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  1. FOB ammo abuse

    Ammo boxes should have their own pool of supplies. They could still take those points away from resupplying/kit switching, but it wouldn't decrease the ammo points of FOB's anymore. You could see its available supplies by looking at it. When all of the ammo is gone, only the pallet will stay on the ground.
  2. Raider Anti Tank

    Yeah, 1 AT grenade should be able to eventually destroy Humvees after taking some burn damage.
  3. Assets and FOB Costs

    If you play anything else than public you can see why you are wrong. For the emplacements use, i don't like to use them a lot because they give away FOB locations unless the enemies has attack on it already.
  4. Assets and FOB Costs

    Are you sure your have correct words? My understanding of 40mmrain's post is perfect example that ticket losses of vehicles/assets discourages their use. Like he/she said, without ticket loss, it encourages players to use vehicles as taxi, drive them straight to enemy positions etc. without any penalty.
  5. Assets and FOB Costs

    Defending FOB's is 2 sided sword. 1. If you are defending FOB area, the enemy soon knows that you are there -> they start to investigate the area why you are there->finding FOB and take it out 2. No defense on FOB will get more players to objectives->Will probably take much longer time to find by enemy. but if they do find it -> finding FOB and take it out.
  6. Assets and FOB Costs

    Little off-topic but what if enemies would lose tickets from rally's by how many spawns it has left when clearing them.
  7. Assets and FOB Costs

    +1 for this. They could also add the ammo/construction points to the list, maybe 100 points=1 ticket. So up to total it would be 30 tickets loss from these points only. But for this they could probably reduce the cost of the FOB itself to 10 or something (+ losses from assets/points). This should encourage teams to dig out their unneeded FOB's even if there aren't any assets placed. And if the other team is losing hard on tickets, they could turn the tides by digging enemy FOB's that has lot's of stuff in it.
  8. Newbie notification (suggestion)

    Yes i meant that when you dig up enemy FOB, they will get alert they shouldn't see, just like with rally's
  9. Destroyable buildings

    What if explosives would affect as "shovels". Say you shoot razor wire or sandbag with rpg, when it hits the asset it will dig-up the asset. Or if indirect hit, maybe un-dig it to 0-100% based how close the explosion was. This way you could get around the engine/game limitations and make the asset "destroyed". Tho i have no idea how hard this would be to implement in the game.
  10. Newbie notification (suggestion)

    I think this should be only available to admin cam/streamers. For example you will notice that your FOB just got dig-up giving you info you shouldn't probably not know yet.
  11. Night games

    I love the night version maps, but there is no reason to play them when everybody cheats with gamma as said earlier. Removing the gamma from the settings is a good start and would stop probably 80-90% of players abusing it when you have to change your monitor settings instead of in-game.
  12. The title says it all. It would fit the faction much better than IED's (not saying they don't use them). And maybe increase the amount of active mines to 4, but leave INS at 3 (they still have those IED's) + Fingers crossed for AP-mines.
  13. Leaning mechanics

    Is it really that hard to press the same button again to stand normal? It's much faster to clear houses with the current system. You lean to the other way to check corner, if it's ok you need to turn to the other corner. When turning, you start to lean on the other way.
  14. I have thought the same idea.+ It would be great if we could create and save our own sandbag (or other) formations that you use daily. For clearance, you first create your model with SDK or something. -> import it to squad and it will list on buildable objects among others. These however could only be made by existing materials so the game can know how much they "cost" e.g. You have created defense fortification including: 1 HMG bunker, 4 sandbags and a razor wires around it. It works similar than current system but is much faster to get it up and running when you can place all these with one click. + you don't have to fiddle everything to same position every round when making similar defenses, but you'd still need to dig them one by one.
  15. Yes they are powerful, and they should be. This suggestion would only make Militia scouts more "army" styled than INS scouts are. 2nd. It will only speed up the time how fast you can deploy mines when you have 2 instead of 1 (Total 4). Not only it fits the faction more and is also more realistic. You may not realize how many mines troops IRL deploy on the ground to block/slow down the enemy paths. No this game ain't RL, but it doesn't mean that we cannot use realistic amount of explosives either.
  16. IED not causing damage to the FOB Radio

    IED shouldn't destroy FOB's outright. but they could deactivate it and The FOB's point regeneration should be halved. If the FOB's could be destroyed with explosives, everybody would just spam rockets and other explosives to it.
  17. Rally point system

    Rally points should be only available near transport vehicles. This would also increase the usefulness of transport vehicles. Transports would have similar "press Q to supply" method, tho only for backpacks. Driving/Flying to FOB would resupply the vehicle with new RP (cooldown still active). And when the enemy is too close to set new rally, the old one should still dissappear.
  18. The game should be fun to play, and when the other team is superior after multiple rounds. It's not fun anymore to play on either side. Scramble will solve this most of the time (if done only at the start of the match, not in the middle) + The game should remember the previous round Squads the same squad can still stay together in the new round
  19. Suggestions from an SL point of view

    SL's should be able to choose what color their squad is showing on the map. It will help a lot with map reading when there is many players near each others (that are from different squads). (Squad name when hovering over the player is not enough) For example1. It's much easier to co-ordinate with other Squads where you can visually know who is on what squad. Even when you are just normal grunt. example 2. You check the map if the defend flag is ok, seeing few SL's and lot of friendlies on the flag thinking it's safe. But the truth is there are few SL's that have low/none squadmember count, and most of the blueberries are dead and from other squads/without a squad than those SL's on the cap.
  20. Vehicle Health Bars kill Immersion

    I think he means that the HP bar needs to go and make the outside damage visually different depending how bad the vehicle is damaged, not the damage system itself. + Would it be awesome if the sounds of the vehicle would change after hits.
  21. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    What's wrong being more accurate and at the same time you also get the benefit from wider view with your left eye?
  22. Magazine check

    It can work. But the tension of the spring may differ from mag to mag, weight is more accurate in that aspect. But it can be (is) the result of the both ways. Sure it's easy to count your shots, but after you have to go full auto->good luck counting the rounds you fired. Tho in that situation you'd probably still reload a fresh mag. The colors system is used by many, but in the game it's way too accurate (Should be green->yellow->red->black at max).
  23. Armored vehicle commander hatch

    I think you and the OP is talking about different things. You mean the drivers hatch and the OP "3rd" slot hatch for the commander of the vehicle. I believe you meant this: And the Op this:
  24. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    What if the center of the sights wouldn't be in the middle of the screen? By this i mean move it more to the right so it would be more accurate place (right eye, instead in the middle of your nose). Yes this would definitely feel weird at first, but after a while it should be "normal"
  25. Magazine check

    I'd change the current way and mix it with the RO2/RS way. The colors on the mags would change only after you have checked the mag, but you still wouldn't see any text on the screen.