously making things up in your own mind, as I simply said that it will take time to be able to determine if SQUAD will be worth all the hype. After all, SQUAD is supposed to be the "spiritual successor to Project Reality", though personally I don't currently see it.
  3. @OP, Your CPU should be fine, it's just the poor state of the game (as far as optimization goes), the features such as unlimited view distance, the animation system they've been telling us was supposedly a high priority to get overhauled for well over a year...and a general purpose engine that's still under heavy development itself. Despite it being in development for over 2 years, it's still going to be awhile before SQUAD will get its shit in one sock. I'd recommend playing other games, until time tells us if SQUAD will actually be worth all the hype.
  4. You shouldn't be able to bandage up and magically heal squad mates to full health in a matter of minutes either, but that sorcery is evidently
  5. Beta, mid of this year? I'm a little confused, as I was under the impression that final release was expected for mid 2017? Release date: Alpha Early Access - December 2015; Final Version - Expected mid 2017 Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access? “We are anticipating for Squad to remain in Early Access until mid 2017.” According to Mr. Fishy, the expectation was updated recently and supposed to be accurate.
  6. Closed Beta Wave 3 has begun!
  7. I agree, performance has not been great with 80 player servers that require a 4+ Ghz i7 to even run the server reliably. There's 20 more slots to implement, and unless there's some great magic technological bag of tricks the developers are going to pull from, it seems rather difficult to believe SQUAD is going to get there and be able to maintain good performance. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I do think it'll take some "magic" to do so on the UE4 engine that isn't built specifically for the task.
  8. To be fair, SQUAD's hit detection isn't great now, and they still have 20 more player slots to implement into the game. We'll have to wait and see how it is with 100 players on a server. It might end up being not much better than PR.
  9. Did you happen to notice that in the 2nd video you referenced, the uploader stated: Uploaded on May 17, 2008 "Now the same experiment, but with a low ping! As you see, now it is actually possible to hit something. Note that there is no longer a difference in BF2 v1.5! The bug only existed up to v1.41." I'm not saying hit detection was great, as there are a multitude of variables that can affect it, especially when pushing limits of how many players are on a server. Even 10+ years of technical advancement after BF2 was released, games still have poor hit detection issues being reported, even SQUAD.
  10. One significant difference is BF2, PR, BF4 and even Joint Ops were created on engines built for the task. SQUAD is built on a 3rd party (UE4) "general" type engine that can be used for many types of games across multiple platforms. Add that to everything in SQUAD still being a WIP, and you end up with a game that can't reach those numbers and remain stable, yet.
  11. It basically is just a slower, more restrictive, mediocre graphics version of Battlefield with AAS and Insurgency game modes. Many of the cap points are close together, so I find it less about tactics like flanking and such, and more about brute force and CQC. SQUAD can become repetitive after awhile, because the mechanics (such as main base locations and cap points) are static. You always know exactly where the opposing team's main is, where they're coming from and what their first point is. With vehicles, the "norm" has become a race to try and rush the other team's second cap point. For me, the game becomes monotonous and boring.
  12. I think it would be great to have various different game modes, one thing to keep in mind though, without a mission editor and scripting, SQUAD is rather limited in comparison to Arma.
  13. With the bugs and state the scopes are at in SQUAD, I'm glad the MG's don't have scopes.
  14. I was not playing games with you. I merely suggested you offer some ideas as potential solutions, instead of just complaining about it.
  15. I do actually miss the faster paced infantry-only game play from v4. Obviously I don't want the base game to revert back to that, but to have it as a mod would be nice.