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  1. Revisiting Squad Leader Options

    What I would really like is the ability to draw on the map, so at least my squad can see. Would make it a lot easier for me to initiate newer players about the importance of "making a line/perimiter", "scouting out this area", "use these entry points", etc.
  2. Points-Based Asset Allocation System

    Ah, Im in favour of keeping systems as similar as possible between public and competitive settings. Sounds good to me, although I was under the impression that certain of the suggestion were especially coined at solving issues related to public games (which might be counter-productive for organized games). With this system, would you recommend lowering the amount of ticket-loss when losing an asset? So the team doesnt take a double-whammy in the form of both losing an active asset+heavy ticket loss (instead, its mainly the individual who lost the vehicle who is penalized). If ticket-loss was lowered for assets, then it might make more sense to have "increasing points accrual based on flags capped".
  3. Points-Based Asset Allocation System

    @Tartantycocould you say something about how the mechanic would work for competitive matches? Or is the point-based asset allocation system intended for public servers only? I see a potential for this to work in competitive matches aswell, similar to the buying system in Counter-Strike. You could even add mechanics such as losing team having slightly higher rate of point-accumulation (after bleeding for some time), to encourage comebacks and to even the game out slightly (the better team should would still win). This is analogous to how the losing team in Counter-Strike increasingly earns more money at the start of each round, if they lose multiple rounds in a row.
  4. Can't apply "T" as squadleader/trainingground

    Are you using the SL kit?
  5. Post Game Recordings

    This would be an amazing feature for Squad, especially for streaming matches. It would allow for streaming a match with with "delay" (which is necessary to prevent ghosting), yet the streamer would still be watching and commentating the match at the same clock-time as his viewers, which is much missed (possible since he would stream off the demo recording, rather than using the admin-cam then streaming it with delay). Not to mention that referees would barely be needed for matches, if the match could be watched in its totality afterwards, in case someone was suspicious. Also it would be really handy for saving those epic moments, perfect for youtubers.
  6. One of the most hopeless consequences of the 400 m thing, is that it makes attacking an enemy with good map control almost hopeless. At first you need a FOB far off the attack flag, just to break through the lines. But then, when its time to set a new, more aggresive FOB, you will need to actually remove the old one due to 400 m thing. To get other squad leaders to do this for you on pubs, in a timely manner, is such a pain in the ass and impractical (and senseless/meaningless). Its one of many reasons why comebacks are such a rare occourance in this game.
  7. WTF with the cheating over?

  8. Not everything thats difficult is necessary interesting. 400 m thing is not a very interesting game mechanic, it feels like a bottleneck in the flow if the game. Although it was necessary with the way FOB worked up until this point. I hope the game will grow away from the 400 meter thing, and replace it with a more open-ended system. And I agree with pretty much everything Tartantyco has been suggesting in this thread, although the stuff he proposes will need quite a bit of testing and tweaking until the sweet spot for good gameplay is found. Just like every time a new game mechanic is introduced.
  9. This sounds like such a good way to go about it. Not only would it help you to find a decent SL, it would also help you with finding other players to play with, it would help with bringing players together. Not to mention that people would have a more tangible reputation to manage. I wonder if it would be a good idea to make it go the other way aswell? So you could "anti-subscribe" to people, and their name would get a red tint. Also you could do it so you see red tint around players whove been anti-subscribed by 5+ players of those youve subscribed to (the green players).
  10. New change - map marker icon

    Niiiiice knoob.
  11. That would be cool I think, so long it wouldn't be exploity
  12. Squad

    "A few customers are always right, about some things"*
  13. Well, the ignorance is on your part, then. The console is used for literally everything in Counter-strike, even for simple things like adding/removing bots from a server, restarting server, changing maps, team balancing, kicking/banning, and a plethora of other settings which can only be changed through console (or game files). Same with Squad, and it will never be locked. Way to make your point by arguing against consoles in games, lol.. Other things console is used for in Counter-strike, is for setting up keybindings and for tweaking crosshair and view-of-gun (xyz-axis, left-handed / right-handed, etc). I dont like consoles giving access to exploitable commands. But thats not whats being discussed here. Cant believe you thought Counter-Strike series never had a console, LOL. You must have played it, what, like for a week or so? Makes me wonder how many hours you played those other games that you mentioned in that list.
  14. @LaughingJack Have you played Counter-Strike? Guess what - there is a console there. Ive used it now and then when I need to tweak some settings to my preference, which I cant find in the options interface. Problem?
  15. Universal Logistical System

    Good post overall, seems like interesting game mechanics. If I understood correctly, even though the build radius around the supply dump is only 50 meters, players can carry supplies with them if they wish to build something outside of those 50 meters? Have you considered removing the 50 meters hard-limit all together, and perhaps replace it with something like longer shoveling times the further away you are from the supply dump? This is very interesting, it solves certain issues with Squad Leaders having to stay alive all the time in case rally-point is lost and they have to build a new one. And its in tune with the supplies-draining spawning mechanics. Does the enemy just need to get in proximity of the RP for it do disappear? Seems in place to make the rallypoint slightly more "hardy" if losing it means that the whole squad needs to retreat to resupply the rally. Maybe require enemy to be in its proximity for several seconds / require digging / require multiple enemies to be in the zone (similar to current FOB-despawning). A final question, the whole setup seem to require constant supplies being brought from main and into the battlefield. Is this interesting enough gameplay for people to be doing so actively as prescribed in this post? It will probably be more logistics-intensive than PR was. I dunno if people are that into it. I don't wanna see people being forced to do logistics when they don't really wanna, just because they know it will win them the game.