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  1. I would personally like to see a new separate permission added for showing teamkills instead of linking it to the kick permission. That way I can give whitelisted players permission to see teamkills but not have permission to kick players. I can trust my whitelisted players to not go hunting for revenge teamkills and I would like to make it easy for them to report intentional TKs.
  2. Mortar Calculator

    A much easier way is to get SL to put a green marker on the target then just look at your compass to figure out the distance so you can convert to elevation MM, and just line up the marker on your compass to get direction.
  3. re Voice Attack software beware!

    I've been using VoiceAttack for Squad. It's bloody amazing. There are so many useful things you can do with it. "How many rockets does it take to destroy a Stryker?" "Drop a rally" "How long until I can drop a rally?" "Approve vehicle claim" "Set next map to Chora AAS version 2" "How long until I can place a HAB?" "What vehicles do US begin with on Sumari AAS version 2?" "What is the respawn time for a logistics truck?" "I'm dead" (tells you when it's been 45/60 seconds and you can respawn) "How many people can fit in a rocket techie?" etc. etc.
  4. Gameplay Restrictions

    I really don't understand what you don't like about this... Would you rather be constantly running all over the entire map until the server empties out completely? Because unless it's an INF map, that's really the only other option here. You're not going to populate a server if all you're doing is running around trying to find enemies. People will just leave and find another server where they might actually see an enemy at some stage.
  5. Server Feature Requests

    Prevent players from joining the server if they have a ping over a certain amount. I'm kicking literally 2-10 players every single match who try to play on our server with super high pings (I only kick if their ping is over 400, but even 250 is too high). When in Admin cam, clicking on a players name takes you to that player in the game Chat logs for RCON Private chat for admins to talk to players (e.g. ChatToID <playerID#> <message> sends a message to <playerID#> that only they see) Text-chat spamming restrictions Display next map in server browser Allow admins to pause match timer but not freeze players (for event preparation) Non-floaty admin cam Auto change to an INF map when 0 players are on the server Option to ping admins (integrated into Discord) Information commands (e.g. type 'help' into console and it gives details about how to contact server admins, where to find server rules, etc.) Set max-queue to 3 people for ALL servers, to help with seeding other servers instead of having 20 people waiting in queue Auto add comments to bans.cfg regarding which admin created the ban, the date created, and when the ban will be lifted (in normal date format) Perform mic check and prevent players from creating a squad if they don't have a microphone Allow admins to prevent people from creating a squad if they have less than a certain number of game time In-game votemap! Ability to change map to another map in your rotation, then continue with the map rotation from that map (e.g. "AdminChangeToMapInRotation 3" will change to the third map in your rotation and then continue from there) Auto "Mercy" rule - if one team captures all objectives and the other team has over 200 tickets remaining, auto broadcast something like 'Insurgents have 10 minutes to capture an objective or the game will end'.
  6. Very poor experience with ViLayer

    A warning for those thinking of signing up with ViLayer. They may be the cheapest official server provider and they do actually have great performance on their machines, but it comes with a cost. They have the worst customer support I've ever dealt with in my life and they constantly have website issues and server outages. The only way to contact ViLayer is via a support ticket however they don't respond to standard tickets at all and take days, if not weeks, to respond to emergency support tickets (that is if they even bother to respond at all. I've heard many horror stories about them just closing tickets instead of replying). If you don't believe me then before you purchase a server lodge a pre-sales ticket and see how long they take to respond. Usually, the sales team is the quickest department to respond so it's a good indicator of what to expect. Our server has gone down twice in the two weeks it's been up and both times we didn't receive any response from ViLayer support. One of those times was during the peak of the free weekend when we had 80 players on our server. When the server crashes all we can do is wait for the problem to fix itself. The website has also gone down twice in the two weeks so during those times we've been completely unable to manage our server (e.g. change map rotation, add admins, restart server, etc.). I know we aren't an isolated case as I have had many other people from the Squad community message me and tell me they have had the same experience with ViLayer. Just check out the 180+ 1-star reviews they've received here: https://au.trustpilot.com/review/www.vilayer.com Unfortunately here in Australia they are the only official server provider that offers 80-slot servers so we're stuck with them until the Aus/NZ player base increases to where it would be feasible to get a dedicated server instead. For everyone else who has other options available, I'd highly suggest going with someone else instead and avoiding ViLayer at all costs.
  7. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    It's balanced
  8. flipping enemy vehicles with body

    It's against server rules on our server (Electric Firestorm). You can shoot people through windows by sticking your gun through the window, but flipping vehicles is a no-no. Taking one ticket from the enemy and by being sneaky and skilful enough to get up close to a bulletproof vehicle is one thing. Taking 45 tickets from the enemy by flipping the vehicle is too much. Our server rules are always up for change based on community feedback, but that's what we've voted on for the time being. It could change in the future, but I think most people still agree with it.
  9. Hello!!! I really want to buy this game but....

    I'm Australian and will occasionally play on US servers where I get 150-200 ping. It's usually still quite playable at that ping, just don't try driving vehicles. I'm not personally aware of any SE Asian servers that speak English as the primary language but like others have said you can download the game for free this weekend and see which servers give you the lowest ping and check for yourself. Come check us out on the Electric Firestorm server when you do start playing! We've got the best performance of all Aussie servers so if you can't run the game on our server, you likely won't be able to play on any Aussie server. We're very friendly to the new guys as well, especially with the free weekend coming up. Not to mention the fact that one of our admins is the creator of the brand new Al Basrah map that's being released tomorrow! Here's a link to our Discord channel where we all hang out - https://discord.gg/qJbPcRM
  10. RCON Server Configuration

    Yep I've seen that and am currently on the 7-day free trial. I'm more interested in documentation on the rcon though so I can setup a custom rcon program myself. I can't find anywhere that lists what information you can get from the squad rcon. E.g. you would think that chat logs would be available but apparently not..
  11. Welcome to Electric FIRESTORM! The most bodacious, righteous, gnarly, off the chain community in Squad. Website http://www.ElectricFIRESTORM.com.au Discord server https://discord.gg/qJbPcRM In-game Admin Team Stupid Sexy Flanders (Community Administrator) BLACKTASTIC Cactus ChanceBrahh Cuddly Khan Devar floop Greene mojodojo Panda_Virus Saracen Rush ScottyDontNZ Shortass smileANDwave Swastic Server Rules Don't be a ***. No intentional team killing. No cheating, glitching or exploiting. This includes: - Ghosting - Team swapping to gain information - Intentionally flipping enemy vehicles - Wall glitching - Using water to gain an unfair advantage - Placing Radios or HABs in impossible to reach areas No poaching players or promoting other servers. Squad Leaders must speak English, have a microphone, and communicate with their Squad and other Squad Leaders. No spamming voice or text chat, unless it's hilarious. No impersonating as a server admin or another player. No intentionally sabotaging your own team in any form. Do not create a Squad unless you intend to Squad Lead! Players who are AFK, unassigned or have a ping above 200 may be kicked. Do not discuss tickets in all-chat or say 'gg' prematurely. Current Map Rotation (April 2017) Sumari AAS v1 Gorodok AAS v1 Yehorivka AAS v1 Al Basrah AAS v1 Kokan AAS v1 Chora AAS v1 Kohat AAS v2 Gorodok AAS v2 Al Basrah PAAS v1 Fool's Road AAS v1 Sumari AAS v2 Kokan AAS v2 Chora AAS v1 Night Gorodok AAS v1 Al Basrah AAS v1 Fool's Road AAS v3 Yehorivka AAS v2 Kohat AAS v1 Chora PAAS v1 Al Basrah AAS v1 Kokan INS v1 Gorodok AAS v2 Sumari AAS v3 Fool's Road AAS v2 Chora AAS v2 Kohat AAS v2 Al Basrah PAAS v1 Kokan PAAS v1 Yehorivka AAS v2 Sumari AAS v1 Gorodok AAS v1 Al Basrah AAS v1 Fool's Road AAS v3 Chora AAS v2 Kokan AAS v1 Op First Light AAS v1 Logar Valley AAS v1 Al Basrah PAAS v1 Kohat INS v1
  12. New Web-Based RCON Tool for Squad

    OK thanks for the info. Have you heard anything about when that might happen? Possibly v10? I'm about to sign up for the 7 day trial - program looks great mate, nice work.
  13. RCON Server Configuration

    Bumping an old thread to find out if there's been any documentation posted regarding Squad RCON yet?
  14. New Web-Based RCON Tool for Squad

    Which of these features work with Squad? Does chat alerts work? If so, could you use it for votemap?
  15. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    It seems the best idea is to allow SLs to lock squad sizes only. If you want to run logi you can lock the squad size to 3 max, but anybody can take those 2 remaining spots. You shouldn't be able to lock a squad so only certain people can join - save that for comps and events.