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  1. I don't see SQUAD as competition for Insurgency, other than the fact they're both fps games with mod support. I mean seriously, NWI has made some pretty good bank on that game, with 3 million units on Steam. They've put the game on sale many times over the past few years, so I don't really see anything sinister. It's just business. The game play of SQUAD is completely different, as is the depth of the game, number of players and so much more. One game has AI for SP and COOP and the other doesn't, among numerous other things. I think it'll be interesting to see what NWI does with Sandstorm on UE 4. I'd reckon performance will be better, as they're intending to release the game for consoles, Windows, Linux and player counts per server most likely won't be higher than 64, if they even go above 32. Keeping player counts lower could potentially make for more visually pleasing graphics and allow UE4 to shine. The mod support could open the door for some interesting stuff as well, 32 player AAS or Conquest? LOL Given that Sandstorm will have to be optimized for consoles and completely different game mechanics and scope, I still don't see any real competition between it and SQUAD.
  2. cpu

    I wouldn't upgrade for a game that's an early access alpha. I'd suggest starting by overclocking the 4690k to 4.4-4.5 and see what gain that nets you. There's still A LOT of optimization that needs to happen during the beta stages before release. If you're dead set on upgrading for SQUAD, the CPU would be your best bet for a performance increase, due to the heavy CPU usage in UE4 games.
  3. In a previous version (V4 or V5 I think it was?) If a team capped all of the objectives, they had to hold the last one for like 10-15 minutes. If they did, the opposing teams tickets drained at an accelerated rate, and your team would win. I personally liked that implementation, so you're not stuck sitting on the last objective for 30+ minutes.
  4. A couple more shots of Project Reality 2: A couple videos for Casus Belli:
  5. You guys also have to remember, there can be a huge difference between the 2 engines that are complete, and an engine that's essentially still in alpha stages and not feature complete or optimized. I just wish someone would have done something with Project Reality 2, or released it into the wild. It's a damn shame those beautiful maps went to waste.
  6. I'll preface this by stating this is not intended as a shitpost for Cryengine vs Unreal 4, PR vs SQUAD or anything like that, it's a pic heavy nostalgia kind of shitpost. LOL I ran across some things while I was searching the net yesterday, and it saddened me a bit. Project Reality 2: I was so psyched when this was announced, remember seeing the screenshots and this is beautiful work. Even today, I still like the lighting, colors and contrast of that engine. I'm sure the development files are long since gone, but I think it's a damn shame that this work never saw the light of day, even if it wouldn't be under the Project Reality name. Casus Belli: (a mod for Crysis Wars created by French Touch Studios) It can still be played over LAN for free by installing Casus Belli in the Crysis Wars demo. *watch out for those evil suicide bombing chickens!* No, this mod wasn't the most tactical all of the time outside of clan scrims...but I found it to be a helluva lot of fun, it looked great and had an SDK for community content. Unfortunately Casus Belli didn't really have a chance to reach its full potential, as it fell victim to the Gamespy shutdown. If I had the coding chops to write a new master server for this mod, I'd try to resurrect Casus Belli in a heartbeat. Anyone else have fps games they wish they could resurrect and play?
  7. Heh, that made me chuckle. Once upon a time that might have had some real meaning, but now you can just download the SQUAD SDK and create a "new" standalone title using the framework of long as you're willing to provide OWI a cut of the profits. No longer does anyone have a start from scratch, just mod SQUAD into a new game and reap the profits. Just imagine modding groups creating new games in different time periods, a new Battlefield-like game that would actually support community created content or even a zombie game. The potential profits and diversity OWI could bask in from a game that's still in an alpha stage...that's smart business sense right there.
  8. As the developers seemingly have enough trouble with the basic mechanics and features of the game, I think you can rest assured that such things won't be focused on before the base of the game is figured out and implemented.
  9. This "splitting the community" is just a bunch of hooey. Realistically, I don't see PS as any different than a mod for any other fps game since modding first began decades ago...other than it being monetized. Mods simply offer an opportunity to play something other than what is offered by the developers in the base game. This is a very interesting prospect or precedent you're establishing, using the SQUAD SDK with the ability to create monetized total conversion mods utilizing SQUAD as a base. I really like that, and it could become rather attractive to other potential modding teams.
  10. That's why the AAS game mode in SQUAD feels so overly repetitive to me. The mechanics are linear in nature, you always know where the opposing team is starting from and where they have to go first. So then it's just rush rush rush. Conquest and even Insurgency are more dynamic, but unfortunately don't get much play-time. They provide the most satisfying game play for me, as they require more coordination than the linear nature of AAS.
  11. This has been discussed ad nauseum, I'd suggest searching the forums mate. Simple short answer, not PIP or RTT scopes impact performance, and SQUAD will be pushing the limits of hardware with the game features that are already or slated to be implemented in the future. Some sacrifices have to be made, and scope rendering is one of them.
  12. I agree, the Arma series would be one of the best routes to go for mission creation. So much content and missions that already exists. There's also OFP:DR which has a mission editor and a plethora of sp missions available. The developers of the upcoming UE4 game Ground Branch have also stated they'd like to create a mission editor, but the game is currently pretty raw and early in development. They seem to be making progress when it comes to AI though, so it should be interesting to see how that game shapes up in the future.
  13. I looked it up, the post by the developer was made Nov 26th 2016... Given the state of the game then, If they actually thought 3 months ago they could release the final version of the game in that time frame...then I'd be really concerned about the development and what the final release of SQUAD would consist of. Your internal documents are not released to the public and are not used to advertise and sell the software you're working on. There's a distinct difference. If they don't have time to keep the store page where they actually sell the game up to date, then don't advertise unrealistic expectations to the general consumer. They could easily give themselves some breathing room and project sometime in 2018. If the game reaches the final version early, they look all the better for it and there's not potential misleading or misinformation.
  14. That time frame came from a post Mr Fishy (a developer) made on the Steam forums linking directly to OWI's updated press page, and subsequently updated the Steam store page to reflect the same. How is it similar to the internal documentation on the software you work on, when it's publicly stated on OWI's press page, as well as the store page where they advertise and sell the game? It's not some internal memo that somehow got leaked to the public. What OWI is disseminating to the public could be construed as misleading and confuse the general consumer. Sure, those invested in the forums or who have been following the development know it's balderdash, but "Joe gamer" who just heard about the game doesn't. If someone goes to the store page and reads that the game is expected to come out of early access and release mid 2017, that would be an indication that the game should be pretty far along in development...which it clearly isn't. Why not be more forthright or realistic and state that the game is expected to reach final release sometime like Q1 or Q2 of 2018? That way, an earlier release can potentially make OWI look better, among other things.
  15. So you're saying in late Nov 2016 when both pages were updated to reflect mid 2017, OWI still didn't know how much work you'd have to go through to release the game?