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  1. Start should have 2-3 sections (after enough players has loaded the new map). 1. 1-2 min For SL radio only (every other voip channel muted). Also you could draw/ set markers for the map that only SL's see until the next phase starts. 2. When timer goes to 0, the next phase begins which is for Squad voip only. While SL is explaining the plan for the squad, he can draw/set markers for the squad that will disappear when the round starts. 3. The round could only start when most of the teams squads are ready (SL decides). This would eliminate the huge voip clustertruck when nobody can't hear anything when everybody just speak over eachothers and later have no idea what to do when the round has already started.
  2. When you have 2 (or more) AT's, make sure to fire both of them at the same time to get maximized effects. Any support vehicle should wait until the AT's start firing or the enemy starts shooting at you.
  3. Gif by Redbar says it all
  4. - I would reduce medic kit to 1/squad. 1st. It's unrealistic and 2nd. it gives one slot to other kits that are often unused (but still valid). - If you are bandaging someone, the player should use the bandages of the fallen, not your own unless the incapacitated has no bandages left.
  5. What i drove military truck in the army it depends what/where you drive. Mostly you only hear the engine, you really don't have much cargo that isn't tied up which would cause noise. sure older vehicles may have suspension that creeks, but not on modernish vehicles. With my experience the vehicle sounds are spot on, except the techies could roar little bit less. Edit: Forgot desert (sand) which i don't have experience with. (I drove mainly these types of vehicles)
  6. Return accurate fire is pretty hard when getting shot in Escape from tarkov.
  7. Don't forget the easter bunny hopping
  8. I believe there are now 2 versions. A clear day and fog. When i like the new versions, i like the misty sunset/-rise more.
  9. Speechless.
  10. Like said in the post above it's much smaller target to hit + even more when we get the localized damage versions of the game + I noticed on the test range that 30mm will need a lot of rounds to regular humwee turret (when the crow turret/hull takes only 7 hits).
  11. Love the ricochet sound when shooting strykers (haven't tried it with other vehicles yet).
  12. I think i got shot through the floor yesterday. I was holding a staircase all alone when my squadmates fell to the ground in the house earlier. Took out 3-5 russian invaders to the stairs, then moment of silence, then the enemy shot 1 random round near me. At first i though it was someone else shooting me through the walls/windows, but i noticed the bullet hole on the floor near my leg and after that propably 1-2 enemies emptied their mags and killed me while i was still holding the staircase. It felt awesome moment even when i died.
  13. I cannot find the .ini files anymore. I don't have the the config file (apparently should be at \steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Config ). after the second "squad"-file i have only 2 files (content and binaries) i have clicked the "show hidden files"
  14. In my opinion this feature is actually quite important.
  15. SLI support
  16. the wrench

    I hope someone could make a map with just 1 big skyscraper/apartment house with many floors, maybe a small outside area to use fastropes, stairs etc. Would be great cqb map. Main spawns should be on the roof and on the basement. The team that spawns on the roof has earlier start to be able to build defenses. Also because the map is so "small" you could only build 1 FOB/team with no regen points but already maxed to 2000.
  17. Someone could place Fob in the main to get more repair stations=faster repairs
  18. Do'nt care that much of regular gun sight adjustments, but HAT/LAT and UGL are totally different thing (+ mortars?).
  19. I always try to make some sort of hull down positions, but i agree that Repair stations need some nerfing. Yes they are limited to 2/per FOB after V9, but it still won't remove the problem that they will repair faster than the enemy can damage the vehicle. It could have some sort of cooldown after taking fire to starting to repair but resupplying ammo should stay where it is.
  20. When i turn off eye adaption, the game looks super dark, when it's on it's pretty bright
  21. Yes they do
  22. I believe this is the same thing that i once got
  23. It happens sometimes but it's fairly rare bug. Like said you can see every enemy location, direction and quantity on the map for few seconds. It may not sound much but it's enough for someone to report major flanks/FOB placements and vehicle locations etc... (you can see them like they would be your allies).