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  1. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Tactical support BTR indoors
  2. Good way to balance iron sights .

    Maybe non iron kits could have only one bandage. But i'm sure stuff like this will come with the planned inventory overhaul.
  3. FDF Mod - Finnish Defence Forces

    I believe there was some talk with other mods (from different games), but since most of the games are quite old they have pretty low-polyish assets. Yes we could remodel them to better fit to squad, but the time it would take is basically same than creating from scratch. Tho that doesn't mean we aren't open for help with our mod.
  4. [Suggestion] Engineer role

    Just because your country don't wear flak vests, doesn't mean other armies won't either. Tho you could consider modern vests as flak's since they have moderate fragmentation protection. I didn't mean that the truck would be exclusive, but the ability to pick explosives from vehicles would be only for engineers. iron sights are for balance. Finnish combat engineer speaking.
  5. I agree.Many of the "vets" will leave the game until some big updates come and new players will replace them making the quality of public games really hard unless the server is full of clan members, but at that point it's not really a pub game. I'm glad that the mod support is right around the corner but what we really need before that are LOTS of new flag overlays to keep the game fresh. The current meta of the games are becoming really boring and i understand why people will stop playing the game atm.
  6. Radial Menu for weapon switching

    I don't mind if we use it as "change ammo type" thing, but for just changing gadgets i would stick with the current version.
  7. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Poor RED team on Yeho got rekt
  8. What are you working on?

    This is coming for FDF mod
  9. What are you working on?

    Trying to make Bmp-2, will see can i actually made it to the end because this is my 2nd model ever.
  10. Bandage doesn't completely stop bleeding

    This ain't topic about medics, this is a topic of normal soldiers.
  11. Bandage doesn't completely stop bleeding

    I did, but none i found was talking about this.
  12. To make Medics more needed, regular soldier should only have some tourniquet like CAT or similar. Also the tourniquets will not completely stop the bleeding so you will still need to find a medic so he can use his bandages to stop the bleed. If grunt bandages remain, if you bleed out, medic should always use the bandages of the fallen before using his own.
  13. AASv(*)

    Just change the count of players needed to cap flags. Atm you can cap any neutral flag with just one guy, but if it would need almost a squad then the pace would be much slower than now. Sure the rushing could still be valid tactic, but you will need much more players capping the earlier flags so it can cost you a game.
  14. Gamemode - CAH

    With bigger maps there could be less objectives in total.