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  1. Would be cool if the heavier MG is selected, your squad cannot choose LMG's on the kit selection anymore (atm it is possible to get lmg's on the same squad). If someone has already taken lmg over heavier version, the heavier mg cannot be chosen (but can still choose the normal lmg kit).
  2. Mortars don't have shrapnel rounds atm so they have low aoe. But what i'd buff is the suppress effects on explosives, the bigger the explosion-> the longer you are pinned (stamina won't regen). I wouldn't wind if the camera would shake a bit when near explosion, but i understand why some people hate it.
  3. Even better, make an gamemode where the next objective randomly appears on different locations (Just like insurgency, but flag instead of cache). Maybe 3-4 total flags/faction per map. These flags/objectives wouldn't be restricted to areas with buildings only, they could spawn to the middle of the field. When the next flag appears, it's linked to previously capped flag just like in AAS (if 2 flags spawn at the same time, they will be linked in that order when they are capped-> always different flag layout/cap orders. You wouldn't know enemy flags until you have capped your 2nd last flag. After that the game would play same way than AAS
  4. Depends, if the Mortar is HE then it will probably go off, but i don't think that Shrapnel rounds have enough pressure/explosion to set it off unless it's an spot on shot.
  5. Try it with 30kg weights. You'd be surprised how much even the slightest weight reduce/increase does change the outcome. Sure playing as MIL/INS, you should be able to fall greater distance before taking damage due to having lighter/non-existing gear.
  6. Maybe with 2 vs 1 where those 2 factions have as many players than the 1 enemy. (0.5+0.5 vs 1.0). This makes mixing vehicle types possible and doesn't ruin the gameplay when both still has same amount of players. But will it fit normal gamemodes? i don't think so.
  7. yeah noticed the same with the Militia's scoped AK-74 on public server.
  8. Even tho it's quite easy to estimate the range without sights, i agree that the M203 sights are useless (at the moment) unlike the GP-25 sights that are very helpful with distance estimating.
  9. Just Because ranking gives bonuses, it doesn't automatically mean they have to be some superior perks against those without them. Like said earlier, The RO2 handles this very well. For example you get slight reloading speed boost, more worn gun skin (scratches etc.) slightly better stamina etc. They are just few % better than those without, but it gives you feeling that you have accomplished something in the game. Sure RO2 also offers bayonets, better mags etc. but those doesn't fit Squad.
  10. What if the mortars had similar overheat system like HMG's. But in the same time, the more you shoot/heat the barrel, the more inaccuracy you get. Also if you continue to shoot with hot barrel, there would be a slight change that the round would explode on the barrel and kill you (risk rises after each shot with heated barrel). When destroyed you have to dig out the remains and build a new one. I think this would heavily reduce mortar spamming when you have to wait for the barrel get cooler. Also it will add a risk factor for your actions if misused.
  11. I actually like the tactic of blocking routes with stuff, especially when MIL/INS because that's what they do irl.
  12. I used Blender (software). It was quite hard to get good reference images because it's fairly rare gun, but i'm glad that the M92s (civilian version) is almost identical and has much better quality pics. I had to make a lot of the size adjustments just by eyeballing, the width was the hardest part since i didn't found any pics from the back/front. Probably 70-80% of the time i spent was finding reference pictures. Also internet tutorials helped a lot when i had troubles with the software.
  13. This is my first time doing anything with 3d modelling/animating/coding so the results might not be the best of the best. However i'd really like to learn modding and want to get much better than now. Here are the result's so far. This is the real one: My Squad dream would be to make FDF (Finnish Defense Forces) faction mod, but i'm afraid i lack the skills to do it , at least on the coding part.
  14. The guy who give-up right after you have used the bandages on him as medic, even if you said not to.
  15. Protection should work in both ways. (with FF as well) 1. You cannot shoot enemies and they cannot shoot you 2. This will eliminate TK's at base
  16. Or when your team has all the flags, the enemy main becomes available to cap. At least the US main has always pretty heavy fortifications that could create intense defense fights. When the enemy takes the "main" flag, the game ends.
  17. Agreed. Yesterday i had to throw 3 AT-nades to TRUCK until it blew up... (yes they were all spot on shots to empty enemy vehicle, and no it wasn't near repair station). 1 AT-nade should be enough destroy Humvees and anything below., 2-3 for Strykers.
  18. Start should have 2-3 sections (after enough players has loaded the new map). 1. 1-2 min For SL radio only (every other voip channel muted). Also you could draw/ set markers for the map that only SL's see until the next phase starts. 2. When timer goes to 0, the next phase begins which is for Squad voip only. While SL is explaining the plan for the squad, he can draw/set markers for the squad that will disappear when the round starts. 3. The round could only start when most of the teams squads are ready (SL decides). This would eliminate the huge voip clustertruck when nobody can't hear anything when everybody just speak over eachothers and later have no idea what to do when the round has already started.
  19. When you have 2 (or more) AT's, make sure to fire both of them at the same time to get maximized effects. Any support vehicle should wait until the AT's start firing or the enemy starts shooting at you.
  20. Gif by Redbar says it all
  21. - I would reduce medic kit to 1/squad. 1st. It's unrealistic and 2nd. it gives one slot to other kits that are often unused (but still valid). - If you are bandaging someone, the player should use the bandages of the fallen, not your own unless the incapacitated has no bandages left.
  22. What i drove military truck in the army it depends what/where you drive. Mostly you only hear the engine, you really don't have much cargo that isn't tied up which would cause noise. sure older vehicles may have suspension that creeks, but not on modernish vehicles. With my experience the vehicle sounds are spot on, except the techies could roar little bit less. Edit: Forgot desert (sand) which i don't have experience with. (I drove mainly these types of vehicles)
  23. Return accurate fire is pretty hard when getting shot in Escape from tarkov.
  24. Don't forget the easter bunny hopping
  25. I believe there are now 2 versions. A clear day and fog. When i like the new versions, i like the misty sunset/-rise more.