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  1. Low FPS

    Sure it is but i should get 60 fps because if i would play on low i should have way over 60 fps. that doesnt make any sense ^^ I wouldnt play everything on max if i would get 60 then but it doenst matter how much i drag down my settings even on low i just get the same fps and my cpu isnt crap i know its not the best but i run tw3 in 70 fps stable maxed out so i should get at least 60 on low in squad ;( as i just said pls help me optimizing it * ps im drunk af
  2. Low FPS

    Hey Guys, I got a GTX 1070 @ 2 GHz and a I54590 @ 3.6 GHz and i got like 25 fps all the time, this shouldnt be i guess ^^ I know the CPU is bottlenecking but i should have 60 fps in general i can play every game in 60 fps in 1080p i really love squad thats 1 of the reasons i bought the 1070 but with the same performance i got on my 270x thats no fun i hope you can helpe me just tell me what i do wrong the weird thing about is it doesnt matter if i change the settings to low from ultra on 720p i get 40 fps PLEASE HELP ME