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  1. Escape from Tarkov

    This is one of the reasons I won't recommend the game to my friends. The EOD edition stash is almost 3 times bigger than the standard edition, which provides a pretty significant advantage right off the bat. Sure someone with the standard edition can grind the snot out of the game and eventually buy gun/item and money cases to "expand" their stash space, but that only goes so far. The game is marketed as being a Beta, but even with a max of 12 or so players per map and significantly smaller maps..the game is still plagued with more server, desync and general performance issues than SQUAD saw in it's pre-alpha stages before it came to Steam. EFT plays like an early alpha, rather than a game getting ready to go into open beta. I'd wager that's why this game didn't come to Steam in early access, so the developers wouldn't have to issue refunds.
  2. Recommended specs, not minimum...and I can easily maintain 60+ fps @ 1080p in SQUAD on 80 player servers with my overclocked 4690k. Maybe you consider that low, but I find it rather fluid and quite playable for a secondary rig. No, it doesn't match the performance of your 1070 or my 980 ti's with a overclocked 4790k...but I find the 290 to be far from "useless" in SQUAD.
  3. http://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/Squad/ System Requirements Recommended: OS: Windows 7 SP1 (x64), Windows 8 (x64), Windows 10 (x64) Processor: Intel Core i7 4790k CPU Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: Geforce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 DirectX: Version 12 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 35 GB available space Additional Notes: A microphone Besides the fact that I happen to own a R9 290, and know what it's performance is like in SQUAD when paired with a solid CPU, I'd tend to believe OWI's recommendation on their own game, over some rando on the internet. lol
  4. You would say, so you're only speculating and have no real experience with the GPU? Once again, you're speculating that a particular GPU is going to to be "useless" when you don't even know what the final optimized performance of SQUAD is going to be. seriously? lol *Note: the R9 290 is listed as a recommended GPU by OWI on the store page. 1080p is supposedly not ok anymore, but it's still the most widely used resolution for gaming....
  5. Mini-map

    SuicidalChair Feb 23 @ 9:09am "For the record the description of squad from the devs is its an arcade style game with a focus on team work, they don't advertise it as a milsim."
  6. Mini-map

    ** note: I'm not bashing the game or the developers decision to not include a minimap, just that some people's excuse/argument against adding anything unrealistic to a "realistic" game is a load of bull pucky.** Absolutely an influence from real life and authenticity, where? I see a good tactical arcade shooter with a helluva lot of potential to be played for years to come, but don't see your stated authenticity or influence from real life. AAS is not a representation of modern day warfare, as you begin each map knowing exactly where the opposing forces are and where they need to go. You're given an abundance of information before the match even begins, that we never had in real combat. Every grunt gets a radio...if only that was like real life. Soldiers don't have to manually load or unload supplies? Many of us would have given our left nut for a magic "Q" key...lol. I could go on, but surely you catch my drift. The developers didn't state that they wouldn't implement a minimap because it isn't realistic, but because they don't want players to have that much information at a glance, while still remaining combat effective. That is the reason.
  7. Mini-map

    Beyond the types of weapons and vehicles armies and factions would typically use, what's so incredibly realistic about SQUAD? Soldiers don't have their mates magically materializing out of thin air all over an AO, mystical medics who have them patched up and ready to fight in under a minute after taking an RPG to the face, FOBs (potentially) being placed/constructed every 400m in an AO or a map that instantly shows where everyone else in their army or faction is in an AO irl either, so I'm not seeing "irl" as a valid justification. Developers have stated it's not their intent to add a mini map to the base game. That's cool if something doesn't support their vision of the game, but please leave the "realistic" and "irl" excuse out of it.
  8. SW:Battlefront 2

    About the same time as HL3 and SQUAD are finally released. lol
  9. Unreal Editor Environments

    Awesome work Zylfrax, would be fun as hell to play this in UT. TDM is good for the soul after a long day at work...lol It's nice to see UT get some mod luvin too, always been a favorite of mine since the original Unreal.
  10. The End of Humvees? :(

    Yes, It's simply a legal issue.
  11. Too many games?

    I just can't see the AAA companies as the only devil in all of this, as Indie developers have been doing much the same thing. TWI seems to be repackaging a single game mode in each release, merely changing the era...thankfully they finally added a new mode to RS2: Vietnam. NWI is tweaking Insurgency by adding a SP campaign to Insurgency Sandstorm on a new engine, but it's looking like the MP heart of the game will be similar to the current game, with some additions. Playerunknown has been rehashing Battle Royale across multiple games over the years. So far, even OWI is basically tweaking and repackaging PR into a commercial game on a new engine. It's not just the AAA companies that are regurgitating games. I think there's a lack of creativity or originality across commercial fps games in general. Maybe that's why many gamers will migrate from a game that's been out for a year or 2, to one that's just been released....chasing the hope that they might find something new and different from what they've already been playing. *edit* I like that there are more and more games coming out, grants a better opportunity to potentially find something fun when you get bored playing what's currently available.
  12. I think this is an interesting idea. I'd suggest you gather everyone together that wishes to find ways to determine a squad leader's experience level, hash out ideas and create a mod to do what you want.
  13. I have to agree with LugNut, It would seem that some are using the "IRL" perspective, but this game isn't based on realism. HABs, RPs and the mystical powers of the medic class, are prime examples. I don't see how being able to change weapons inside a vehicle, would have a negative impact on the overall game play.
  14. One logical solution could be for those that wish to have requirements or unlocks in the game, to band together and create a mod that implements those features. That way the vanilla base game remains accessible to all (which iirc is the developers intent, as they've been against unlocks or requirements from the beginning) and those that want those kinds of restrictions, can choose to play on the modded servers. I can understand the frustrations, but implementing such features into the base game can lead to problems...such as a team not having enough players that meet the requirements.
  15. While certainly not conventional, you could also go the other way, and make the map lighting so dark that turning up the gamma is a intentional requirement for everyone. The streetlamp idea is cool though, I like that.