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  1. there's arguments to be made that an active playerbase contributes towards the longevity of a game. we can all sit here and claim, "but Project Reality!" but the fact remains that there's only a very small, committed concurrent playerbase for PR. OWI is a business, after all, and despite their claims of wanting to design a truly great FPS that is directly inspired by the great experience that PR was (and still is, in some cases), they're also concerned with money. People don't design release-quality assets for video games like Squad for free unless they're doing it as a passion project and releasing it through mods for the community to enjoy. And I'm fairly certain OWI would like to continue selling copies and attracting new players and seeing Squad live even a fraction as long as PR has with hopefully a larger playerbase than PR can generally muster on any given day of the week. Consider the amount of time, money and energy invested in bringing this game to market and then compare it to the dividends received so far. I've no idea how much money they've made, or if they've managed to break even on what it's taken to bring Squad to market -- but what I am absolutely certain of is that the longer they can keep Squad populated with players, the higher the chances are of attracting new players (and thus, selling more copies and increasing the return on their investment). It's honestly pretty simple. And from a player standpoint, you can sit there and claim Squad/PR/<niche FPS game here> isn't *dying* but that entirely depends on what your definition of a 'dead multiplayer game' means. In my opinion, while it's great there's still a dedicated playerbase for PR keeping up servers -- when you consider what it takes to keep that going (usually a very small portion of the playerbase funding it), it's easier to imagine it being a lot closer to being flatlined -- cold -- dead -- than you may have originally wanted to. If I log onto a multiplayer game and see the same exact handful of servers running the same exact map rotations for the generally same group of people on the regular, that's where my personal definition of "dead" comes into play. But if you don't like the word "dead," feel free to use the term "barely hanging on." Plus a bigger community gives everyone the chance to fit into more smaller groups they can enjoy the game with. Let's not be silly and try to claim that the community for a multiplayer game doesn't affect anybody's enjoyment of it. That's patently false. The larger a game's playerbase is, the more chances any individual player in that community has to find a niche they can fit into and thus enjoy the game even moreso. What if you logged on one day to find one of your favorite multiplayer game communities essentially populated by a majority of people that either you didn't like, or just didn't like you for some reason? Or what if a new player logged on and just for whatever reason the majority of players in the community weren't friendly to newcomers? I'd wager a new player might not feel very stoked to then undertake the process of learning how to play the game and become somebody the rest of that majority felt was worth giving their time of day to. I'd wager OWI feels strongly compelled to try to continue refining and updating Squad so as to be able to deliver on their original goals and also continue to bring back old players, attract new ones and keep selling copies. But this is all so subjective. I'm just sitting here checking in on the forums and I too see this topic come up a lot and felt like giving my 2 cents.
  2. Fog Of War

    This new feature sounds awesome. Hearing everybody's positive comments is getting me super stoked to try it once it hits official next update.
  3. Abrams gameplay

    First time actually playing Squad in earnest in years. For those of you who know me, you know what's up. Seriously enjoyed the multi-crew gameplay, devs. Glad to see your time and energy paying off in much larger dividends nowadays in terms of improved gameplay, map quality, etc. Excited for V13. canadianbacon's POV of that flick shot on that roof emplacement:
  4. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    "This is an experimental feature requiring feedback." The unfortunate part about that is a good 70% of the feedback you'll get is negative, because people tend to be much more likely to spread negative news than positive online it seems. At least in online communities full of entitled NEET gamers. Best of luck, OWI.
  5. The Military Media Thread

    greetings from exotic lands
  6. Cock Block Rush

    i wish maps and their layers were designed on real world logic versus 'lets spew some flags here and there.' if theres high ground, youll want to control it. if there's a main road leading back to your base, you'll want to seize and maintain it. often times in the past my team would capture a flag and focus on sitting on it only to be pinned down from enemy fire from a nearby superior tactical position and i would wonder, why isnt the flag up there, where we would have an actual in-game, geographically superior position to control?
  7. AXL Attack, Explore, Logistics

    we definitely dont have anything like this running about.
  8. WW2 eastern front

    welp, one more reason to always play as Wehrmacht against the Soviets in these games.
  9. WW2 eastern front

    i cant recall if soldiers can catch on fire from environmental flames. they have a very good amount of base maps and there are user made maps out there as well. destruction is pretty limited. its an infantry focused game, not a lot of desruction. i wouldnt let that deter you. its a fantastic game. very, very challenging at times. you really have to pay attention to how and where you move. 1 shot from almost any weapon in game will take you down.
  10. I like this idea at face value. I haven't analyzed it enough to find the cons that i'm sure would come up when applied to a public match scenario, but coming from someone who's played a lot of clan matches in the past, with a cooperative team, this sounds like it could work pretty nicely. Sadly the majority of players don't take part in clan matches and we can't ask for features designed around that smaller niche.
  11. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    I like OP's ideas. And as usual, Tartantyco has some great points and breaks things down to brass tacks here. I like the idea of giving the SL more tools to create more structure. People don't have to join a squad if they don't want to cooperate with the SL's plans/goals. By all means, if an SL has decided he wants to defend a main road from enemy vehicles, im sure he'd love a toolkit that would enable him to set restrictions on kits he wants his squad to be able to have. He'd most likely want a 4 to 5 man squad, and he'd want them equipped with the necessary tools to complete his specific mission. He might not necessarily want a Marksman or multiple medics; He may prefer a LAT and grenadier, disable vehicles and then wreak havoc on the dismounts. Something like that. The speed at which the average Squad round is played leaves a lot to be desired from the SL point of view. The quicker and more efficient an SL can layout his intent for his squadmembers, the easier it becomes to keep up with the battle and become playmakers rather than cat herders. One thing that comes to my mind while pondering all this is how often does the meta of how the game is most commonly played change based on what SL's do on any given round on the same map? (This is where having varying layers shows it's importance imo). You can provide an SL all the tools in the world, but if he's played enough to fall into repeating the same meta over and over again for any given map/layer, what ultimately is the worth of said SL toolkit aside from just a 'quality of life' aspect for him? I sort of wish OWI put some time into implementing some more of the creative ideas people come up with and offer it in a separate 'experimental' version of the game you could opt into to try out. Stuff like this could much more easily see the light of day and possibly even actual implementation. They'd definitely need more people and resources to do this though, it'd kind of be like adding a whole new department to the team. Like 'Research and Development' or even a 'Skunkworks' division. Just to implement and try out new stuff. Pipedream, but a man can dream.
  12. Music!

    leaked single from $B new album https://streamable.com/nt33n
  13. WW2 eastern front

    red orchestra 2 has been out for a hot minute, man. it's also a seriously solid game. would definitely recommend.
  14. Farm 51 - World War 3

    pretty tired of UE4 as a selling point tbh. optimization is a big deal.
  15. Music!

    pouya is good shit. i learned that if it hadnt been for pouya, $b might never have taken off. pouya was already pretty well made in a bigger rap scene and he hyped up the boy$ on twitter or something and they got a ton of attention. their No Jumper interview is pretty cool. also their first interview. runnin thru the 7th has one of my all time favorite verses by $crim, hands down. running from the cops through the mother****ing 7th six bodies dropped and nobody went to heaven block stay hot when i'm creeping with the weapon gotta keep the pills in me all because of my depression city of the crest i'm riding with the smith & wesson got a ********* guessing when i hit em with the blessing 2 shots to the dome, 6 shots in the chrome more shots for your home nah that's a crime zone s-u-i-c-i-d-e scarecrow creeping with uzi lucifer please come save me the crucifix is at my feet walking through the depths of hell watching as the oceans swell grey 59 that's los cartel nothing but death in every cell its also got that lofi vibe beat that i love, same reason i love Antarctica.