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  1. Still the coolest group of Squaddies out there.
  2. i miss the CCFN hype! see you all again soon
  3. horrendously over-hyped, fell short on delivering any meaningful gameplay past the first couple hours.
  4. That's one new genre that I just.. don't understand.
  5. Watching the Youtube drama between some big name content creators is a guilty pleasure of mine.
  6. lol'ing at my own post. update: haven't bought it yet. don't ever plan on it either.
  7. @Foxhound could maybe tell us more......
  8. glad you made it through. i leave for basic in 4 days.
  9. These forums are not the appropriate place to post about these kinds of issues. You must seek out the clan's representatives and contact them.
  10. charliebrownau has always posted like this. i have no idea what's going on.
  11. then logically it makes more sense your issue would be with unattentive squad leaders rather than the game itself.
  12. You've never been able to spawn ON your squad leader.. he sets down rallies or you spawn at a FOB or main..
  13. 303RD in / Kohat AAS