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  1. Points-Based Asset Allocation System

    There seems to be a potential problem with this suggestion for organized/competitive games. Lets say a Pilot buys a heli, flies for 1-2 minutes and gets shot down. Or lets say a squad of crewmen buy a VIC, leave the purchase zone and get immediately destroyed by a HAT player spawn camping. This is conceivable scenarious, and can happen to the best. With the Loss Penalty, the Pilot/crewmen who lost their assets that quickly would be penalized, and have significantly longer wait time untill the can buy new assets, compared to if you would send someone else to main an accrue points instead of them. This creates an annoying meta of rotating players from other squads to accrue points near purchase areas, so that the intended pilots/crewmen can get their assets back in action as quickly as possible. Or am I missing something? @Tartantyco
  2. Agree with OP. I like TC, but The Hex Fortification system and "HAB here" marker just 2 new ways of dumbing the game mode down and fails to create an added dimension to the game mode. It just feels contrived, like a desperate attempt to make superfobbing a thing. It just makes the game feel more linear and the gameplay less varied. "Here, now you must go here and find the HAB, now you must take down the HAB, now you can cap the hex", etc. It also reduces the value of recon, by giving up the HAB location from the get-go.
  3. RvN | RaveN - OWI Squad Champions!

    Today Ive some clips of tank gameplay by our members RvN | Ajaxxo, RvN | P0is0nSpider, RvN | Alphacore and RvN | Beta. We're looking for players who are have an interest in vehicles (APCs, IFVs, MBTs). Feel free to apply to our team if you're interested in playing vehicles in a competitive setting, whether you are already proficient or even if you are kinda new to Squad but have experience from other games (War Thunder, World of Tanks, etc). We'll get you upto speed Check out the opening post of this thread for contact information.
  4. RvN | RaveN - OWI Squad Champions!

    Couple more clips, just random highlights from pubs:) By RvN | Sebban https://streamable.com/dgkvp By RvN | G1nst3r1
  5. RvN | RaveN - OWI Squad Champions!

    Update March 2018 Still engaged in Official Squad Showdown Skirmish Tournament, and we've played our last match in group stages. Happy to announce that we won all our games, and have qualified to the playoffs! Results from most recent tourney match: VOD from stream-cast: If this looks like something you want to be part of, you can apply to our team - we are currently recruiting! Check out the opening post of this thread for information about this.
  6. RvN | RaveN - OWI Squad Champions!

    II'll be sharing some gameplay videos created by our members, today's vid is created by RvN | happy
  7. RvN | RaveN - OWI Squad Champions!

    Update February 2018 We're currently engaged in Official Squad Showdown Skirmish Tournament: https://discord.gg/ZJaPrjv Recent tournament results from group stage: Next up will be a match against UVO, and then its hopefully off to the playoffs! VOD from our latest tournament match versus proG: - English: https://youtu.be/e818Xb5bblU - Russian: https://youtu.be/s6v5Otk-05E If this looks like something you want to be part of, you can apply to our team - we are currently recruiting! Check out the opening post of this thread for information about this.
  8. RvN | RaveN - OWI Squad Champions!

    After months of playing, RaveN has taken 1st place in ISST 18v18 Season 1 tournament. The Grand Final was played on Kokan Skirmish v1 against Mumblerines. We played two rough and even rounds, and in the end RaveN won the game by 111-91. We'd like to thank Mumblerines for a good game, and also ISST who organized the tournament! VOD from Grand Finals: ISST Season 1 Toornament page: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/1780292832328425472/stages/2071337715544170496/#structure Announcement by ISST: RaveN Discord: https://discord.gg/WTSj7bc ISST Discord: https://discord.gg/2fnpPSb
  9. The idea is to have FOB network as the backbone of the team, from which squads can re-arm the ammo (and supplies for respawns) on the rally. FOBs can also have HABs used by the squad to spawn on, if rally point is lost. So rallies are only operational in so far as your team has FOBs with supplies/ammo on relevant location on the map.
  10. Had a listen to the last roundtable (http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/34286-october-feedback-roundtable/), and decided to post up some feedback and suggestions based on it. Rally-point How about adding the ability to re-arm from the rallypoint? The ammo in a rally can be re-charged at a FOB. Also, have the rally be something that must be picked up and dropped, instead of teleported around. If the SL drops a new rally, instead of moving the previous one, the ammo in the rally is lost. Essentially: turn the RP into a FOB for the squad, with greater placement ease. If you understand the FOB system, you understand the RP system, and vice versa. An implication of this would be to have similar rally-point take-down mechanics as with the FOB/HAB. Have the rally be destroyed in the same manner as a FOB, either by proximity over a certain amount of time, or by shoveling it. Of course the rally would not have as much "HP" as a FOB/HAB would. Also allow for spawn-disabling the rally-point, by having 2 enemies in proximity of it (same as FOB/HAB). Add a sound cue to the rally, to discourage "hidden ninja" placements of the rally. I believe this will make for far more enjoyable squad skirmishes in the game, have it be a great victory when you put that last shovel to the enemy squad's rally-point. You know that they will have to retreat to get more ammo before returning for another push, since they lose their extra ammo with the takedown of the rally. The current rally-stomping mechanics dont feel enjoyable at all, and I believe expanding that to 30m will only make it worse. Logistics of re-spawning If you are worried that this will make the rally too strong, then make it so re-spawning requires supplies, and the rally can only carry limited amounts of supplies, in addition to ammunition. This will force teams to create FOB/supply networks on the map, from which the rallies must be re-charged. Rallies simply would not be effective without them. But even without resource-based spawning, the ammo requirement in of itself is already an incentive to have a logistics network behind your rallies. Besides, if you do lose your rally, its good to have a HAB to be able to reset from. Logistics and FOB Now, if respawns did require supplies, then there would no longer be a need for the 300 meter limit between FOBs, since your ability to keep the HABs operational would be dependent on the supplies you can bring to them. This means we would see a lot more FOBs being placed, a lot more emplacements being used, and overall a logistics network would be easier to build. It would be self-balancing, spamming FOBs /HABs would mean that each of the HABs would have less spawning ability over time, so it wouldnt necessarily be a winning strategy. You could also remove the 3-man requirement to place a FOB, instead just think of placing a fob as just dumping supplies/ammo on the map; only thing needed being a logi truck, and a person inside. Also remove the 10 ticket value associated to the FOBs, so the only "cost" of losing them would be the time and resources it took to build them. It also follows that thered be no need to restrict a team from building more than 5 FOBs at a time. I believe changes such as these would give life to the logistics in the game, as well as produce more "logical" battle lines. As an example, magical spawns behind enemy lines will be very hard to sustain since the rallies require supplies from FOBs, and FOBs require supplies from main. If you feel that these changes would put too much emphasis on logistics, then you just have to tweak how much supplies a logi can carry, aswell as tweak the cost to respawn. You can also make it so Main Base gains supplies/ammo at a steady rate, instead of having infinite supplies. I believe this would naturally pace the logistics part of the game, aswell as solve any abuse of putting mortars right outside of main base (main base wouldnt produce ammo fast enough to sustain double tubes spam with such short supply route). Transport Also, if you feel the plurality of FOBs and rallies will take away from the transport side of the game, then make respawn timers dependent upon the distance between where you died and the respawn point you want to use. So if you want to spawn far away from where you died, your respawn timer would increase. This would pace a squads ability to move around on the map to more sensible values, and make them consider transport options over dying-respawning as a means of movement on the map. Having the spawn timer being dependent on distance would also increase squad cohesion: one of the main reason that a squad gets broken up, is because the game incentives players to spawn wherever their team needs them, at the expense of playing with the squad. So often you must split your squad, have half of them spawn at a defense flag thats in need of immediate assistance, while the rest continue to do a push with you from a rally-point. This leads to squads being split up, and squad members being split up/stranded between multiple flags.This would not have happened if teleportation across the map wasnt incentivised as it is now. It also lessens any incentive to use physical transportation in the game, such as transport trucks and APCs. I have the sense that the developer team are already considering similar ideas to these, and have generally been moving in this direction with the game. Most of these ideas are adapted (in some cases paraphrased from), and expanded on, in this thread by @Tartantyco :
  11. Universal Logistical System

    @Tartantyco I assume thered be a longer timer to respawn each time the rally gets picked-up or placed somewhere new, to disencourage very frequent movement of it, or? Also, isnt there a certain incentive here for SL to just stay back and keep the rally alive, instead of joining his squad in battle? How would you feel about letting any squad mate carry the rally point, if SL approves? What would you think about needing to shovel the rally to take it down / remain in its proximity over time, ie just like how a fob works, but obviously the rally would have less 'HP'? Then you give it a small sound cue like the fob has, so it cant be hidden in ninja-spots. All of these could be considered 'buffs' for the rally. I think the rally is absolutely key to for squad cohesion, and should be the main spawn point used. When FOB becomes the main spawn point for a team, then squad cohesion suffers, as we have seen in Squad so far, and especially in Post Scriptum. The FOB / supply dump should be crucial for the squads success, but not be used as the main spawn point, but instead as a 'reset' point for the squad to spawn from and ressupply from. Also curious what you think of the wave spawning system, aswell as how fob spawns should be different from rally spawns other than being team-wide and squad-wide spawns, respectively.
  12. RaveN RaveN consists of players who've been specially selected for their abilities, with the goal of competing at the highest level in Squad. We regularly compete in tournaments and scrimmages, along with playing on public servers. We recently finished 1st place in the OWI Squad Championship! Achievements - 2017 - 12v12 Squad Masters Tournament - 1st Place (partnered with LCP) - 2017 - 24v24 International Squad Knockout Tournament Open - 1st Place (partnered with LCP) - 2018 - 18v18 International Squad Skirmish Tournament Season One - 1st Place - 2019 - 16v16 Official Squad Showdown Season One - 1st Place - 2019 - 36v36 Squad Charity League Season Three - 2nd Place (partnered with proG) - 2019 - 36v36 OWI Squad Championship Season One - Division 1 - 1st Place (partnered with proG) About us Our style of gameplay is influenced by fast-paced shooters such as Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six and Battlefield. It is characterised by aggressiveness, speed and coordination. We take the initiative and are always in the middle of the action. We have a “no nonsense” approach to our in-game communication, ensuring all members work together to maximise our performance. We adopt tactics and strategies that work and discard those which don’t. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and we are vigilant to upcoming game changes and opportunities we can utilise. Alongside Squad, we have members who also play other games such as: RB6, CSGO, ARMA, Wargame, PUBG, EFT and Insurgency. Recruitment Most of our members are based in Europe, but we also have members from further afield including North America. Ability to speak English is a must. We value mature players with respect for others. A competitive spirit is key, and so is the sense for high quality teamplay. We look for players who have the ability and willingness to adapt and learn. If you think you would make a good addition to the clan, speak to a team lead to find out more. Our Discord-server: https://discord.gg/WTSj7bc
  13. ^what Skul said. How do you imagine this could be implemented, on the practical level? So I need to aim at my enemy using my mouse, but how then to align the sights/picture?
  14. @KalithYo man, were actively using gametactics before scrims, but Ive discovered recently that the ruler / rangings in gametactics are off compared to ingame. 400 meters using the ruler in gametactics, isnt 400 meters ingame (tested on the map Operation First Light). Dunno if it was always like this, but it makes the tool somewhat less useful now, since I cant really use it to plan out where we wanna put our FOBS (which needs to be 400 m away from each other). It also cant be used to see how far mortars can reach anymore. Any chance of a fix?

    INTERNATIONAL SQUAD KNOCKOUT TOURNAMENT This week we'll see who will meet Fortis in the Premier Winner's Finals and the first two eliminations from the Premier bracket. In the Open bracket we'll have matches almost every day of the week the the teams battle through the group stage. Join Tartantyco, wF.Pliskin, and wF.Reynolds for a map analysis of the current map, Kohat Toi River Valley AASv1. ISKT Website | ISKT Discord | ISKT Youtube Premier Bracket October 15th 01:00 UTC Tactically Adequate vs. salt. The last chance for either of these teams to stay in the race as the loser will be eliminated from the Premier bracket. Waiting for the winning team in the next matcj is ParadiSe + Indies. Casted by: Alpha 12:00 UTC Finnish Squad vs. Full + ProG These two teams will fight tooth and nail to stay in the Premier Bracket. Only one team will continue, and the other will face either FFO or Mumblerines in their next match. Casted by: runningDuck 18:30 UTC Mumblerines vs. Fight on the ****ing Objective These two teams will be fighting for a sport in the Winner's Finals against Fortis. Last season's winners, FFO, will be facing stiff competition from the Mumblerines. Casted by: HAYNICK31 Open Bracket October 11th 18:00 UTC Queen's Fighting Force + The Last Rifles vs. Fear Academy Fear Academy are the underdogs in this match, having lost their match against whiteFox. Meanwhile, QFF+TLR are well-positioned to progress after defeating FC+tcD in their last match. Casted by: KennyT October 12th 18:30 UTC Hussaria vs. Zulu-Xray-Delta In their first match of the season, Hussaria will be facing off against group leaders ZXD. Casted by: runningDuck October 14th 00:00 UTC BigD Gaming vs. Army of Nine BigD will have to win this match to progress from their group after losing against Sigma Tactical+AlphaDogz last match. This will be Army of Nine's first match in the group. Casted by: JohnnyOmaha October 15th 18:30 UTC whiteFox vs.Full Contact + Tactical Combat Division After a close defeat last match, FC+tcD is looking for a win this time to progress from their group. whiteFox sits securely on top of their group after a big win against Fear Academy. Casted by: TBA ISKT Website | ISKT Discord | ISKT Youtube