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  1. Perhaps if the skillgap for logi-driving was increased, and excellent driving being rewarded, then we might see some interest in this aspect of the game. Currently there isnt much to it, whether you succeed or fail as a truck-driver is up to luck quite often. Might be fun for the person who likes truck-simulator games.. but these are in the minority. I like the idea of adding a "racing" element to the logi-truck, where good drivers are able to do stuff newbies could only dream of. Im not sure what factors to tweak.. But maybe a good driver should have a shot at escaping fire from enemy vehicles (unless of course they get caught in the open). I guess more speed, accelaration and drift-control would be a way to do it. Most importantly, it should be rewarding and challenging (high skill-gap) to race the logi-truck back and forth. I think it was a good choice by the devs to make the logi-trucks more resistant to small-arms fire, you cant really snipe the drivers anymore since v9. Im not sure the insurgents supply-techie has similar bullet-resistant glass, but maybe it should.
  2. I find that the main reasons m4 is stronger than (unscoped) AK, is the "time-to-kill" (TTK). The TTK is simply lower with an m4 compared to ak, at most distances. I think the main reasons are due to recoil, and the reddot-sights. You can still see the enemy's position after you fire your first shot, since gun doesn't block the view (thanks to the reddot-sights). This makes it very easy with the m4 to "tap-spray" the enemy: you just pull down a little, and wait for the recoil to settle for a fraction of a second, and then you can deliver the next bullet. You can kill enemy very fast with the tap-spray, and it works even at medium-long distances. Example of "tap-spraying" with m4: Example of "tap-spraying" with m4, even at medium-long distance: With the AK, this tap-spraying doesn't really work, except at short distances. This is because the recoil after the first bullet makes the gun block the view of where the enemy is, so you are forced to pull the gun below the enemy, and when you have visual of the enemy, you flick up again to land another single bullet. And you have to do that again for the next bullet. The "down-up motion" takes longer to kill an enemy than the tap-spray (longer TTK), so it explains one of the major disadvantages with the AK compared to the reddot-sighted m4. Example of the "down-up motion" when controlling the AK, youll see it being used in this video. Close up, he might use the "tap-spray motion", even with the AK: Finally, lower recoil of m4 helps with lowering TTK. And since both the AK's and m4's do similar amounts of damage, it becomes clear that m4 is stronger than ak in most regards, in this game. I'm guessing in RL, too.
  3. I agree that current incap and revive mechanics can be "gamed" to some extent. Some immediate scenarios that I can think of: - You bait squad members to take info, instead of properly clearing areas for enemies. Why bother checking those corners with some team mates in that building, its more effective to rush through the whole building fast alone, get killed, relay info that there is an enemy stuck in second floor of your building, squad mates come and clear him out, then you get revived almost as if nothing happened. Youll be -1 bandage, and youll have a timer that if you die within 2 minutes, youll perm-die. But I'm not sure if that's enough to de-incentivize this kind of baiting behavior I'm describing. - if you die behind cover (inside a building or behind a ridge line), you are practically guaranteed an easy revive, so playing positions like these might be unreasonably strong. - Doing damage to enemy, and then getting wiped yourself within a few minutes, is next to doing no damage to the enemy at all, as he can revive most of the players you've downed. Its a bit of a question of how hardcore the game wants to go. If we want real-life tactics to work in the game, then getting shot and falling to the ground needs to be a big deal, which it isn't currently, really. So we see people running towards the enemy, as its usually worth having a squad member just roaming around everywhere and probably dying, just to get info about the enemies whereabouts. Probably making a separate "hard core" game mode would be the solution for those looking for that kind of experience, but ideally one would be able to integrate aspects of that hardcore experience into the main game mode.
  4. Since the post that @Hotpokkaminny wrote was deleted, my post here doesnt make sense anymore. Can be deleted.
  5. @HotpokkaminnyNot sure what you mean by deathstreaks, nor "everyone-gets-a-turn kit selection", tbh. I do think the tactical experience could be enhanced if you knew that dying with LAT/HAT-kit means that your squads offensive capabilities for the next minutes would be seriously reduced. Currently you just respawn within a minute, with fresh ammo (not enough punishment if we are shooting for tactical experience, imo). Hasn't got anything to do with everyone-gets-a-turn, I think you read into it too much. @Zylfrax791Regarding tickets, I wasn't discussing its merits on the whole. My point was that tickets loss alone doesn't give most public players enough of an incentive to avoid death, nor to avoid losing assets such as vehicles, fobs, etc.
  6. - AAS game mode is not ideal (but I believe more dynamic game modes are in the works). Here is a description of something Id like to experience more in Squad: Currently the game is a bit too repetitive and stale for my taste, rushing flags (which cover only miniscule areas of the map) is pretty much all you can do if you wanna win. - Lack of ability to choose the size of my squad. - I don't like the general "spammy" feeling of the game: just keep respawning enough people and throw them at the enemy and capzone, and eventually youll get the cap. I wish the game would incentivize a more tactical experience. Teamwork for me isn't so much about needing a medic to heal you up to full health, or having to rely on squad members to shovel assets, or needing someone to bring supplies from main. The most important factor is when you out-play your enemy completely, because your squad members play together in unison. Creating subtle advantages on-the-fly (2v1 situations, bait-and-switch, covering each other, communicating). All of this already exist in Squad, but I feel it could be much more prevalent if constant rushing and attrition-style of gameplay wasn't so effective. - I also don't like telling my AT squad member to go die because he ran out of HEAT rockets, but currently that's quite often the best thing to do (with rally points being free and easily accessible). I wish there was more consequences to dying or losing assets such as vehicles. Ticket loss and respawn times aint cutting it, I think players and squads in particular need to be individually punished for mistakes such as losing assets like that. So for example, there could be a squad economy for vehicles, so your squad "work up" the rights to use vehicles, and lose rights to use vehicles when they lose them. And when you die with an AT kit, now you wont have that kit for some time, and instead spawn with a less fun kit. I think the "punishment" should be more bottom-up, so that individual players and squads feel the direct consequences for mistakes. Tickets alone are way too abstract for anyone to really care. This is especially true in public games. - Imbalanced games, and lack of "comebacks". Its rare for me to enjoy balanced games, and meaningfully turning games around nearly never happens. Perhaps with an economy system (using the term in a vague sense), it could conceivably be possible to give the losing side some slight bonuses so they can have a chance to comeback, in the form of reduced time for logi-trucks to respawn or something like that, I haven't really given it much thought. Sort of like in CSGO: if a team loses multiple rounds in a row, they get more and more money at the start of each round, so they rebuy the weapons they've lost, and have a fighting chance of turning the game around. I do believe the devs are aware of all this, and are working in the general direction of making Squad an even more tactical experience. Even its current state, Squad is just about the best FPS multiplayer game Ive ever played.
  7. A temporary solution would be to add a 15-20 seconds cooldown for repairs whenever you get hit by something that does dmg to you. No more and no less. It would keep balance between vehicles intact (someone attacking you while you are repairing, still has just a good a chance of destroying you), yet it wouldnt keep players waiting (it takes you more than 20 secs to fall back and find a repair station for repairs, usually). Unless its actually intended by devs that the repair stations can actively be gamed to gain an advantage during vehicle fights, which I guess could have some merit.
  8. Today I snuck my BTR up to a STRYKER that was just repairing on a repair station. BTR had full HP. My gunner emptied his magasine on the STRYKER, but it wouldnt explode, not as much as burn! While my gunner was firing at him, the STRYKER slowly turned his turret towards our BTR (literally took him like 10 sec), and since we were close-up and couldnt just drive off, he obliterated us. My IMMERSION!!!
  9. Would be ezpz to fix rushing, just make the first few flags for both teams already capped at the beginning of the round. Then we can all enjoy pushing the same middle flags on every map, every game, till our hearts content! It just speaks to the inherent flaw of AAS game mode... Lets keep it, but also pray for more dynamic game modes in the future...
  10. Hahahaha... Nice humor!
  11. +1 At least, something needs to be changed about this onesided games which goes on for 20-30 min longer than it needed to.
  12. I think way forward would be to work on the bullet penetration to be more consistent. The green fences on niva lower/upper on Gorodok are very treacherous. Some times bullets go through, sometimes they wont. And when they dont, youve just given away your exact position for nothing. Also, it feels pretty unpredictable which wood houses can be shot through, and which cant, on niva lower and upper. The 2-story buildings (red and ble one) can be wallbanged, but the rest of the buildings in those areas cant be shot through. Just feels a bit random. Another thing would be to make anything that looks flimsy, penetrable. Like door and window frames. Basically, dont have the game punish you for trying to shoot through something that by all accounts shouldve been penetrable (based on how it looks, and based on experience with game, "a similar building was penetrable, so this one should be penetrable, too").
  13. Not being able to lock my squad, so often makes me not wanna SL. I can deal with having 2-3 newbies in the Squad. I cant deal with having 6-8 newbies in my Squad. Or rather, I dont want to SL 6-8 newbies, as at that point, it just becomes baby-sitting. Then youll tell me that I shouldnt be SL, and that I should just join someone elses squad. Well, it just so happens that most SLs in Squad are newbs themselves, and after 1300 hours in the game, I dont want to play under a newbie SL every time I play. So a lot of the time, I just opt to not play Squad on public servers at all. Which I think is a shame, because I think the constant stream of new players could need an SL with some experience in the game, someone like myself. If I could lock my Squads (or limit the size of it), I would make 6-man for the most parts. If I would have enough players in the squad that I could trust (friends for example), then I might go bigger as I would probably be able to handle a few more newcomers.
  14. Here is a quote from a wikipedia article regarding warfare since WW2. I wish this was more of an element in Squad. You can notice players wanna play the game like this, but get screamed on everytime they stray away from one of the few active flags.. I cant believe this thread is from 2014, BTW.
  15. Ideas presented in this thread, such as clustered AAS and Territory Control, are the stuff that dreams are made of. Im hoping that the devs will start working more intensily on making new and dynamic game modes and map layers, in the future. I think many players are getting tired of the predictability and limitness of AAS and PAAS game modes This thread also has good ideas for game modes (territory control, based on conquest): Well done Tartantyco.