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  1. valid points, but i think one of the main reasons we always have US vs RU vs others is because those countries has more people than most of other countries--> more players that wan't to play as their own military -->Game devs make games for the "mainstream".
  2. I hope the freelook will also work in gunners seat/stationary's. And is it possible to fire your weapon while you are still using freelooking? The time the soldier pulls himself up is maybe little too fast considering all the weight they are carrying. Maybe one day we can drive those civilian vehicles (without ticket penalty). Also the M-ATV seems to be some sort of command/radio vehicle with jammers on it.
  3. I did, and i meant the time before round starts. Your post doesn't say anything about muting Squad/Team voip while being able to hear SL voip.
  4. Agreed. Often the game has already started when SL is actually able to give any orders. But if everyone can hear SL radio, squad radio should get muted or otherwise it will turn into audio clustertruck.
  5. Agreed. Pretty much every game i play on that game mode (for some reason almost every time as Russian), the Russians wipe the floor with militia before the round has barely started. Also the Russians has so much better chances to cap the logi flag, than militia. Sure militia can get there first, but they have to cap west- and SE Petrivka before able to cap it. I haven't seen a single round where the Militia holds the logi flag.
  6. Just because the server name indicates players/language from certain countries, it doesn't mean that there aren't any english speaking squads/teams.
  7. If the enemy is shooting at you, i see no problem to return fire and suppress them. That blueberry who teamkilled you should get kicked. Tho i can understand him in one way, you are shooting near FOB that enemy do/don't know it's location and drawing attention towards it. The suppression could get a buff in some way. Because right now if you miss/suppress, the enemy can just turn their gun at you and return with accurate fire.
  8. Press Enter when the new map loads. You should then see the squad list.
  9. I know this is common in military but it would be much simpler gameplay wise to have map layout overlay that can toggle on/off with icons that only your squad can see (tho there could be separate one between SL's). These icons could vary from numbers, letters, fov cones, arrows/lines (that can rotate) to anything that can be added as an mod. Only SL can mark the icons but every squadmember is able to remove icons (only from their own map, not from others).
  10. Like said above you don't get cooldown when squadmates aren't near you. I believe the timer reset is because you get a hint that there are enemies under 50m from you so you can't use that info+ place new rally instantly. Also i sometimes place RP's behind the lines in an area that you cannot bypass to get to you (when enemy is flanking the RP disappears and you know there are enemies coming from that direction). Is it cheating? kinda, but that's how the mechanics work in the game.
  11. This +1000. I play the game daily and 95% of these rounds at least one squad is rushing to first flag of the enemy preventing them to capture further flags. Other change i would like to do is: keep the same flag areas, but change the order they are capped. for example in OP First light the right side of the map (Railroad section) is almost never used. Here's also quickly made alternate version of OP First light AAS flag layout. This is totally not perfect layout but it will balance the flag placement much more and also offers a way to "skip" the flag capping order and flank the enemy (it can be used to attack enemy flag from 2 flags at the same time, or simply just ignore the skipped flags). But the enemy can do the same for you on the other side of the map. It is also much harder to baserape when the enemy has ability to attack 2 flags straight from the base that has distance between eachothers
  12. Wow, Smee's pic is very good. And yeah maybe there could be changing/random tips with corresponding picture (like in Skyrim). For example: 1. Don't get behind player who is using LAT, if you are using LAT choose Frags for inf/ Heat for vehicles. 2. As an BTR driver, close the hatch when near enemy by pressing 2. In vehicles press E to turn the engine on/off, press Q to unload logistics or to zoom in/out in the turret. 3. To place RP, you need SL + 1 player from your squad near him. Or if Placing FOB SL + 2 players from your team. 4. As an SL, you can claim vehicles by entering it (total of 2 squadmembers near it) or open the map, right click "approve vehicle" (still 2 players required near vehicle) 5. Tell your Squad/Team any enemy movements, number of them, direction they are heading and if possible tell what kit they are using + possible fortifications/vehicles. These are just few of the things you need to know when joining game. The problem is that almost all of these very helpful tips doesn't read anywhere and you have learn them by yourself or from other players.
  13. Don't know about jumping but would be nice if we could get some planks/ladders placed horizontally to get over the gaps.
  14. They could be team switchers that knew your team every FOB/squad location and told that info to new team.
  15. Regular riflemen should be able to "place" foxholes on the ground like SL can place any other objects, after placing you can dig it up. The longer you dig, the deeper it will get so you can have standing,crouching and prone foxholes. Placing foxholes should cost nothing and they could be placed almost anywhere but they would have cooldown before you can place another one. No idea how big performance hit these would be tho.
  16. It happens with every vehicle on Kokan.
  17. Then it doesn't work correctly. There are several times when the game starts, everyone is rushing to claim vehicles and when they realize they can't get to the vehicle they want first, they will kill other SL's so they can't claim it.
  18. When shooting in main base you should either A: get instakicked or B: also friendly projectiles should be destroyed. The later is more useful at the start of the game when people kill other SL's so they cannot claim vehicles first.
  19. I believe every server has different rules for teamkilling, some may kick/ban you after few TK's and others may not do anything. The biggest reason getting teamkilled are vehicle gunners. It seems they almost never show nametags of the player you are aiming, this makes it even harder when the two teams have similar camo (and they are far away).
  20. Played few rounds, the main problem is that people still play it like it's an AAS mode where there is clear frontline and the flags behind it has little to no defenses. We can't say does it fit for the Squad (or not) just because we don't play the mode like it should be played and with so small testing time.
  21. bug

    This is very annoying bug that happens way too often. I had to dig out 2 of our 4 HMG's from the FOB (they were used under 5 min each) just to build new HMG's at the same place using valuable points we shouldn't need to use. It wouldn't feel so bad if we could get at least half of the points back when digging up objects.
  22. The sway while in prone is too high, sure your gun will sway vertically depending on your breathing but almost none horizontally. Also the sway on standing/crouch should be more linear unlike this circling effect what we have now. I will also hope separate sensitivity slider for the zoomed view, it might not sound much but you will feel so much comfortable with the gun.
  23. One way could be that only light geared troops (milita,ins) could go over the water but others should use bridges.
  24. Inf should be able to swim but they should be very slow aka easy targets for the enemy. Only amphibious should get over the water, other vehicles should seek bridges or places in the water that isn't deep.
  25. Being a military game doesn't mean it's military simulation. In the end Squad is still arcade shooter.