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  1. In the tournaments, rally points are used for little more than saving the FOB whenever it gets hot. Otherwise, everyone is just spawning on the HAB, and zerging into the capzone. I dont see whats so strategical about it, other than requiring someone to take a logi truck at the start of the game.
  2. I agree with a lot of what OP says, but keep in mind that in the current meta its all about the FOBS, not rally point. By "nerfing" rallies further, you will emphasize the use of FOBs even further, which will hardly benefit squad cohesion (although it might help team cohesion..). So if rallies gets changed, FOBS need a change aswell, if what we want is more squad cohesion and squad scrimmages (rather than having whole teams waterfalling on HABS, steam-rolling any flags or enemy rallies in their way).
  3. Probably the correct play would be to run against the enemy, killing as many as you could untill you died. Then you could respawn on a more relevant position. This game have a lot of weird counter-intuitive mechanics currently.
  4. Just a heads up that we are still recruiting in WhiteFOX, with the hope of reliably being able to play 24v24 matches (which has become the new standard on the competitive scene). Just contact me, steam/discord are the speediest means.
  5. wFOX in Yeho v2
  6. Hopefully something along these lines will be tested out as a game mode at some point. Looks novel and interesting.
  7. WhiteFOX Sumari Bala v3
  8. Jeg kan sikkert få med 2-3 stk, men det blir sikkert lettere å få til et skandinavisk lag.
  9. WhiteFOX in. Fools Road AAS v3
  10. @DigitalMe How is going into a ontological discussion about the difference between "good play" and "right play" relevant here? While the distinction you make might be legitimate, I dont think its anywhere cut into stone that the words should be used so specifically as you claim here. He could just aswell have been talking about what you define as right/wrong plays, even though he used the words good/bad. Point is, @Smee's squad didnt necessarily use their BTR to its potential, even though they capped some flags and their team won the round.
  11. It is, unless you are shooting at stationary target. Or do you claim to go for HS 90% of the time? Whats your actual point in all this?
  12. And headshots are justified in being 1-shot, due to the difficulty of achieving them. Which is in line his whole argument about game balance and having some skill gap in the game.
  13. Just imagine the potential for streamers if they had access to the demofiles. Then they could easily do 1 round delay in organized matches, and on top of that, they would be able to stream and watch it together with the viewers. No delay in communication between streamer and viewers! It would also practically eliminate the need for referees in matches, as you could just watch the demo afterwards to see if anything scetchy went on.
  14. @bilsantuI can see where you are coming from, you want other individual skills than reaction time and movement/aim to be more important. But I wonder what it would look like? Are there any games out there that exemplifies the type of mechanics/gameplay you wanna see? Is Project Reality a game which mechanics are closer to your taste, as far as what skills are required from individual players?