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  1. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    putting spawn points anywhere within 50m of a point capable of being capped makes me want to kick SLs into the sun
  2. The RedCoats - Actively Recruiting

    the coats banter'd with the best of them, indeed
  3. The RedCoats - Actively Recruiting

    i still think this was your coolest potential logo.
  4. Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    I really like how PS lays out the squad's layout in the squad menu. Like, I wish it was in Squad. It's awesome. Very visually appealing and easy to understand.
  5. Will we see jets in the future?

    nah fam how many times have you loaded up Squad and read the whole 'this game is currently in development and features are subject to change' or whatever the specific wording is c'mon
  6. Music!

    new posty single from b&b dropping this year, get h y p e
  7. Escape from Tarkov

    this video basically says it all. when Tarkov works, I love it to death. but it doesn't feel consistent enough for me yet to keep pouring hours into, doing repetitive feeling quests after each wipe. i am a sucker for sitting around watching Fence's goods and buying up high-demand stuff when it pops up. kind of addicting. a clever man could make a fortune buying up USB flash drives and the like and selling them to desperate players on the subreddit.
  8. the east side main spawn area's half-wall opening is incredibly cramped. it'd be nice if that whole area got opened up and vehicles at the beginning were given a wider berth to maneuver. especially when you're doing logi runs to and from said main area and it's a bitch and a half to get up in there to resupply.
  9. Wired Gaming Recruiting Worldwide

    you know what -- you're 100% right, god damnit. now i know why i miss Teamspeak.
  10. I watched a recent gameplay video of PS and it does look like it could provide some solid gameplay -- I don't mind an occasional foray into WWII and that's just the kind of game that i'd jump into for it. I just hope they really dive deep into custom HUD and other GUI work because that kind of game deserves a well-rounded package of custom stuff.
  11. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is pretty fun. (If you'd like something worth your time while you wait for a great Vietnam-era Squad mod to come out)
  12. Mavericks: Proving Grounds

    LevelCap in his video about this game claimed that once PUBG gets some actual competition, it'll probably die down pretty fast. I'm inclined to agree. If this game can deliver on its promises even a little bit, I think it could be a battle royale game I actually spend more than a couple hours on before forgetting about.
  13. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    some added tools to help people form links and such would be neat. thankfully Steam does have the 'Server' option when you open up the Steam overlay that lets you access people's Steam profiles fairly quickly.
  14. Classes you will never see

    classic squad community. turn a simple thread with an enjoyable premise into an unnecessary debate. some classes you'll never see -- armorer; aviation mechanic
  15. Friday Night Fights with the 303RD Tigers

    Still the coolest group of Squaddies out there.